Vanessa Hudgens Loves Vancouver

Vanessa Hudgens Loves Vancouver

Check out this hot new shot of Vanessa Hudgens for Ecko Red!

The 20-year-old actress caught up with JJJ at the Neutrogena Fresh Face Event and told us that she’s loving Vancouver.

Vanessa shared, “Vancouver is pretty up there because you can be in the city one minute and drive five minutes and be in a forest in the middle of nowhere and it’s just so gorgeous. I love camping, so just the smell of the forest and everything is my favorite. I love it!”

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Credit:; Photos: Ecko Red
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  • julia

    oh you always perfect and sexxy i Loveyou.

  • jess

    Great girl,love her to death. She looks gorgeous.<3<3<3<3

  • sara12
  • Vhudsupporter

    Breathtaking!! Love You V!

  • vfan

    I love her!
    She looks stunning in that photo.
    Its not fair i want to o to Vancouver.

  • Carol

    So hot…!!!
    I miss her!!!!


    And she is too sweet!! LOve her!

  • heat

    damn. bbv looks great

  • bia

    woow. she looks beautiful. i love her ♥

  • bia

    Rio de Janeiro is my favorite city.

  • birdie

    Vancouver sounds fantastic. Vanessa looks beautiful in that pic.
    I’m glad she’s loving it there.

  • lilly

    Vancouver is stunning. Van is right with that one. Beautiful city and people.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa is so gorgeous in that picture.

  • bleh

    im so glad there is a vanessa post.

    she is quite stunning :)

  • .

    lol she needs to stop being hot. its not fair

  • suzy

    so so hot.

  • miilla

    She looks HOT and SEXY lol

  • heather

    I LOVE YOU V!!


  • Masbonita

    Love her in all purple tones !!!! Beautiful .

  • maichi

    Gorgeous! :]

  • may

    i love you =)

  • ♥ Jennifer ♥

    Mon dieu ce que l’art nous manquer!
    Les nouvelles du couple, tu nous manques!
    Il est vraiment sublime dans ce shoot!

    Ps: je donne, c’est que je vis dans le sud de la France, ma ville préférée est de Los Angeles, mais je voudrais vraiment être une petite souris à Vancouver pour voir le couple “Zanessa” heureux!

    Merci à vous pour les nouvelles ces rares droite maintenant …

    Jennifer Webmiss de l’officiel-TheRealLife français Source # 1 sur le merveilleux couple “Zanessa”.

  • Karen

    I do not believe there is another type color that this young woman could look more beautiful wearing. I loved the purple she was wearing at the TCA but this lighter shade is absolutely perfect would love seeing her show up on a red carpet in this color—nobody else would get but a second notice to her. She truly is a vision—nothing could be better for her skin tone. I know flesh and n*de colors are popular and I think she looked great when she and Zac were in Japan promoting HSM3(although I wasn’t so impressed with the dress color she wore for the GG—although it showed she has a nice figure) but those tones to me kind of fade her out and these type colors make everything about her POP! You can’t help but take a second and third and fourth look!

  • Pix

    Love her! I can’t wait to see what she and Zac do for his birthday! Hope there are lots of pics!

  • nathalia

    vanessa is fantastic
    this machine
    beautiful, beautiful

  • Trina

    Love her in this color–I call it periwinkle or lavender. Would love to see her on a red carpet in this color.

  • Trina


    I think it will be a private celebration. He had his “big” celebration when he turned 21. And Vanessa will have her big one this year. Since they are in Vancouver, I doubt there will be any pics except maybe private ones for them.

  • soffi

    beautiful picture!


    zac’s bday is this weekend, maybe not candids but im happy to know she is buyiing hima german cake:)
    vanessa looks gorgeous like always

  • soffi

    my favorite city, of course, is Buenos Aires. ♥

  • soffi

    she look amazing in that color. ♥ SEXY SEXY SEXY

  • roxana

    I love Vanessa! she is my life. that is a hot girl and a hot purple jacket :)

  • London Lemming

    She looks stunning as usual…@Karen: I agree with your comment,except I think pale/gold like she wore at gg suit her as she goes for a more natural make up look.. personally I wasnt fond of her Oscars dress…..

