Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Katsuya Couple

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: Katsuya Couple

Miley Cyrus dons a super sexy black top as she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth leave Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood on Tuesday night (January 12).

The darling duo were joined by Miley‘s older sister Brandi and a guy pal.

Miley recently sounded off on the paparazzi on her official website, saying, “Honestly I am so over these photographers! I went to the salon to visit my buddy Scott and bring him a snack and it turned in to total chaos! After I saw him I went with his best friend Fisher to a store he works at and when I was leaving there was at least 30 photographers. It’s really scary for me, especially being a new driver! Sorry I’m venting but somehow I feel like my fans are the only people I can talk to. I love you guys I really miss Nashville today…”

15+ pics inside of Miley and Liam dining at Katsuya…

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Credit: David Tonnessen, Greg Tidwell; Photos: VAH/Fame Pictures, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • jenny

    Is it me or is Miley’s hair considerably lighter if so YAY even though her darker hair was good it isnt as good as light hair?

  • nick

    Miley looks SOOOOOO pretty!!

  • heat

    aw she looks cutee

  • Chloe

    Has she taken her extensions out? or is it up? I like it shorter!

  • azalea

    wow, im so into her outfit
    she looks hot and cute, FABULOUS
    love it =]

  • jenny

    Now her tour has ended I think we wont see a lot of the short short clothes

  • Paulina

    I’m not hater or anything but I don’t like
    her…but her outfit is kinda cool ;]

  • Jannii

    If she weren’t 17 … it would be a cool outfit… but yah KIDDO show ur bra ^^

  • Tiffany

    Shes looks fabulous as always! Get all of Miley’s cute (and short clothes here)

  • lol

    you’re kidding right? she has her bra hanging out again. I’m sure she is just itching to keep showing more & more skin. Looks like she will be taking up that playboy magazine pose offer made by Hugh Heffner – won’t be far away – she turns 18 in 10 months.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    LOVE Miley ……but wish the Aussie would go back to Australia and NEVER come back. Yeah, I am hating on Liam. And?

  • fearless

    @lol: glad to know you are the only sane person has commented.. and pls miley you love attention why being such an hypocrite? remember when you chatted with the papz and played with their camera etc.. gosh this girl it’s a joke

  • lol

    Thank you & we do agree. this girl is nothing but a series of contradictions. Talk about an attention w—re. If she really wanted to stay away from the papp she would not be going to places that everyone kn ow the papps hang out at & that celebs go to to be “seen”. such a phoney girl.

  • Lauren

    i think she would look so cute with shorter hair…the 3rd picture in she looks adorable and so grown up but she does look good with both….and as for people saying shes a hypocrite…well what if you was famous and you had upto 30 photographers around you constantly….it can’t be fun, and she probably gets sick of it…i feel so sorry for her sometimes, yeah she makes a lot of mistakes and whatever but shes 17, for crying out loud – please tell me one person who wasn’t like her at her age – only less famous! everyone goes wild when they hit 15

    i love her shes awesome

  • hollywoodgossip

    I think hemsworh not a good chooice

  • bebe

    you people are pathetic criticizing the way someone dresses she dresses unique with her own style and doesnt try to follow twends. Good for her atleast she not a phony like some other Disney stars

  • bebe

    BTW is it true that either Demi or Selena are major druggies? it was posted by a reliable site and many people are talking about it. I hope not though

  • bebe

    BTW thats not a bra sticking out idiots its another top i have many shirts just like that! people get with the style

  • jenna

    ya know, for someone who hates the paparazzi, she sure does go to all the hotspots what seems like… daily. it’s also very convenient that her publicist is there in these pictures. hmm…


    omg why she has to pull her shirt so low that her bras are showing. whats the matter with her, that aint normal..or then she has really AKWARD taste of fashion…

  • Anne

    Katsuya was closed last night because of them eating there. I’m a little upset about it, I tried to take my friend there for a late night birthday snack and Miley had closed it down at 11 instead of the usual midnight closing time.

  • jenny

    @jenna: hmm well maybe she WANTS to go there obviously she will go where she wants I mean inside the actual place the Papz dont bother her

  • tia

    first off, the bra is a really trashy. and 2nd, she blabbers about how much she supposedly hates attention, yet she goes to the place EVERYBODY in Hollywood knows there are paparazzi 24/7. I live in LA and nothing makes me madder than celebs who complain about this, its like, dont go to effing Katsuya then! there are a thousand and one japanese restaurants. it pisses me off. she knows she loves the attention.

