Zac Efron: Mustache Man

Zac Efron: Mustache Man

Zac Efron shows off some fun new facial hair — a mustache! — while filling up the gas tank of his car in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (April 16).

The 22-year-old actor was accompanied by his girlfriend, High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens, who picked up some goodies for the road.

Zac just signed on to do a new project called Snabba Cash.

25+ pictures inside of mustache man Zac Efron and his leading lady Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Rachel

    ew no

  • rachel

    omg!! a zanessa sighting! <3 them =)

  • Lu

    I think it looks cute. As long as it’s not permanent. =]

  • eRICA s.

    Awww. Look at them spending time together! :)

  • erica s.

    Why does my name look all weird in the first comment? :/

  • Erica s.

    Ahhh! Thats better. Thirds one’s a charm! :)

  • Lydia

    so sexy


    Not diggin’ the facial hair on him.
    But he’s still hot.(:

  • maichi

    Aw, I don’t really like it. :( Sorry!

    Still think he’s sexyyy though.

  • uh

    THEY ARE AT COACHELLA RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Just saw them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same outfits!!!! he’s soooo hot in person, very skinny tho lol

  • gentry

    I actually think it’s hot.
    ♥ :D
    watch out V, you gots competition ;)

  • Jez

    i’m just gonna comment on Vanessa – she looks very sexy. I want her top and boots.

    wait, actually, i think i could get used to the moustache. it might take some time but i think i could…

  • Tiptoes

    looking good…but it looks like they were followed by paps the whole time…hope they are enjoying the break…

  • suzy

    she must love hom coz lol. but she looks hot.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    If anything, I think the mustache makes Zachary look more handsome.. :D More.. manly ? Lol.. I think it looks fine on him. A bit funny.. but still looking good there Zachary. Vanessa’s top is so adorable. I want one !! Her hat just tops off the outfit.


    no way zachary, take this thing off righ now baby!

  • sheila

    @uh: i was just gonna post (before i read your comment) “i bet they’re heading off to coachella.” very cool that you got to see them.

  • pop86

    They look hot

  • zanessa lover

    not really feelin the mustache on zac…
    but vanessa looks very sexy

  • Gemma

    if i was Vanessa i wouldnt kiss him with that thing! only he can pull a moustash of but no im not loving it

  • Val

    cutee! zanessa sighting <3

    mustache or not, he looks sexy!!!! and ness looks pretty!

  • Mona

    There’s a gorgeous pic of Zac with his dad when he was about 2 or 3, and his dad sported a thick mustache. Like father like son? Or he might be growin it for his new role! V looks sexy in that outfit.

  • fairycake

    Its a no no for me..

  • http://@junioralvesb Júnior alves

    Vanessa Beautiful <3

  • http://@junioralvesb Júnior alves

    Vanessa is hot!!!

  • http://google BARBARA

    You can tell, on Zac’s and Vanessa faces, they are not happy with the paps following very were they go. I really feel for them. I hope they have a good time away for a while. I think Zac’s mustache looks cute, he’s just experimenting a little. I don’t think Vanessa really minds.

  • sami

    agreed. Not hot. I feel like he used to dress better too…imao

  • Raphaela

    I’m don’t know what’s wrong with the mustache.

    You little girls just like him with the same baby face!!!

    He’s a man now. Let him grow, please!!!!

  • Raphaela

    I don’t know ****

  • lilian

    Vanessa looks smoking hot,but when I just look at Zac I just have to laugh. I can’t elp it!!!
    Looking at Vanessa, looking at Vanessa……..I don’t want to look at Zac….really hihihi

  • kgg

    Calm down, I’m sure it’s just for a movie and it makes him look older….love it! Vanessa looks so cute in her outfit – maybe a trip to the beach for the two this weekend.

  • Carol



  • Andy


  • Vanessa lover

    I’m not a fan of the dude, use to be in high school musical. I guess I just started to drift away(don’t bash on me because of it I have my own opinions) I believe he looked better during the high school musical years but hey that’s me, But ew! That thing looks weird. It kind of reminds me of teenage boys growing mustaches so seem “more of a man” but they don’t have enough to make a mustache. Haha. But yeah in my opinion, facial hair doesn’t look good on the dude.

  • bianca

    He looks so grown up, and I love it. I keep saying it he is following Leo DiCaprio’s Footsteps and I love it too!

  • kate1

    glad they are spending the time together. Off to Coachella.

    I like the Mustache on Zac,. Vanessa looks HOT as usual.

  • Vanessa lover

    Vanessa looks beautiful in casual. Love her, can’t wait for Monday.

  • Ashley

    love her

  • Karen

    When I was much younger I really liked mustaches on guys—it was a weakness of mine. Although I’m not too into mustaches these days I think Zac looks good. I’m sure it is just something he is trying out—like a phase. It is no different than Vanessa trying out new fashion trends, etc. With Zac it may just be for his new movie and the studio wants to see what it would look like on him. At any rate, I have a feeling it isn’t something that will be a lasting thing.

    I love Vanessa top and she always looks so carefree. But I don’t like the boots…well, it isn’t the boots I don’t like but it is them being paired with the shorts. I alway hate these kinds of boots paired with shorts or even short flirty dresses.

  • http://j chelsea

    i dont like the mustache, but vanessa’s outfit its awesome and aproppiate for a concert :)

  • bella

    Oh man, I love Zac but I’m not that fond of the mustauche. I get he’s growing up now he’s away from HSM and taking different roles, that’s cool and good for him. But I think the mustauche makes him look too old. Hmm. Hopefully it’s just an experiment, or he forgot to shave for a day lol, or Vanessa talks him out of it.
    On a different note, happy to see a sighting of them together. But sadly the way for us to get a sighting is to have the paps there.

  • Karen

    Since some probably have not seen the Malibu beach pictures of Z&V got to this link and scroll down to see those:

  • kami

    usually girls in their teens or tweens don’t like mustaches on a guy. that indicates the guy is no longer a boy. he is a man and that is a bit off putting or frightening to young girls. most tweens prefer the zac who looks like the boyish troy bolton to the zac who looks like a man. so, as zac gets older, young girls will lose interest in him, and older women will take more notice of his sex appeal.

  • Athena

    I think he looks great. I wish we could see a shot sans the sunglasses.

  • pop86

    @kami: I agree.

  • jess!

    love them!

  • jess!

    vanessa looks HOT!

  • jess!

    i want pictures =(

  • Diamond

    I love Vanessa’s outfit she looks amazing!

  • Vanessa/ Zanessa Freak

    they both look very hot!!! I don’t think that mustache is permanent though Vanessa would tell him, lol, maybe he’s doing it for a movie