Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene: Boneta Bunch

Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene: Boneta Bunch

Robert Pattinson and costar Ashley Greene make their way out of Boneta restuarant after having dinner in Vancouver on Friday night (August 28).

The duo were joined by Eclipse cast mates Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner, Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli. We think we even see Kristen Stewart hiding. Do you?

Earlier in the day, Kristen and on-screen father, Billy Burke, filmed a graduation scene in the third flick, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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Credit: Miguel Aguilar, Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, INFdaily
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  • jamie

    TWILIGHT cast<3
    they’re such a gorgous cast.

  • angela

    i dont think thats her. It might be elizabeth reaser

  • MaiChi

    Jared, all four of your posts today have been very dissapointing well, I like Ashley Greene, but that’s it.
    Less Miley/Kristen Stewart.
    More Zac, Vanessa, Selena, and Demi please!

  • d

    who cares?

  • b

    @MaiChi: Don’t the posts depend on who got photographed. It’s not exactly in their control.

    On the other hand this might be one of the most beautiful casts ever.

  • stephanie rose

    NO! its elizabeth reaser, clearly she has that foul coloured jacket on in the other photo

  • Sarah

    Thank God NO K’Stoner pix… tired of her face everywhere… talentless twat!
    Ashley is gorgeous.. Nikki & Elizabeth look great… Rob looks kinda tired but still awesome… Peter is rocking!

  • Luz

    Ashley is gorgeous!
    Rob is hot!
    and that’s Elizabeth Reaser!

  • h

    umm where exactly is kristen hiding? if you mean the in the cab , that’s elizabeth reaser in the tan trench coat. c’mon jared! how can i know more about this that you? isn’t this your job???

  • nikki

    this cast is getting old really fast the only cool one is rob the rest YUCK!

  • jamie

    @MaiChi: YES, ZANESSA! we want more twilight with Zanessa pictures!
    its so ool that all of them are hanging around!

  • overated.

    they are the most drugged up cast ever. the only talented ones out of them is Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene

  • Alyssa

    okay I really don’t think we should be trashing on jared, come on people, show some respect that he would actually post up stuff for us to see. I agree there could be some more variety but I still love the cast and their hard work. Go Jared! thanks for your website :)

  • Jordan

    I would like to see more Zac and Vanessa too but they are pretty good at not being spotted when they don’t want to be….But I love Ashley and Nikki so these are good too. Looks like the Twilight cast get along with each other pretty good :)

  • MaiChi

    I was joking, although I would like more of thiose posts, I was still joking.
    AH HAH! Most beautiful cast? That’s rich, really.

    Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene, they’re handsome/pretty. But Robert and Kristen make me wanna hurl.

  • Jay

    Thats not kristen——–its elizabeth bc she wearing the tan jacket

  • rose

    ok iv given up those kids trashing kristen stewart. i love you kristen.why? shes stay true herself. she is popular BUT she hasn’t changed her fashion to fit in with the hollywood fakes!she rocks any hairstyle, shes a gorgeous tom boy, she talks honestly which means she will say fuck,shit, bullshit!SO WHAT!shes not a robot that you programme to say comments people want to hear.Love you all the fuckin way kristen!

  • b

    Yes more disney channel please. Not all of us are 13 and not all of us are interested in poorly manufactured stars. I’m unsure why when a post is clearly about twilight other unrelated actors have to get brought up.

  • kimberly ross

    that’s elizabeth in the tan coat…I saw her in it…she is soooooooooo beautiful.
    you have to see Puccinni for Begineers…so f—— funny..elizabth plays a lesibian, hasbien, hetro straight…it is so funny.
    by the way…check out her on………..and don’t talk about talent…she graduated from juilliard…do you know how hard it is to get in there!
    can’t wait to see this movie………….k.a. r.

  • chris

    omg i know ashley!!

  • Sophiazoey

    I think it myt be Kristen since Elizabeth Reaser didn’t have jeans on?

  • victoria

    wow i feel so sorry 4 them. but i love them to!

  • gabby

    thats peter facinelli’s jeans. hes in between. it’s elizabeth reaser

  • ccbroomham

    @rose: i totaly agree with u all the way she hasnt changed 1 bit in this shoot to stardom

  • leele

    Oh my Rob looks soo tired ..

  • nila

    omg people are so jelousy!
    twilight cast are the best and many people care about twilight!!!
    soo whateva haterz!
    i love Rob and Kristen ..

  • nm

    That’s so not Kristen Stewart.
    It’s Elizabeth Reaser.

    All of them are so gorgeous <3

  • Karine

    Look guys,i’m from Brazil,and I crazy for this man,Robert Pattinson,he is so hot,beautiful.

  • Carmen

    Can anyone confirm where Kristen was? Jackson wasn’t there either.

  • Carmen

    Who is that next walking out with Ashley Greene? That’s not Bryce Dallas Howard. Can’t recognize her.

  • helen

    Pattinson is cool and relevant. The others are naff and second rate

  • http://jutsjared Rose

    Whos the girl in the white jacket?

  • mina1

    hellllloww roberto, there you are! =) BTW, some say the girl in white holding ashley’s hand is billy burke’s significant other. i don’t know if they are married or not.

  • Daisy

    is it just me or it seems kristen is outshining robert pattinson? well, last year it was all about the hearthrob. now it’s about the girl who got him. (on screen)

  • katrina

    umm…i actually think it is kstew in the taxi with rpattz….and im not talking about elizabeth (tan jacket)…i think its the second photo!~

  • sarah victor

    lol…I guess kristen stewart musn’t be there with the twilight cast otherwise there wouldn’t be a reason for her to hide.she’s free to do whatever that is that she likes.from the twilight cast I think taylor launter is the most talented.

  • trev

    I agree with #17, we need more Twilight and more Taylor Lautner, Kristen and Rob. Keep them coming JustJared.

  • Jnl

    K is not in the pics. thank god, another site said she was with her family that night. Enough of her and that nasty hairdo she was sporting. Agree totally with Sarah.

  • joanne

    hehe i spy kstew hiding ;)

  • ;)

    yayayayayayay finnally some taylor launter :)

  • Crazyfor JB

    I love the entire outfit of the girl with white tank top. I don’t know if she’s elizabeth reaser… Jared could you tel me where can I get the whole outfit?? please?

  • wow

    er…. where is kristen?– someone relief me here….

  • Renee

    I love the whole cast..other than Kristen and Nikki… I can handle Kristen more than Nikki!! Nikki doesn’t fit the part of Rosalie at all!! Rosalie is beautiful beyond all and yeah….. thats not Nikki!! She made Rosalie look Ugggly!! The only thing I wonder is if Kristen will be able to live up to the vampire Bella?

  • Maryann Ruesch

    @chris: How do you know Ashley Greene?

  • Maryann Ruesch

    They all are the best actors/actresses that I know! Ashley Greene is the best!

  • Jennie

    Taylor <3 :D

    Rob SUCKS!

    Zac Efron is best :D <3 <3

  • Jayckson Lucy

    Oh, so it isnt Kristen on pic 2? Rob is really looking annoyed. Poor him. He comes out of a restaurant, and then you all have these f*cking papz waiting for you. Cant wait to see pics of Kristen and Rob together, off or on-screen, I dont care. Oh gosh, can’t till Eclipse, and New Moon too, comes out.