Joe Jonas Visits Hilary Duff?

Joe Jonas Visits Hilary Duff?

Joe Jonas looks a little surprised to be greeted by paparazzi as he leaves pal Hilary Duff‘s home on a rainy Wednesday afternoon (January 20) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 20-year-old singer, in Greed Jean in Malice by Nobody Denim, has been enjoying the rainy weather. Joe tweeted this afternoon, “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.” We’d have to agree with you there, Joe.

As reported yesterday, Joe and BFF Demi Lovato will harmonizing their vocals once again in a new Friends for Change tune called “Make A Wave.”

UPDATE: Joe revealed to Ryan Seacrest that Hilary and his parents are actually neighbors. “My parents are her next door neighbors. I was leaving my parents garage, [photographers] must have been waiting for Hilary Duff. Their garages are right next to each other. So as I’m walking out, they take a picture of me, saying I’m leaving Hilary‘s house. Nick was like ‘I’m going to ruin this rumor for you’ and I was like ‘No, no let it ride for a while,’” he said in his recent radio interview.

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Credit: Seismic Shots; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Iris vargas


  • gabi

    Joe is amazing!

  • jonaslover8035

    wow. never knew they were friends but i love hilary and joe! he looks nice

  • Dani

    That’s weird. I didn’t know they were friends.. Joe is looking so hot these days! Can’t wait to see him perform with Demi! Go Jemi :D

  • Daniela


  • lacey

    hes so hot!!
    didnt know he was friends with hilary duff though!!

  • brianna

    will he be working with he ror is it just a friend visit????????

  • nikkijonas

    EPIC WIN. Who would’ve known? haha. Unexpected shit right there. :P
    But it’s cool, cuz Hilary has a boyfriend ;D

  • nikkijonas

    Oh my gosh i sweared D: my bad. Sorry.

  • carol


  • ZanessaFanForever

    What? Hilary Duff is 23 and Joe is 20. What is he doing at her house? How are they even friends?

  • Chiara

    Omg I love joe more than two minutes ago, it couldnt be posible but it is, omg he visited hilary’s home , can not believe it I AM SO HAPPY, im gonna cry, he’s the love of my life and she is my role model numer one haha i dont know what i am saying , hope its right (: love you bothhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh guys

  • deen


    come on!! dont you have older friends? that is so ridiculous
    Love him ♥

  • jessica

    wow i didnt know he knew hilary duff. thats a surprise.
    btw looking good :)

  • jkobj

    they’re prob writitng together cuz joe is now starting to write music on his own with a lot of diff artists

  • Sarah

    I wish i could see joe’s new haircut

  • Tina

    I need to know what’s going on ASAP Huge Hilary Duff fan! Also guys relax Hilary Duff is in a committed relationship for 3 years!

  • abc

    he was leaving his family’s house, not hilary’s

  • hillaryu


  • .aNgeL.!

    .wow.!.surprising.!love u both.!
    .What is he doing at her house?.

  • Diaana

    hmm he came out with a CD,i wonder if they are working on something together…anyway i LOVE Joe (and the JB) and i was a Hilary’s fan before a JB fan so i wouldnt mind if they were together (but it’d be weird thats fosho),nah anyway she has a boyfriend

  • sammm

    what?! hilary duff’s house?!

    ahhh im going crazy!
    i love hilary duff! and joe is awesome

    ahhh, to be a fly on that wall!

    cool friend couple

  • xoxo

    geesh people..chill!!! keep in mind hilary did some stuff for disney so she has probably knows the jonas brothers for quite some time now…and hilary has been dating her hockey player for like 3 years now…so dont even bother starting the hilary and joe as a couple rumors…

  • taylor

    wow did not know that they were friends … I am happy for them because I love them both .. this is my blog-www.tay

  • bec


  • chris

    Of course you know that Hilary lives next door to the Jonas parents, right?

    Must have been a really bad hair cut if he’s covering it up already.

  • azalea

    idk either that they were friends
    Soo cute =)
    Love ‘em both !!

  • Samantha

    there allowedd to be friends, its not illegal. Plus, all the disney stars live in the same neighbourhood.

  • parsi

    thanks joe. how is my hilary? shes great? which is her next album with you?

  • Alexa_r

    I can’t wait to hear the new Song

  • Edward

    @ZanessaFanForever: She’s not 23, it’s 22 and there allowedd to be friends, I mean, almost all the disney stars live in the same neighbourhood.

  • jill

    not that it would be nice if they were friends but He was probably visiting his parents hours seeing as how THEY ARE NEIGHBOURS ;)

  • jill

    He was at house nr 10064. looked it up. its JBs house not hilarys.

  • xx7xx

    AGREE ;)

  • ANON

    Hahah. Hil is so dating mike. I guess its just a friend-friend visit. But yeah, who knew right? Maybe they are writing a song together? Oh well…we’ll find out more in the future… :D

  • Ella

    here we go again with the ladies man. hehe..
    wonder what he did in Hillary Duff’s house ‘coz I noticed that he is holding a cd on the 2nd picture. are they workin’ on a song or something?


  • me.

    wow, totally didn’t expect that.
    didin’t kevin had a crush on hilary? LMFAO.

  • Johanna

    OMG some of you guys need to chill, why do you want to know why he was at her house. Maybe they wanted to hang out or something but who really cares. I know i was a little shocked too that they’re friends, who knew.

  • jonaslove

    No comment!! that was definitely random I mean last thing I’d ever think of is that they’d both be friends and go to each others houses, but cool. and the dancing in the rain quote he said on his twitter made my heart melt, it was sooo cute <3

  • preskoo

    I didn’t know they’re friends…but it’s cool!

  • confused

    I thought Joe was going to try to go and do relief work in Haiti? I guess he decided he’d rather go to Hilary Duff’s house…

  • gabenceto

    cool hilary is prety girl but joe is prety boy everything is really good

  • Nima

    HILARY DUFF’s HOUSE?!?!!??!?!


  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    O,M.JOE!!!!!!!!!!! he looks soooo HOT!
    i want to see his haircut awwh, i love the shirt he has on (: & hat
    cant wait to hear some songs Joe’s wrote aw Im Excited!
    im a BIG Hilary Duff fan, she’s rocks! maybe there both working on some music, i hope so “)

  • maria pia

    He’s HOT!!

  • Brandy

    He visited both houses, I’m pretty sure. His parents live right next door to Hilary and (I’m almost positive) he went in and out of both houses. But yeah, they’ve been friends since before the Jonas Brothers got really famous. Denise Jonas did an interview and said she likes Hilary and would like for Kevin to date her because she’s a sweetheart. She also said she’s very nice and was really welcoming when they first moved in. But it’s not like it’s really a big deal, she has a boyfriend since 3 years; they’re just friends.

  • Nazeefa

    I heard that it wasn`t Hilary`s house he was visiting. It was his parents?
    Regardless, he looks amazing. But stil…. kinda creepy having paparazzi follow you everywhere…

  • Katie

    joe makes my heart melt (:
    Hilary has been my hero since first grade <3

  • shan

    I think that most of you are overreacting.
    Why is it that, because he goes or hangs out with these girls, they’re automatically dating? Don’t you think it’s a bit sad that you have to think that, or are even getting excited because you love both.
    Grow up!
    He’s allowed to have friends that are both male and female, he’s like you and me, just famous! Give the poor lad a break,.

  • unknown

    looks lyk zac’s style. is he trying to imitate him? btw, joe looks stunning here