Miley Cyrus is a Pilates Princess

Miley Cyrus is a Pilates Princess

Miley Cyrus keeps it comfy in a white tee and gray sweat pants as she arrives and leaves an early morning pilates class on Monday (May 25) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana hottie will heading off to Georgia soon to shoot her new flick, The Last Song. Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth has been cast as Miley‘s love interest in the movie.

Miley, boyfriend Justin Gaston and costar BFF Emily Osment were spotted going to church in Pasadena yesterday morning.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline, RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • yessica


  • yessica

    wiii first

  • martha

    she looks so pretty:)

  • =

    justin as her wall paper. just like the one with nick
    why does she keeps on pushing him to her fans?

  • katie

    lol @ her flashing a pic of her and her pedophile boyfriend to the paps

    keep it classy, milerz

  • reginna

    aw she looks so pretty, loved her pants though.

    and btw, on her cell theres a photo of justin & her, so sweet!!!

  • casey

    attention whore pretty much !
    hum just so u know miley we dont want to see a pik a u and ur PEDOPHILE boyfriend so no need to show it to the paps (that u called)

    new Selena post ?!!!!
    taaaaaaaylena for.the.MOTHAFUCKIN! wiin`:)

  • jo

    That was NOT a flash?? Are you guys serious.. It was a wave but she happened to be holding her phone…

    She looks cute!

  • Cat

    I know notice that Justin always wear white t shirt and now she is too!


    are you an idiot? she did the same thing when her and nick were going out on her screen saver was a picture of them kissing she does it for attention it’s quite obvious

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    @casey: You sound so ignorant. You obviously care about Miley enough to come on her posts and write about what a attention seeking whore she is. The only one thats seeking the attention is YOU!!! Miley ROCKS and if you want to show your true hate for her, don’t come on here!

    I love you Miley!
    You ROCK!

  • lili

    I wish she wouldn’t stop flaunting her relationship with Justin, as the vast majority of people (fans or otherwise) find it quite disturbing. I find her love of the paparazzi equally disturbing…

    Anyway, she looks nice.

  • lili

    *would stop flaunting

  • victoria

    love her!

  • Terri

    omg omg omg omg!!


    I mean, stars go to Valdosta, Georgia and maybe the Phillips Arena, but we don’t get as many arrivals as we should!!! I wonder which part of GA she’s headed.

  • ivanka

    @COMEAGAIN?: yes she did it again, she is an attention seeker, she cant help it!

  • jo

    Oh please stop it. Miley doesn’t need any more attention than she gets, people KNOW she’s w/ Justin so stop assuming she did it on purpose. It looks like she was putting her hand up for a wave to me.. Think whatever u want.

  • http://. Vic2763

    O come on, relax already. Everyone here wants to see Miley and what she’s doing. A day w/o Miley is a day w/o sunshine =D Fans would jones, and what would haters do if they didn’t have something to bitch about.

  • Mariana

    so what is shes an attention seeker? shes gorgeous!

  • billythekid


    Nothing of what you said deserves comment, but I will say I think there is something wrong with you.

    There is most definitely something wrong here with you! Your last several post on Miley articles aren’t spewing their normal venom. Therefore, you are a poser. Ha!

    “A day w/o Miley is a day w/o sunshine…” I don’t believe I can go that far, but I will admit that several days without a Miley article could be annoying, but too many in a row is even worse. Everything in moderation, and nothing to excess!

  • Katie

    Seriously, people? She had her phone in her hand and she WAVED. Everyone already knows she and Justin are together, so what would be the point of flashing a picture to prove it? You guys are pathetic, you try to find something wrong with everything she does. Superrr lame ;)

  • Toni and Angela :)

    Aww, I love Miley! :) She looks beautiful as usual.

