Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On Again?

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Back On Again?

Looks like the vibes fans were sending out, worked!

After Vanessa Hudgens wrapped up her chiropractic appointment in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 4), former flame Zac Efron was seen pulling into her driveway.

The duo recently announced their split late last year, just before Vanessa celebrated her 22nd birthday in Las Vegas.

Zac and Vanessa recently just wrapped filming two movies — The Lucky One and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Vanessa will continue filming Journey 2 later this month in North Carolina.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — was is just a friendly visit or are they back together? Tell us in the comments!

Click inside to see Zac‘s car pulling up…

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Credit: Kevin Winter, RIV; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures, INFdaily
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  • SheShe

    he better just be giving her shit back

  • kami

    ♥ did they even break up? i thought that was never confirmed. ♥

  • nikki

    OMGoodness! This just made me so happy. I hope they do get back together.

  • Mipa

    Hopefully! :)

  • Layla

    YES<3 fingers crossed!

  • shirley

    YYAAAAYYY OMG IM SO HAPPY IF THEY ARE TOGETHER AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! <3 them together. best couple on eartthhh


    I want to believe that they never break up
    and just was a stupid rumor
    and they are in love as always


  • daniel

    WHAT a joke…¡¡¡¡seriously ..they’re just friends
    what’s going on with the world

  • Holly Golightly

    I hope so! ♥

  • sheila

    don’t get too excited people. not trying to be a debbie downer or anything but….5 years is a long time to be together and then just go cold turkey on a relationship. it can take time to break the bonds fully, especially if they broke up fairly amicably. even if they are seen together from time to time, it doesn’t mean they are “back on.” it could merely mean that they are having a hard time breaking the habit of being together. that being said, they could just as easily be back together too. nbd!

    the take home lesson that should be learned by everyone is that no one outside of zac and vanessa or people who are very close to them should really be that invested in whether they are together or not. it seems like some people are just hanging by a thread waiting to see what happens with these two.

  • Anibal

    I hope so <3

  • nora

    @sheila Well said!

  • Monique

    How does this mean they’re back together? Apparently their split was mutual and there was no drama, and they’re still “good friends.” So can’t good friends hang out with each other? This doesn’t mean anything, in my opinion.

  • Maria

    @kami: They never confirmed it!! Everyone just thinks since a ‘source’ confirmed it that it was a true but if anyone remembers a ‘source’ also ‘confimed’ that they were engaged & moving in together but that wasn’t true!!

  • kewlbeanz

    They’re not as good as Robsten. No offence to Zanessa. Robsten’s cuter.

  • niha


  • :)

    hopefully they back together!! zanessa for life! lol

  • mandy


  • Lauren lipkin

    Ugh now all “Zanessa” fans r having a heart attack now. Who knows why he’s over?



  • paw

    I’d really love them to be together again :)

  • ma

    please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re the best damn couple in the entire worlddd

  • sarvenaz

    ummm actually first of all none of them ever said they were broken up it was a source which is always suspicious second the source never said they were broken up it said they were on a break which is totally different and 3rd zac’s reps said that people shouldn’t listen to everything that the media is saying about their relationship. plus after being together for 5 years wouldn’t you be sad??? they both look pretty happy to me just saying. and the reason why people want them back together is because they are a beautiful couple, people grew up with them. i do agree that’s it’s wrong to pry into their private lives though. it’s their lives and they should do what’s best for them and what makes them happy.

  • lola
  • lauren

    I never believed the rumor in the first place. I ‘m so happy that they stay private. It just shows maturity.

  • Ava

    I don’t think his publicist would confirm something unless it was true. And I don’t think E! or People would have confirmed the split unless they were able to substantiate it. His publicist has denied breakup rumors in the past…this time, nothing.

    Either way, I hope both of them find happiness.

  • lola
  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    I Hope This is True.

  • http://@Jonaswiftlovato luisa

    Zanessa is Forever ♥

  • amtfan


  • lola
  • Mir

    Really?? :D I hope so.. I z3 U JJJ (L illusions me please U_U I need zanessa together NOW! :( i’m sad .. I was sad on these weeks D: please, please be true what they say!

  • amtfan

    it was probably a friendly visit

  • ma

    all will be cleared up tomorrow on pca!

  • Deb

    Maybe he’s tired of strange and wanted a quick piece of familiar a$$.

  • ivy-zanessa-lover

    I hope it’s true, i hope they found a way back 2 eachother

  • Soni

    I think they are together because they never broke up.

    As for Zac’s publicist saying anything this time it is because they never say anything.
    As for E or People Nagazine saying anything, it has to do with the fact they are shutting their mouths this time because of the uproar with their lies the last time,

    Just my comments

  • Syd

    it was confirmed they broke up. zac and vanessa’s reps released statements. that being said, they were only on a break sooo who knows.

  • Soni

    Also remember that Zac and Vanessa are together until they say otherwise. They won’t say anything as we all know, so they are together. Let us all remember that.

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Nah, he’s just there to get his make up kit. He’s presenting for the PCA ykno. Or maybe she’s his make up artist?

  • http://Luciaal Lual

    I love zanessa!! it’s the best couple ever! if they didn’t get back together yet .. they absolutely should!

  • amtfan

    you zanessa fans are in denial way too much

  • Tina

    Was it ever comfirm that they break up? If they did, these two will get back soon! I know they will :) ZANESSA FOREVER!

  • yets

    its a roller coaster emotion right now,
    but i love V, so i really want her to be happy.

  • tina

    Being cold is relative to where you live. While people in Chicago or New York may think 65 is not that cold, people in warmer climates think its cold. When I moved from Chicago to Texas (in May) the heat was oppressive to me. Why is it that everything she does get criticized? If she wants to dress wrapped up from head to toe, none of your business.
    Stupid comments from people who drank the kool-aid, to be expected.

  • michelle


  • Kyley

    @Monique: I completely agree! Its also possible that he was giving her the shit she left at his house back. You know, ex-couples do that.

  • Kyley

    @amtfan: SERIOUSLY. 100% agree.

  • Monique

    @Kyley: Exactly! I also heard another rumor that he was seen tonight at dinner with a brunette girl and they looked really close but that’s probably not true or they are just friends. You never know what to believe on the internet.

  • tina

    Wasn’t that what you said she was doing when she was seen at his house, picking up her things?

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