  • bebe

    you people are pathetic she not going to stay at home all night and not eat to hide from the paps she doesnot care she wont ruin her life just to stay away from pictures people get a grip

  • pouty

    hideous pair of jeans! Please Miley I beg you throw these jeans away for fashion’s sake!!!! call the fashion poliiice someone stop her idk… -.-”

  • Sam

    She looks fantastic and that isnt a bra lolol its a cami

    Some girls will always be jealous of Miley…you dont have to like her but you can’t deny she is gorg <3

  • cam

    BTW is it true that either Demi or Selena are major druggies? it was posted by a reliable site and many people are talking about it. I hope not though
    I read this garbage on the coments people were making on ocean up (not ocean up itself, but the comme ts) & that is by far NOT a reliable way to get info. I seriously doubt that Selena would ever do such a thing – she was raised well & is a smart girl & her career is going great – she would not mess that up, she worked too hard for it. And although Demi seems like a wild child, dating older tattooed guys and all – she comes from a nice family & I doubt that she is stupid & I’m sure she would not mess up her career. These are JUST rumors & slanderous ones at that.

  • cam


    I could not agree with you more. the changes in Miley since dating him are not good ones. He seems to have had a bad infulence on her.

  • oh yeah! Your mom.

    Not hating just statin’.
    she can wear whatever the fuck she wants it won’t affect my life.
    but please don’t make up stupid excuses for her && let’s just LIVE OUR LIVES!
    Peace && Love.

  • oh yeah! Your mom.

    lol It didn’t post my picture haha.
    but yeah @bebe: It’s lyk the last pic where you can clearly tell that’s
    a bra.
    Again not hating just statin’

  • Kim

    I didn’t realize sexy and fashionably challenged were the same thing. Interesting…

  • bebe

    honestly who cares she can dress however the hell she wants all i want to know is i hope that Demi and Selena rumor is fake if not one of them needs to get help before its too late

  • Sam

    Wow she needs to cover up. Don’t get me wrong i love her outfit it’s great, but maybe for someone older at least over the age of 18!

  • Koree

    did she cut her hair?
    if so i like it alot
    her & Liam are cute together, excited for The Last Song!!

  • Stan


    Ok, did Miley shut down the resturant or did the resturant owner or manager shut it down because they didn’t want all the Paps in there?. It appear to me that there were other people in the resturant. They were probally there before Miley got there, and as such they were allowed to stay. It’s not fair to Miley to tell her she can’t go out and eat where ever and when ever she wants. She likes good food, just like everyone else.

  • wow

    I have to laugh at all the “Liam is hot” stuff here. Did any of you see how he yelled at the paparazzi – Miley jumped when he did. Dude has a temper & you can say what you want about it being because of the paparazzi, but he has shown his temper before & it appears he is really conrolling Miley. I don’t like this guy – he is cockey & arrogant – he makes her dump her twitter & he tweets this after they leave the restaurant “anyone ever been to Katsuya? crazy place to eat…well well”. sorry, but this dude is def. using Miley’s fame to his advantage. Miley better hang on to her purse strings – this dude will wipe her out if he convinces her to marry him young. I doubt miley will listen to anyone, even her parents about this dude. My opinion – just saying.

  • ilovedisney

    @Reasonable Doubt: I’m Aussie and I am offended. They are so cute together and he is a very good actor. Why do you hate him??

  • haley

    she’s getting fat

  • erin

    miley loves the attention. you can tell by her bra falling out of her shirt and the fact that she goes to a paparazzi magnet restaurant. i’m so sick of her complaining and playing the hurt little victim. don’t like LA? then go back to nashville and stay there, please.

  • amy


    she is not getting fat, in fact she looks like she lost weight on tour – what are you looking at? this is a bad statement for young girls – too many have eating disorders and worse because of statements like this.

  • missdestinyhope

    @Reasonable Doubt: for what reason? The Man has done nothing? Niley Fan?

  • missdestinyhope

    @Sam: she’ll be 18 this YEAR

  • sjp

    Everyone knows that if you wanna get photographed you go to Katsuya.

  • Daniellex

    isn’t it a promise ring that she is wearing? to show her purity. She’s way cute and what seventeen year old doesn’t wear outfits like that? am sorry get back out of the 18 hundreds jeeez.

  • rach

    i love miley and liam