Nick Jonas: Lookin' La Guardia Good

Nick Jonas: Lookin' La Guardia Good

Nick Jonas keeps a straight face as he arrives at La Guardia airport in NYC on Wednesday afternoon (June 10).

The 16-year-old musician will join big bros Joe and Kevin Jonas in the city. The trio will be on The Tonight Show with David Letterman TOMORROW NIGHT. Be sure to tune in!

Nick was rumored to be visiting gal pal and ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus in Savannah, Georgia. Did you hear their new duet, “Before the Storm?”

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Daniel/Justin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • lisa


  • nikkki


  • georgia

    he’s so sexy.
    i love him :)
    but he looks unhappy </3

  • m


  • listen to mayday parade

    only a 16 year old would be roped back into a bad relationship… they may have been 14 when they first dated, but 16 is no better… if they seriously believe they are meant to be, they should focus on their careers while they are still popular and in a few year consider hooking up and trying again.

    what an idiot.

  • tori

    nick, you’re HOT
    miley’s a lucky person

  • amanda

    he really did go visit Miley,he took photo in the Atlanta with manager on that airport and the guy said that he was going to savannah.there were
    probably no direct flight available!!i hope they are back together!
    they are ADORABLE couple and “before the storm”is an AMAZING song!!

  • sk

    seriously?! I was at that airport on sunday.

    3 days too late, I guess =P

  • victoriasa

    before the storm
    BEST SONG ATM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
    #iTUNE (YN)

    ima tell everyone about this song

    its LUSH (L) x

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i heard he was in atlanta for miley ….
    he looks angry.
    i think he has learned he has gone somewhere so far for just a B*TCH !!!
    But i love nickyy <3
    he looks super cute even he’s angry <3


    Nick Jonas really is so overrated. If he wasn’t famous nobody would
    look twice at him or his brothers. Just goes to show what money
    can do.

  • brooke

    Whoa… he looks good!!! He soo hot lmao! Their duet is awesome! As far as him and Miley, whether they get back together or not, I couldn’t really care less. As long as they r both happy… so am I.

    <3 NICK!

  • tori

    @amanda: i doubt that completely. why would he fly to georgia if it wasn’t a direct flight? that would be a total waste of time. cali to georgia to NY? no. and if he was visiting miley that would be irrelevant to be there for less than a day considering he’d be in the same clothes and considering that miley is there to WORK. just because you want it to be true doesn’t make it.

  • miranda

    he is learning the bad manners of joe right?
    miley was like always available for him and he knew it ..
    wow the jonas are showing us their real manners with woman

  • g

    don’t be jealous….:)

  • victoria!

    guys maybe he looks pissed because the paps are all up in his face, dont jump to conclusions…especially because we dont have SOLID proff that he visited her when he was there!

  • Jess

    he does looks unhappy..
    i wonder why… :/

  • laura maybe he looks unhappy cuz miley turned him down i mean her last twitter comment :S

  • katie

    lol nick hates the paps. all the jonases hate the paps. whatever. apparently he’s part of my girl miley’s life again and i don’t mind it at all.

  • Lili

    Chilllllllll guys. Save the whining for oceanFAIL. Yes, he was in Savannah, likely with Miley. No, no one has any idea why. Regardless he seems like a nice boy (although I doubt he likes the cameras, he seems very private) and she’s a good girl. Just let them live, please.

  • victoria!

    oh along with him being mad because paps are in his face…maybe he found out “before teh storm” was leaked and that upset him….

  • http://WWW.AOL.COM kiana

    @victoria!: ACTUALLY we do. there was the manager of the Atlanta airport who happends to have a flickr account. he saw nick jonas and took a picture with him on monday. nick flew in from texas to atlanta and the guy said nick was taking a connecting flight to savannah. a girl emailed him theres proof on oceanup. he stayed there monday and tuesday and left today. last night miley tweeted about Magic winning a game and its funny how Nick loves the Magic :) just sayin

  • victoria!

    @tori: i was there tues-wed. i consider that more than a day…

  • Julie

    @Lili: i couldn’t agree more!!! just
    let them work out whatever they need to work out…

  • amanda

    @tori: he was is dallas…they had a
    press on monday and he flew right after that…he even has a same shirt
    as he wore to the press..go to oceanup ti see the pic if u don’t believe me

  • katie

    @Lili: agreed.

  • Maria


  • Farrah

    So much hostility in these comments. Let’s all take a deep breath and stop pretending to know every detail of their lives. I for one think it is very sweet that they’re so close after so long, regardless of if they are dating or not. I like Miley a lot and I want her to be happy, I’d imagine fans of this boy want the same for him. Now… inhale, exhale, and relax.

  • carolineee

    @farrahf me too. We don’t know where he went and I thinkg, you should let them live their own life. I know when he’s being upset it’s right away cuz miley dumbed him but having a bad flight, paparazzi following all the time and being tired of all those rumors maybe a good reason, too? Guys, just back off a little.
    But i still love u nicky <33333

  • carolineee

    @farrah agreed. We don’t know where he went and I thinkg, you should let them live their own life. I know when he’s being upset it’s right away cuz miley dumbed him but having a bad flight, paparazzi following all the time and being tired of all those rumors maybe a good reason, too? Guys, just back off a little.
    But i still love u nicky <33333

  • Diana x3

    I LOVE him ! He’s sooo HOT .. And I lov ehis voice and what he says with his texts <3

  • Fan


  • nickjsmykryptonite14

    @georgia: him and his brothers dont really like paparazzi, so they usually keep indifferent looks on their faces and dont interact with them

  • nickjsmykryptonite14

    @victoria!: my point xactly i would be pretty ticked if it was early in the morning (im only assuming its early in the morning in these pics) and cameras were being shoved in my face

  • nickjsmykryptonite14

    @katie: amen to tht=)

  • nickjsmykryptonite14

    @victoria!: thty could be a deff possibility

  • aLISON(:

    He looks serious… Hm…
    I really think, that celebs sometimes have too hard life. Like Demi said on twitter: bad day…
    Having all attention all the time, no wonder is not in very happy mood. His personal life is personal, but dealing it w/ media & everything is stupid…

    /Follow me on twitter: plzz :]/

  • m

    miley and justin are PLANING ON WATCHING P.S I LOVE YOU

    mileycyrus p.s. i love you

    JustinMGaston@mileycyrus that’s a great movie. =) I know one that will be even better though

    mileycyrus@justinmgaston thank you :) well watch it again

    yayy jileyyyyy

  • mel

    no man i live like 15 minutes away from laguardia! =( lol tisk tisk nick js so hot now

  • jjj

    i have had it with all this crap, nick is not even hot. he makes me want to puke. now i’d like to see all the teeny boppers reply to this one.

  • amanda

    @m: she said WELL not WE’LL…
    they are dunzo.accept it!!

  • Demetria Lovato

    i fell like throwing up if he is dateing the devil miley cyrus aka milley cryis!!!!!!!!!!!=] muhahahahahah

  • luly


  • EAC

    gorgeous :)

  • kimora

    niley (:

  • caitlynnnn.

    ok wouldnt miley be working all day? thats why shes in savannah anyway. its not like she would have time to hangout with him all day..

  • skye

    Hope everything is ok,he could be unhappy about the paps but idk,he really does look mad or sad,she’s crazyif she turned him down,if she did I can’t support Niley anymore and I’m a huge fan her stuoid tweets to Justin are ruining the song for me

  • bee

    He cannot be 16. I should not be thinking a 16 year old boy is hot.


  • Alfredo

    Hes so hot

  • racheal

    only time will tell….