    Also why are people bringing zac in to a thread which is all about Vanessa?

  • Tree

    I think she looks beautiful in Purple/Lavender shades. She is one gorgeous girl.

  • mykamicks

    Its true, Canada is one of the cleanest place to live for. She is a nature loving person.

    I have seen her several times wearing some purple , floral w/ purple shades, And the one she wore when she guested at Regis & kelly I think if I am not mistaken. Violet or purple really compliments her skin tone.

    She is so beautiful, edgy & fierce in that pic.

  • vanessa fan

    she looks amazing!
    And she does’t really seem like the camp loving girl…?
    But she’s always suprised us and that’s what i love about her!

  • Jo

    so pretty

  • Jess!


  • Jess!



  • justine

    shes only popular cuz shes dating the HANDSOME AND TALENTED AND POPLUAR ZACCC EFRRROOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky loser

  • nikki

    @justine: TRUEE!!!! if zac efron was single oohh boyyy!!!! ssoo many girls would be going crazy to get his attention!! LIKE ME! but vanessa is popluar BECAUSE of zac efron or at least some of her popularity is because of ZAC EFRON. i know that for a FACT!!!

  • Jess!

    jealousy much?

  • brad

    @nikki: @justine: you girls are both right. im 100% POSITIVE that if vanessa was NOT dating zac efron she wouldn’t as popular. IM NOT putting her down, she is BEAUTIFUL! but i’am stating the obvious.

  • justine

    @Jess!: well YEAHHH i am jelous of vanessa cause she is DATING zac efron :) that hot hot hot hot hot hot hotttt mannn!!!!

  • maria

    I love the full length picture, and honestly, I think she looks great in almost any color!! This color is just so pretty on her, but I thought she looked great in the blush colors too. Those colors blend with her skintone, and make her dark features, like her hair and eyes pop. Not many women can wear those colors, but I think she can. But this lavender is stunning on her!

  • Jess!

    well he loves Vanessa.. soo… don´t hate!

  • maria

    @brad: Well, all of you are wrong. Vanessa was just as much a star from HSM as Zac, and is certainly moving on in her career, WITHOUT Zac’s help, thank you. She does NOT need Zac….she just finished Beastly, and is in Zach Snyder’s new flick, Sucker Punch. She got GREAT reviews for Bandslam this summer. She is on countless lists, for up and coming young stars, one of the year’s best dressed, most beautiful, etc, and NONE of that has to do with Zac Efron. In any way!!

  • bia

    no no and no. I love vanessa. and it’s not because of zac. i love her as a person. she’s gorgeous, smart, mature and so many other things. if vane was single i would love her. and she’s popular for many reasons, like she is a style icon if you guys don’t know, she is gonna be on a zack snyder movie, one of the greatest directors that we have today

  • .

    To be honest, Zac wouldn’t be as popular if he werent with Vanessa, either. I mean, how many interviews did it do for promo for 17 Again that they DIDNT ask about Vanessa?

  • Karen

    London Lemming:

    Actually I love her in gold. But I don’t like her so much in the flesh tones and I saw the dress she wore at the GG to be like a very pale pink and not a gold. When she and Ashley presented the award at the American Music Awards a couple years ago now THAT dress would be what I call GOLD and it was wonderful on her.

  • mykamicks

    @justine: @nikki:

    You two any probems with that? You cannot blame her if ZAC wants to be her girlfriend. Popularity wise, oh no, really she is POPULAR unlike her other contemporaries and even w/ o Zac as her loveteam. But in real life, for sure that is one of the reason you cannot accept her because SHE IS THE GRILFRIEND. You can do nothing about it but contemplate with your sentiments. And she is now more POPULAR after HSM , just wait until 2010. And do you think if ZAC or HSM w/o VAnessa that movie will be a block buster? I dont think so. Popularity of Vanessa was earned by her so w/ Zac. It happens that these two people got clicked on screen as well as a real couple.

    Vanessa Hudgens has proven it already, even not sticking her BF’s name she can do her own thing. See the deal: BANDSLAM, BEASTLY and SUCKER PUNCH with those projects she has, is Zac has something to do with that offers? Common sense, what grader are you? Share your notes two of you in the toilet or maybe during recess time.