Miley Cyrus Tests Tour Looks

Miley Cyrus Tests Tour Looks

Miley Cyrus is cowgirl cute in a fringe vest and boots as she arrives at a studio to rehearse for her upcoming tour on Wednesday afternoon (August 26) in Burbank, Calif.

The 16-year-old pop star tweeted, “Having so much fun trying out hair and make up peeps for tour :) I feel like a BIG canvas! Paint me!”

After shooting a rumored music video yesterday, Miley joined big sis Brandi and producer Dr. Luke for sushi last night.

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • suzan


  • Jasmine

    before any of you guys say anything, it is in the high 90s today in la, it’s probably a little higher in burbank

  • marie

    i really wanna go to the miley concert; but its on september and its on a weekday. i have school, they should’ve made it on a friday night! :/

  • ally

    She looks like a girl who’s having a blast! Go Miley!

  • beatriz

    gorgeous, love you miley <3

  • nancy


  • lucy

    what the hell is Miley wearing ??????

  • kevin

    miley owns <3 :)
    L O
    V E

  • Bella

    Yeah I live in LA and it’s so darn hot! What’s worse is that I don’t have A/C. :(

    I like Miley’s outfits. They seem laid back.

  • swe3t2

    love her style!!

  • wow


    good question – are those shorts? awfully tattered . I would not wear something that tattered even around the house.

  • amy

    those shorts are soooooooo short :/ i live in la but i’m just chillin in some sweats and a tshirt, like her mom is. she needs to stop dressing like that, it’s trashy AND those shorts look hella uncomfortable.

    but i like her anyway. i’m gonna see her on tour at the staples center.

  • Lili

    She would be much prettier if she stopped trying to flaunt her body, to be honest. It’s a huge turnoff. You can look hot without looking like a hooker! ;) My views on her “fashion” aside, I love her and I can’t wait for her tour. <3

  • mileyfan17

    She is sooo pretty!!! I cant wait for her tour. November 21st BABY!!!!!

  • DemiFan

    Kind of late with these Jared! Theses pix were out yesterday!

  • mileyfan17

    I mean November 22nd:) oops

  • heather


    go anyway and leace early. even just seeing like 10 songs will be worth it

  • lo

    @DemiFan: These pictures are from today. I have to admit I would never wear shorts so short or that vest or cowboy boots but my style is completely different than Miley’s. Miley makes her style her own. Love the bag though.

  • alex {:()
  • Minime

    she looks goood :) She looks healthy and happy… girl power!!

  • DemiFan

    @lo: yeah, but they were posted yesturday, I saw these at yesterday.

  • Janae

    Luv Miley.. Can’t wait 4 her concert.. Nov 18 babay! =)

  • francesca

    didnt she wear this outfit last night haha
    i think these are from yesterday during the day

  • victoria

    love her! so excited to see her sept. 20th

  • zanessa

    her shorts get shorter every time….o_o

  • kamilah

    @Jasmine: haha your comment made me laugh. in a good way. but i have to say, i live in tempe, az where its currently 106 degrees! i still see girls wearing longer shorts than the ones miley has on.

  • maliha mahtab

    Okay everybody needs to stop critisizing her!
    Look at the good side…She is an awesome singer\actress and she looks great even in those very short shorts! :)

  • cami

    I repeat, she used to be classy! and now she just dresses in a trashy way…
    Not a hater, I like her, but she changed too much

  • jo

    Whats the big deal with short shorts?! Who cares!! Theyre shorts!

  • Jasmine

    yeah we californians are spoiled haha:]
    well short shorts seem to be the style here in the summer, maybe it has to do with the beach. but i myself feel uncomfortable wearing shorts

  • Lily

    She should really ditch her aviator glasses. they look horrible on her. nothing new coming from Miley Cyrus.

  • kevin

    OK no lie.
    TODAY i went to walmart and saw her new EP
    on display. i freaked out ! cause i thought it
    was suppose to come out next tuesday.
    and the price was $8 so even better.
    i bought 5 copys, and you know what !
    im glad i did !!!

    the EP is beautiful, and by that i mean the songs
    like “when i look at you” and “obsessed”

    i can’t stop listening to it !!!
    all i need to figure out is what to do with the other 4 i bought o_O
    whatever. ill probably buy more copys on tuesday :)
    cause of the price and how good it is. and i want to support milerz.

    who else on here is buying a copy of
    “The Time of our Lives” ???

  • Vic2763

    Who’s that chick, that rockin chick? Luv the look: the boot with the fringed vest. And she does those Daisey Dukes justice =]
    Philly’s ready to rock Nov 4 \o/ Yaaayyyy!!!

  • zanessa4life
  • zanessa4life
  • demimileyashleyselenavanessa

    awesome she sure looks wunnerfull
    rck on miley!

  • =)=)=)

    kevin im with u ! miley looks gr8 !!! i luv her !

  • Amber

    Soon her shorts are gonna get so high up that they’ll me microscopic… I don’t have anything against Miley, but I’m not a fan. She’s alright.

  • Amber


  • selenagomezfan

    love the bag and the shades

  • selenagomezfan

    love the bag

  • cyrus

    she is mine ok ass hole