Brenda Song Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Brenda Song Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Disney queen Brenda Song is currently in New York City promoting her Disney Channel series, The Suite Life on Deck and got a chance to chat with her!

The 20-year-old actress dished to JJJ about co-star Phill Lewis, Boogie Town and her driver’s license. Check out what she had to say:

JJJ: Hi, Brenda! Are you familiar with JustJared at all? Do you read blogs?

BS: Who DOESN’T know your site, are you kidding me? It’s hard because when I’m online I usually only have a couple of minutes – and I’m usually checking the Lakers score or I’m trying to find a new pair of shoes! But your site is the one that I will look at because you’re so positive.

JJJ: Do you have other online outlets? Which of your online presences are official?

BS: No, I don’t have Facebook! I don’t have an official MySpace, I don’t have a Twitter…the only place you can find official info on me is my website: That’s the only place online that is actually me. Or you can go to

JJJ: Where are you in filming Suite Life?

BS: We’re actually on…I think the seventh episode of the second season. It’s been really fun! It’s been kind of crazy! We had a magician last week…it’s a little crazy. But we’ve had a good time.

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JJJ: What kind of tricks does the magician perform?

BS: Oh! Like, he’ll draw a bowling ball, and then he’ll make it pop out of the sketchpad! It sounds crazy…I’m such a little kid, I just love magic. And it was kind of sad to learn that they’re all just tricks and there’s really no such thing as magic. But it was really really fun.

JJJ: Give us some insider info on a new episode that viewers wouldn’t normally know about?

BS: Well, he’s an actual real magician, so any tricks that you see is actually part of his show. That’s pretty cool. And he had to train me for a lot of it because I was so bad, I’d be giving away his secrets while we were filming it. (laughs) So I have a little magician training!

JJJ: Do you have a favorite prop on the Suite set?

BS: Probably the chaise lounge, because I’m lazy!

JJJ: Do you have a favorite episode from all the Suite Life‘s?

BS: That’s really tough! But…it was called “Boo You!” and it was last season. Phill Lewis directed it, he plays Mr. Moseby, and I love him. Every time he directs, we always have a good time because it’s like seeing one of our own expand and going above and beyond. So that’s probably one of my favorite episodes because I love when he directs.

JJJ: In Boogie Town, you play Natalie, can you tell us about her?

BS: We’re actually not done filming it yet, but we’re shooting it in LA. Natalie is the younger sister of Jay (Misha Gabriel Hamilton), who is Marques Houston’s rival, and she’s home from college. She has no idea what’s going on between them because they used to be friends. She’s 19, she’s having fun, she’s much more like me than my other characters. It’s really cool because I had to do a little… boogieing in the movie! It’s really fun! Fly Styles and Shane Sparks are the choreographers, so just to work with such great talents… I have such a new found respect for dancers. Being able to watch a huge dance number, and they pick it up so fast! I’m like, whoa whoa whoa! I didn’t even get the first move!

JJJ: Have you ever had any dancing training before?

BS: (laughs) It was my first time! Walking in there, I was so scared! Seeing Marques and them just rock it out – they’re so great, they didn’t make me feel terrified. I was just like, oh my gosh, I was the only person who didn’t know how to dance. They were so sweet about it.

JJJ: What kind of dancing is it?

BS: It’s like hip-hop, but there is a lot of wire works because it’s very futuristic. It’s actually really cool because we did a lot of night shooting in downtown LA, so I felt like a little vampire for awhile.

JJJ: What are the hours like for that, and how long does it take you to prepare?

BS: It’s crazy! For Suite Life, I’ll go in and I’m done at maybe 5 or 6pm. For this, there are days that I went in at, like, 7pm and left at 10 in the morning! And driving home, I’d be falling asleep! My internal clock was completely off. All my friends would call me and I’d be asleep, so they’d be like, are you okay?! For a week I just didn’t answer my phone because my schedule was so off. But it was really fun – you get a different vibe working at night because your energy changes. I mean, when it’s 4 in the morning and you’re doing a scene, it is not the same as, say, right now! (JJJ Note: It was like 2 in the afternoon.)

JJJ: How do you see yourself extending beyond Disney in your acting career?

BS: Well, you know, Disney’s been so great to me. I just love to work, so if they’ll keep hiring me, I’ll keep working! But as an actress, I really just take it all as it comes, because you never know what’s going to happen. It’s the fun part of my job when I get to choose what I want to do. So it’s kind of fun to see what’s out there and think, can I do this? Can I make myself into this person? So we’ll see! We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

JJJ: Do you have a driver’s license? What kind of car do you have?

BS: I do! This is so funny, I wanted this car, like, my whole life, and it’s amazing. I have a (Mercedes-Benz) G-Wagen and in my driver’s license picture, I was so happy. You know when you get you’re driver’s license, it’s so exciting…so my picture is horrifying, I can’t even show it to you.

JJJ: What kind of products do you use to keep your skin and hair healthy?

BS: Dr. Perricone is my favorite for skin, and Enjoy is my lovely shampoo.

JJJ: What is your have favorite TV show?

BS: Top Chef!

JJJ: How about your favorite Disney movie?

BS: Beauty and the Beast.


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