Miley Cyrus is Sushi Dan Sweet

Miley Cyrus is Sushi Dan Sweet

Miley Cyrus and BFF Mandy Jiroux stop to pose with a fan after lunching at Sushi Dan in Studio City, Calif., on Sunday afternoon (October 25).

The 16-year-old actress/singer will be performing tonight at the Concert For Hope with other BFF Demi Lovato and Jesse McCartney.

Kristin Davis, who stars in the upcoming Sex and The City 2 with Miley recently dished to MTV that she loves that Miley is in the flick. Kristin shared, “I love Miley. If Miley loves us, I’m thrilled.”

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • pup

    Same ol
    same ol’.

  • sg supporter

    love miley’s outfit
    minus the leggings and the boots xD
    love her hair though <333
    cant wait to see her perform!

  • bruin

    @sg supporter: her outfit is nice except i don’t really like the boots

  • DisneyStarsnewz

    I love her outfit::::)
    Follow me:

  • Gossip Girl

    The Girl’s Are back!

  • Leila

    Love her outfit! she’s so gorgeous!

  • meee.

    i like her outfit…without the legginsXD

  • lo

    Wow, seems like everyone is rocking the leggings nowadays. Taylor Momsen, Selena Gomez and now Miley Cyrus.

  • love

    I love her, and I love her outfit, and I love her cell phone case :)

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    yea those do look the 1s Selena was wearing before!

    ooh ooh miley totally copying Selena!

    =/ if you think that sounded stupid. that’s exactly how I feel when yall say everything Selena does is somehow related to miley. pathetic.

    anywho love mileys body! but she looks kinda trashy. I think its the leggings

  • lovemiley

    mandy and miley have really nice hair

  • Meghan

    I do not like Miley’s outfit. Not my favorite look on her…

  • Deen


    totally agree

  • Lary

    Wooow… Miley definatelly doesn’t what fashion means…

  • meee.

    there’s a rumor going on saying that Miley met up with Joe & Nick and that she was really close with Joe but not with Nick. idk if it’s true but w.e

  • billythekid


    You are insane with a capital I and you are about as jealous and hateful as anyone I have come across on this site. You just trashed her hair, her weight, her face and her looks in general. Even if Miley was ugly – which by the way is FAR from the truth – the idea that you think she is fat is just hilarious. I suppose compared to a crack-addict she is fat, or compared to one of those terribly skinny models you see walking down runways in Paris. Yes, she is fat compared to them. but then so is EVERY other healthy girl on the planet. You know, why am I even wasting my time trying to show you what you honestly have no desire to see? So therefore, Sarah, you can kiss my as-S and please try to just STFU when they post a Miley article, ok? Thanks Sarah.

  • Katherine



  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!


  • Dave101

    I think Miley looks very sexy in the leggings and not fat at all. She has great legs.

  • olivia

    @sarah: that was really unnecessary. you are allowed to not like her but you didn’t have to say all those mean things. that’s really not cool. if you don’t like her, don’t comment or look at this page. simple as that. no need to get so bitchy. don’t hate <3

  • ALicia

    OMG !!! miley got taller, much taller !!!

  • jimmy

    I think Miley is wearing that lovely dress because she just finish doing some photo shoot for Concert of Hope. Please refer OceanUP. She looks gorgeous.

    @sarah: Wow that’s some nasty statement you got there. You must be really beautiful for saying Miley is fat and ugly. I dare you to give your picture or give your blog name so that we can judge how beautiful you really are. I know Miley is not the most beautiful girl in the world but she is most definitely not in fat and ugly category.
    But I think you put that comment just so that everyone give attention to what you write and feel happy when someone reply. It’s either that or you just another bitc-h.

  • tess

    true friendship

  • http://Maximummileyfanpage MAXIMUM MILEY FANPAGE

    Miley looks amazing and is so sweet ..people need to stop judging her:) I think she looks fantastic in her outfit! Btw all you haters she is raising money to help Children with Cancer ..she raised over 2 million dollars last year and is expected to exceed that this year..with that gesture alone..maybe you can forgive that she isn’t perfect. I love all the disney girls stars but they will never reach her status..Miley has a huge career beyond disney so haters find a new hobby..and btw..if any of you actually saw her in person you would wet your pants. Leave miley alone:) Thanks Miley for all you give the fans:) Look forward to seeing you in concert again:)

  • =)=)=)

    YA miley is a tall girl i love her ! @vanessa zanessa is the best!!!: im with u ! but i just dislike her
    and some people better get a life they need it

  • tan

    this is true friend ship and the fame didnt tear them apart unlike other disney stars !

  • Greg

    I love Miley has a friend that looks as hot as she does. Ow.


    and she is my role model and my idol FOREVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aspha


    Big problem to yourself? Get over, accept it MIley is beautiful , talented, sexy and above all ever popular than your Demi. Find Demi’s thread and think good things for your fav celeb.

  • ajc

    i love her friends boots!!! mandy’s?! any idea where she got em people?!!

  • omg!!

    @aspha: u go girl or boy =$

    @DEMILOVATOFANFOREVER!!!!: hi demi ! u got some problems my dear u say u hate miley everytime u post something on miley’s site ! get a life . and accept that miley is better than miley and always will be

  • hi

    i love sushi it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!