Selena Gomez: Costa Mesa Meet & Greet

Selena Gomez: Costa Mesa Meet & Greet

Selena Gomez squeezes some of her fans into a hug as she signs copies of her debut CD, Kiss & Tell, at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (October 4).

The 17-year-old entertainer walked away from the signing with 50 different bracelets made by her fans for her! Sel stated, “This just proves I have the best fans!”

Selena recently caught up with at her release party and told us that she spent about 8 hours a day in the studio while she was recording this album. Wow!

15+ pics inside of Selena Gomez meeting her fans…

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  • lucy

    too bad she could’ve spent 24 hous in the studio and she still wouldn’t have been good . Disney music is always crap and extremely cheesy. She is trying to be the next Miley but she can’t sing at all and sounds like a dying cat.

  • Rizqika

    OMG, she`s such a goody good girl! :)

  • i

    aww! she’s awesome! she’s so sweet and a great role model! i wish i could of been there

  • ann

    dear lucy; she isn’t trying to be the next miley. SHE IS SELENA; & she’s way better than sluty cyrus :)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Selena Gomez is so stunning. Love her cd.

  • http://.. Faruht;x

    Selena Gomez is brilliant, shes better than mileч and demi put together,
    shes ace.
    nd ‘lucч’ if чou think disneч musics crap, whч the fuck would чou want to listen 2 it in the first place? and whч the fuck would чou listen to Selena Gomez’s tracks if she sounds like a dчing cat to чou? ^o)
    well she sings GREAT, better than чou a bet, dчing cat? phft, better than sounding like a smushed up lil horse-pig!

    get a life чou wanker !

    Selena A loveчou x

  • Cassandra

    @lucy: I’ve seen your stupid,immature and ridiculous comments in many articles about Selena.If you hate her so much,why do you waste time commenting on these type of things?Something tells me that you don’t have a life and spend the whole day bashing someone who did nothing to you.GROW UP!

  • Elainna

    @lucy: lol, i found it funny that you said Selena has a voice of a dying cat! Cause Miley’s the one who sings with a nose and sounds like a dying cat at times.

  • kennedy

    I getting her album today!!!

  • alyssa

    the mall was insane that day, my friend who works at the Disney store said Selena stayed an extra 2hrs to get through everyone

  • listen to mayday parade

    @lucy: Selena never claimed to be good at singing, its her hobby, acting is her passion. She knows shes better at acting, but I mean if you got offered a recording contract would you say no? Of course you wouldnt. You can hate on anyone but this girl, cause I feel like shes the only one who is real. She is doing things to make a difference and just doing what makes her happy.

    Hate on Demi, Im fine with that… Shes currently hating on Selena which is outrageous, but yeah demi is only famous cause of the jobros and selena got her the gig for camp rock.. they offered it to selena first. so yeah hate on demi, cause selena seems to be all heart and the least selfish of them all.

  • Alex

    I’m just wondering why she got extensions she looked amazing with short hair I loved it so much I got my hair cut like it. Oh well she still looks amazing no matter what.


    Awww she’s just so amazingg :)

  • vhudftw!

    shut up haters!
    she is amazing.

  • mandy09

    @lucy what a pathetic loser you are!! hahahaha i just laugh in your face stupid!!!! and really dying cat? not honey yous just describe it the slutty vyrus….

  • mandy09

    btw sel is so gorgeous, seriously shes perfect!!!! the best disney girl ever….

  • http://-- Diellecostmoura

    aai ela é perfeita ♥,amoo muito mesmo a selmariegomez,ela é uma diva ela e a demetriadevonedemilovato♥,divas a Selena gomez é mas bonita que a Miley Cyrus, e ela é perfeitona..,a Miley ta com um pirce a coisa mas horrivel ai credo to creiando nojo dela, ela ta horrivel,mas algua paparazzi faz montagens nas fotos dela ,esse caras de bunda, não gosto mas da miley, eu prefiro a dakota a vanessa H,a sel a demi,mas fala serio a demi ta namorando o irmão da miley, ele ,é horrivel!