    And as for the picture of her and Justin on her phone – So what? Everyone knows they’re dating, so its not really a surprize. Therefore, thats no reason to go all negative on her. Besides, she can have anything she wants as her screen saver and if that so happens to be a picture of someone she cares about and loves, then so be it. Oh my gosh, to the people who are saying Justin is a pedophile, you have NO idea what you’re talking about… He is a statutory rapist, there’s a difference. He might not even be a statutory rapist because we don’t even know if they’ve “done it” yet. And even if they did, its none of your buisness. So its funny how all you people come on here and whine about how much he’s a pedophile and that hasn’t changed anything because they’re still dating and he’s not in jail. I hope you know you haters are wasting your time and I suggest you all get lives and stop being jealous of Miley because that’s not gonna change the fact that she’s famous, successful and living her life. God bless! :D

  • (:

    she got her license? lol this sounds creeper but she got her permitt on like dec 8 or around that(cuz thats when i got mine) and i have to wait till june(permit for 6 months) to get my license .. how come she didnt have to wait? NOT FAIR.

  • jen


  • *_*

    @(:: In california you get your permit at 15 1/2(weeeird right?) and then you get your license at 16, so Miley’s got her license…lucky in NJ we get our permits at 16 and then our license at 17! I just got my permit last month : \

  • Bunnie

    She was waving!!
    She had no intention to show off the picture.
    Why would she, she’s the one who wants to keep her “private life private”

    Miley keep rocking!
    Stay gorgeous, and BE-AWESOME!

  • Lil’ Miss Smarty.

    @billythekid: I totally agree with EVERYTHING you wrote. You got some brains :P Lol.

    @Bunnie: You have some too :P

  • hingman

    too cute…

  • =]

    lol at both of their lives
    wait i remember justin doesn’t have one

  • Julia

    anyone know the brand of those grey sweatpants?

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks awesome as always. :):):)

  • me

    Love her

  • Sarah

    @ Julia
    You can see the brand if you move your mouse on the picture
    It says you can get it on Zappos

  • Sarah

    nm it’s not the good one,
    The one at zappos is really ugly though.
    Love her sweatpants,
    anybody know were you can get it?

  • britney

    I’m trying to find those sneakers, lol. She looks so cute :)

  • Isabelle
  • heather

    there’s so much hate on oceanup so i came here. miley’s skin looks flawless!!! shes def been taking care of it well.

    shes not showing her phone, look at how shes barely holding on to it, because her fingers are waving to the paps. chill out ppl and give her some privacy.

  • heather


    she’s coming to savannah; i’m gonna try and see her while she’s here too. i think she leaves la on june 15

  • keN

    . . . was kinda wondering what ‘topcelebs’ are doing
    on early holiday weekday mornings, . . training! …
    for the next film. Ya gotta admire that. Me was sleep’n

  • Elsa

    @Katie: I TOTALLY agree with u girl!!

    smiley miley&sunshine, perfect combination! (=

  • billythekid


    Ok, I will take your word for it that she has her license at 16, but does it come with any restrictions at that age in California?

    Sorry to disappoint you, Heather, but there is plenty of hate on this site as well. I do not believe it is possible to have an article posted, a video shown anywhere without some negative comments involved. She is a huge magnet for both sides of the fence. Believe it or not, but her haters/distractors are a big part of her popularity.

    And yes, I think she was just waving to whoever was there without much thought given to anyone seeing her screen pic.

  • *_*

    @billythekid: yeah most likely there are restrictions

  • sean84

    shes so beautifull on these pix lol

  • wow

    omg justin should go to jail for dating a freakin’ minor. gosh… he should stay in his league.

    i personally don’t think they are dating sometimes when u really look at picks of them together as well as videos. they’re ALWAYS outi in public. at least when she was with nick they didn’t all have to be in public a lot. and then he’s always with her family like he’s a member. he’s like seriously trying too hard to fit in. i personally think he’s just trying to get his name out there. they’re celb-couple name “Gayrus” soounds pretty dumb..

  • lea

    fabulous n simple clothes.

  • aNN



    Soooooooo Cooool. SHE LOOKS AMAZING!

  • (Lexi) Alexandra Woodruff

    Miley always Look Like a Beautiful Pincess

  • nilesh

    hey i love miley

  • mva

    Ohhh my god, she looks good