Brittany Snow & David Henrie: Coachella Crazy

Brittany Snow & David Henrie: Coachella Crazy

David Henrie lets it all loose as he slides down a slide with friends at 944 Magazine and Armani Exchange Neon Carnival at Coachella in Indio, Calif., on Saturday night (April 17).

Brittany Snow also made an appearance at the Neon Festival in a fun, flirty, floral skirt.

The 24-year-old actress has been hanging with boyfriend Ryan Rottman and BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron at the music festival.

Hopefully we’ll get more pics of the couples soon!

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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • amy

    i want zac and vanessa pictures already!

  • Anna

    jeezzes there have been SO MANY tweets about zac and vanessa! DOES NOBODY OWN A CAMERA ANYMORE?!?! i mean seriously! we wanna see zac and vanessa hahaa.

  • sara


  • London Lemming

    Have you thought maybe Zac and Vanessa DON’T want to be seen?
    You all need to learn the meaning of PRIVACY!

  • inji

    i LOVE what shes wearing!! :D

  • Trina

    @London Lemming:

    Privacy? Z and V want privacy? No, they can’t have it. All the “fans” (fanatics) want pics of Z and V so they can dissect them to see if they’re standing close enough to one another or if he’s on her left side or her right side and if he’s looking at her or away from her or if his sunglasses reflect her boobs. Are they holding hands? How are they holding hands? Are they smiling? Are they “so in love” or is there something wrong? Oh, yes, there’s a frown on his or her face. OMG, they probably had a fight. Everyone needs to discuss those things instead of going out and getting a relationship of their own. And if they happen be touching or hugging, all the “fans” feel such a rush of love. OMG “that made my day.” Oh, and they “need to take a vacaton” for the fans, too. LOL Bet Zac and Vanessa love having such fans. So, chase them down and get some pics NOW.

  • maria

    I am happy we haven’t seen pics of Zac and Vanessa. Why? Cause this is not a professional appearance for them, and they deserve to have fun and not have their private moments splashed across the internet.

    Brittany looks great, and Coachella sounds like a very cool event!!

  • London Lemming

    Oh how I love your post…. Just screams sarcasm. Shame you probably mean every word you wrote. ;)

  • cosmos

    @London Lemming & @maria – couldn’t of said it better – THANK YOU

  • annasaurus

    Brittany was good in American Dreams and Hairspray. Maybe she should stick to period pieces in the 60s or go back to TV.

  • London Lemming

    Your welcome. It drives me insane that fans seem to feel that they must know about every aspect of their lives. They have no right. Z &V are like every other person. Their job is to make movies. Not satisfy fans demands for pics every day of their lives. Just as it a fans job to go see the movies. Not demand pics everyday to disect and create ridiculous insinuations from.
    Pics are usually 0.1 of a second in a persons life. They do not create accurate portrayls of said persons life. Also with programmes like photo shop available whats to stop media outlets minipulating pictures and using them to their advantage to sell magazines, get hits on there blogs or hell even get followers on twitter. And no-one on here can deny that isn’t done. Seeing as whenever Zanessa is mentioned in a post. it gets tons of comments……

  • lauren

    i agree with trina and some other people.

    yeah its nice to see a pic here and there…but we don’t need to see pics of them everyday,,,, yeah i’m a “fan” of them.. But i’m not one of those zanessa freaks, who are like omg that made my day. or omg omg omg…

    they want there privacy and there time together, there’s a reason why they dont want there picture taken.

  • cosmos

    @ London Lemming – I agree. That’s what I posted on JJ awhile back. They want to be actors not celebrities. There is a difference. Z & V remind me of old school Hollywood in the sense that they want to do their projects and do the press line and interviews that are required but that’s it. Just like Johnny Depp has said time and time again. They don’t go to every event or premiere, only those they support. Watchman premiere made sense as Vanessa was about to work with Zach Snyder. And NO they hate the paps. I rarely view photos taken by these vile people because that’s what they are. I worked in Hollywood for 12 years and I can say that as I’ve seen how far these people will stoop to get their shots. They are highly paid stalkers. And with every person demanding photos it only gets worse. Vanessa especially is a petite young woman stalked by many of these who are older men everyday. It scares me but am happy that she has a taeser to protect herself.

    And for those DEMANDING PHOTOS STOP! They have been HUNTED enough this past week. Let them have a weekend with each other, friends and enjoying great bands. They deserve their privacy and right to live as anyone else does. Coming from Generation X – an older fan of these two, people should take Z & V advice and go live – get off Twitter and all these other things and live,but then again that’s just me.

  • lauren

    i agree with @ london lemming,

    these people who are legit obsessed with zac and vanessa need to stop,,,,

    yeah there cute together..but we dont need pics of them of everywhere they go.. I’m sure they had enough of seeing paps this week, and they probely want some time together alone and want privacy,,

    so to all the “zanessa” freaks, stop with the omg we need pics.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @cosmos @London lemming: *applauds with a standing ovation* extremely well said, thank you

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    They have been captured quite a lot this week, especially Vanessa so I think that they do deserve free papparazzi days where they want to enjoy themselves without being hunted down and have their fun ruined

  • bhelle

    oohh …i agree to all of you guys ..hahaha!! very well said .. ^__^