  • florence

    awww she just has a sweet and chubby little face i wish i could give her a super super bear hug! i dont like how selena sings but shes really sweet :)

  • lucy

    None of the disney singers are good that’s my opinion everyone has their own opinion so stop

  • lucy

    being rude at me I don’t hate any celebs or anyone I AM NOT A HATER fine they all sound like cats

  • http://th KARLA

    OOHH !!! i love sel is the best !!!!

  • mandy09

    i really love how look sel in these photos, shes extremly pretty…. her hair definitely rocks….


    selena you should come to jordan amman or arizona, we love you so much you are the best” so falling down for your album it was worth it the 8 hours SEL ROCKS

  • rosa

    omg i was there i got to meet her dhe is so nice…i waited 6 hours in line.

  • rosa

    omg I was there I got to meet her she is so nice…I waited 6 hours in line

  • Kaiya

    I was there too! We got our autographs at around 5:30pm. We just posted some video from it:

  • tqah

    i’m a huge fan of selena but i have to agree that selena isn’t a good singer. maybe she should just stick with acting…

  • brenda, angie, edgar & ely

    WE WERE THERE!! We waited almost 6 hours in the sun, the line was huge we were so tired but it was SOOOO worth it!! SELENA was so sweet, amazing & absolutely gorgeous :) we got our cds signed WE ARE REALLY HAPPY :) WE LOVE HER SHE IS WAY BETTER THAN MILEY & DEMI! YAY SELENA RULES!!!!

  • http://.. Faruht;x


    if none of the disneч singers are good, whч would чou be commenting on Selena Gomez’s page ? ^o) she is PART of disneч :S
    and just for the record, keep чou and чour stinking opinion to чourself, no-one wants to here them, so keep чou and чou big gob over there shut, before i slap чou out this world and the next !

    stupid lil fuc*k fuc*k !

  • SAM

    I was there i was in line for like 5 hrs i was sooooooooooooo excited i love selena she is my idol!!!!!!!

  • grace kane

    @lucy: i couldnt agree more.

  • nicole

    i was there but i didn’t get to meet her because my aunt wouldn’t let me get in line because it was huge.

  • lauren

    Yeno What.?!, You Need’a STFU.!

  • lauren

    I Waited 6 Hours Too.!
    It Was Freaking Amazing!
    She Is V3RY Nice.

  • L4UR3N.!{:”x3

    Yes She Did! It Was So Nice Of Her

  • L4UR3N.!{:”x3

    @brenda, angie, edgar & ely:
    I Was In Line For 6 Hours Too

  • Jennie

    that’s me and my sister hugging her…. that is seriously me

  • Jennie

    That’s me and my sister hugging her. This pic. is so famous. I can;t believe that’s me and my sis. Who ever took that pic is awesome.

  • Kaysi

    I met Selena that day! She is SO sweet. She stayed to sign cd’s an extra 2.5 hours! I’m so thankful I got to meet her!

  • http://selenagomezmeetandgreet melissa malone

    hey Selena Gomez i’m 20 years old i was born with down syndrome at eighteen months old i was diagnosed with aml and all leukemia and given three months to live. your song’s are awesome and totally increadable. how much i really do want to meet you because your nice and super adoable singer.i had so many surgery’s in my time like i had my tumor removed form my arm and i had my wisdom and a moler taken out and one surgery is on my mouth. and sleeping oxegon studing test. and i had non stop breathing at night. i’m gonna sing who says on Camp Sun Shine in Maine. love you like a love song is my favorite song ever and hit the lights is my new one favorite song. can i please have your e-mail address so i can e-mail you everyday because you are the most perttyiest eye’s and amazing voice. i always think about you because you are amazing music maker on earth. do you love your fan’s more then ever.