Camilla Belle is a Diamond Darling

Camilla Belle is a Diamond Darling

Camilla Belle shines in a silver and black dress at a Private Pre-Oscar Dinner Celebrating Diamonds in Africa at Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday evening (February 21).

The 22-year-old Push actress also attended the Chanel pre-Oscar party at Madeo’s restaurant in West Hollywood.

In case you missed it, Camilla and boyfriend Joe Jonas were seen strolling through the Meatpacking District in NYC. Camilla was also recently featured in GQ magazine.

10+ pics inside of Camilla Belle celebrating diamonds…

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Credit: Peter Manoukian; Photos: INFdaily, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
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  • julia

    i love how she wasn’t a big deal at all until she started dating joe.

  • listen to mayday parade

    Eye brows and bobble head…

    Seriously she looks like a long-lost Jonas… so the fact that Joe is dating her is just odd.

    She has nice skin though.

  • jess

    if it weren’t for joe jonas i promise she would not be having this much publicity. but good for her good move.

  • uhh

    She’s not that pretty …sorry.

  • naee.

    She is gorgeous. But that dress does not suit her body. With it, she looks like a fifteen year old girl with a bunch of makeup :P I love Camiella but that dress has got to go!

    And I’m curious, why is Camiella on JJJ? Shouldn’t she be in JJ?

  • Courtney

    I think she looks great. She looks nothing like them to me.
    She and Joe make a good-looking couple.

  • jacqueline

    intense eyebrows

  • Mkaaa

    So Jared, you like Camilla quite a bit?
    You put her here and in JJ? Someone has the eyes for Mrs. Belle!! Hahaha lol

  • Mkaaa

    julia #1
    i love how she wasn’t a big deal at all until she started dating joe.

    Completely agree with you there!!!!

  • Rachel

    I honestly believe that wasn’t her with joe. it just looks so different. the hair colors are different. even her face shape looks slightly different.

  • nicole

    she is gorgeous and i think she is a good christain girl

  • i dont like her

    i dont like her ….. she started to be known since she started to date joe and i feel like she doesnt actually like him as a bf but only like a brother cuz shes like 3 yrs older that joe…

    just saying

    **** NO HATRED PLEASE****

  • katie

    hmm why is she famous? i dont think shes that pretty

  • katherin

    why do people say shes ‘georgious!’
    i dont think shes that pretty.

    she’s okay though

  • haha

    hmm why is she famous? i dont think shes that pretty
    hmm cause she’s an actress
    she was already famous before joe, is just that now she’s in teen gossip sites

  • layla

    she almost disappears when she turns sideways…yikes! eat something, please! :o

  • vanessajonas

    sharpie eyebrows.. she should be thankful to joe for her fame

  • heheh

    #11. yeah, I guess that’s why I should be happy she is dating Joe.

    Still. Luckiest girl ever.

  • Melanie

    maybe if she plucked her eyes she would be slightly pretty, but i don’t know it’s still a long shot.

  • yo mama

    lmfao, #8!
    you’ve got a HUGE point.

  • Tracy

    Rachael (#10), either you’re on crack, or you’re so delusional it’s pathetic. No one else on earth is doubting that was Camilla, except you. I think you don’t want it to have been her so badly that you’ve convinced yourself it wasn’t. It was definately her, 10000% her. Even the most die-hard anti-Jomilla girls know it was her. What’s your problem?

    Did you see the newest pics that came out, several days after the first ones? That was her smile all the way. Maybe you should just accept it and be happy for Joe!

  • Karina

    Camilla is not pretty !!

    Sorry, but, I don’t like her .

    Joe was so much better with Taylor ,

    Sorry Camilla, Goo Taylor !

  • Lucy

    Actually she was already relevant before she started dating Joe, and Jared already posted about her but in JJ, she’s only becoming popular in the teen world, which I don’t think is any good for her career and image, she was already conquering the acting path in good movies, she has 3 movies this year. If you ask me, this isn’t helping her any bit, unless she prefers to appear on magazines like Twist and Popstar, than in any other respcted publications.

    She’s a really pretty girl, but I definitely think she needs to gain some weight!

  • Laura

    i think she’s pretty, but there’s something i really dislike about her, maybe its the fact that she’s using Joe for publicity, she seems very strategic, i know you cant judge a book by its cover, & she’s probably very talented & everything but that’s my opinion, & it kinda hurts me to know that our little innocent Joe is a little toy for Camilla, but anywaysss, i REALLY hope he’s happy with her & he seems to be, so I’m happy :)

  • Laura

    & also, Joe if you’re reading this (i know you wont xD but hey who knows?) please open your eyes, Open your eyes Joe <3

  • liz

    i heard couples that look alike have longer relationships :P … who cares anyway its not like he is going to date a fan anway … just sayinnn

  • Tracy

    i think she’s pretty, but there’s something i really dislike about her, maybe its the fact that she’s using Joe for publicity, she seems very strategic, i know you cant judge a book by its cover, & she’s probably very talented & everything but that’s my opinion, & it kinda hurts me to know that our little innocent Joe is a little toy for Camilla, but anywaysss, i REALLY hope he’s happy with her & he seems to be, so I’m happy


    Joe is ANYTHING but innocent. Basically, you’re implying that he’s stupid…like everyone on earth sees what she’s doing except him. Of course, you obviously know best, seeing as how you know them both SO well…oh, sorry…you’re just a stupid teenie fan. Sorry, I mistook you for some sort of authority on their relationship, since that’s how you made yourself sound. You really know nothing about anything where they are concerned. My bad.

  • QuintanaluvsAJMELENDEZ

    um…this Camilla girl has some intense eye brows.

    NO HATE!

  • http://JJJ annony

    yes she has been acting for awhile now but never has any of her movies have been a huge success….she is finding it hard to make the a list so it is not suprising she has jooked up with joe and all of a sudden WOW CAMILLA IS NOW EVERYWHERE coincidence i think not………she just better not use or hurt joe in any way or form because joe has a huge support group that can just as easily make her life a living hell……..a good christian role model i think not…….being in a lesbian relationship, wearing less than flattering clothes that leave nothing to the imagination and posing for a men magazine looking trashy (GQ)….how is that a great or positive role model??????


    gawd!!! not to hate on her but she looks mega old . .. .er then joe . . . here at least

  • http://JJJ laurenj

    i always get told off for speaking my mind but as an aussie thats the way we roll…honesty is the best policy…having said that here i go…a diamond darling i think not her outfit was ugly….being an actress with so many films made and yet to break through into the a list should tell you something…camilla is not all that talented….she might be pretty but lately she is milking it for what its worth….all of a sudden she is appearing everywhere WHY??????pinning joe and rob against each other and saying she knows what she is doing….please explain…do u respect them or are u using them to gain popularity now there both superstars with a huge future ahead of them…joe and rob are both respected people and camilla if you hurt either one well lets just say their fans are not too forgiving….so camilla i truly hope your attentions are admirable and not selfishness on your part…

  • ilovetheworld

    sorry, but she isnt as gorgeous as everyone puts her off to be.

  • a person

    at least joe is happy with her?
    she really isnt that gorgeous…

  • cc27

    I dont rlly see why people say shes like wow pretty :l .. lol xD too me she’s like in between :) and i rlly think joe jonas could do better, for e.g. taylor swift, she was rlly good and all . . but like camilla belle i think joe jonas is too good for her :l .. but its their life they can do w.e. they want.

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  • Jemima

    Don’t like her.
    Joseph, please dear, stop being biased.
    Put your glasses on and realize that this is a girl you already wrote a song about. (track 8 on A Little Bit Longer)
    Urg Camilla Belle. She’s not even pretty. :/

  • kiki

    her eyebrows srrsly need working on, buts he looks ok as long as you also have bad vision because she also looks like shes made out of wax and her lipstick has to go. but other than that she’s kinda pretty.

    And the joe thing, everyone knows it won’t last so i try not to think about it, it will pass, don’t worry.

  • allieee

    she pretty and everything
    and im not mad joe has a girlfriend
    but it’s kinda wired they look the same

    mabey there like long lost brother and sister
    it just creepy if you think about it

  • Milena

    Oh, my God…so many teens saying bad things about her just because she’s dating the one they wish be dating…so sad! She’s a great and beautiful woman.

  • Valerie

    I have never cared for Camilla Belles acting, starting with the Disney movie, Rip Girls, but I think she is GORGEOUS.
    However, in these pictures, she seems like she is wearing more than a ton of make-up, and I don’t find it very funny.

    Camilla, honey, set down the foundation and blush some. You look gorgeous without all of that [:

  • Laura

    To Tracy #27

    Im sorry but you really misunderstood what i said.. I DIDNT say he was stupid, & when i said he was “innocent” i just meant that he will never try to “use” somebody cause he has good values in life & everything.. & youre totally wrong, i know i dont know them AT ALL, i was just stating my opinion cause i just wanted to.
    “i know you cant judge a book by its cover” that’s what i wrote, so try to read more carefully next time,
    & also there’s no need to insult me & to say i am “a stupid teenie fan”, the way you reacted was a bit immature cause i never wanted to sound like i’m THE girl who knows everything, Okay, i hope i cleared that up :)

  • nicklovesemily:]

    i thinkkk she is in the spot light more now bc of joe..but she definatly has had her own career going for i dont think thats fair to say.
    but i am nottt a fan of hers at all.

  • http://JJJ laurenj

    to no42 yes she has HAD a career but a career that has gotten her nowhere until now….all her movies have been flops to say the least and she hasnt had a huge following with fans until she hooked up with joe…now all of a sudden the press are everywhere and i wonder why????i truly hope joe is happy becuz he deserves to be happy BUT i have a feeling camillas attention are not so wholesome and is using joe to advance her career…..tell it how i see it….where was camilla before she appeared in the lovebug clip….NOWHERE…..she owes joe alot for resurrecting her career….

  • Laura

    totally agree with you #43 :)

  • http://JJJ laurenj

    a diamond darling HARDLY she looks like she covered herself with xmas tinsel and had a baby apply her wig and make up…she is more like ummm aluminium foil…..she aint no natural beauty…..

  • Denisse

    I don’t like her.

  • Mandy

    JOmilla is the worst couple ever made i hate it so so much joe u have made a huge wrong move

  • maha

    looks like me 80%
    arab looks

  • blahdeeblah

    wow. people that are fugly (ex. rihanna) get called “gorgeous” and “most beautiful in the world (PUKE!)”, but naturally sexy, beautiful & classy women like camilla belle get comments like “oh seriously i don’t think there’s anything special about her” and “she’s not that pretty”. Wtf? the world is backwards