Zac Efron: Pencil-Chewing 'Paperboy'

Zac Efron: Pencil-Chewing 'Paperboy'

Zac Efron chews on a pencil in his mouth as he heads to The Paperboy set in New Orleans, Louisiana on Wednesday afternoon (August 3).

The 23-year-old actor plays Matthew McConaughey‘s brother in the upcoming flick, based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel.

The thriller will follow a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate.

Earlier this week, Zac was spotted putting a local playground set to use — doing pull-ups!

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Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • proudofzacnessa

    Mi amooooooooooooor!
    So fucking hot

  • BabyBooZanessa

    hella of sexy

  • Lawrence

    That boy is smoking hot!.

  • Miranda

    Oh hey there sexy Zac Efron (:

    Him and Matthew in a movie together =

  • hemm

    why he is so sexy oh my godd!!! ZAC EFRON T REVIOLO!!

  • Miranda

    Good looking Zac (:

    Zac and Matthew in a movie together =

  • Selena

    I’ve never wanted to be a pencil SOO BAD lol.

  • stephanie

    Man he looks good

  • Sarah

    Daaaaaang! With age he just keeps getting better and better! ;)

  • laquida

    Zac is smokin’ sexy!!!!! whoo! Him and Matthew McConaughey= Great Movie! I love you Zac always!:)

  • Stephanie

    @laquida: Amen to tht sister……and dont forget NK

  • andrea

    he’s not smoking in the pictures, it’s a pencil :D

  • warrengal4393

    Dang Zac is looking good!

  • JC

    Zac has some mighty sexy feet! They look so delicious in those flip flops!

  • Sara12

    Damn he’s lookin’ good…okay I see you Zac.Damn he’s lookin’ good…okay I see you Zac.

  • Shadi

    Zac you’re the HOTTEST person on this planet

  • florence

    Bet him and Matthew have a daily competition to see who will have their shirt off the most so theycan compare pecks, he made a comment about matthew and now he does excatly the same as matthew and is now mainly known for getting his top off and not much else.

  • florence

    Bet him and Matthew have a daily competition to see who will have their shirt off the most so theycan compare pecks, he made a comment about matthew and now he does excatly the same as matthew and is now mainly known for getting his top off and not much else.

    Bet he loves being back there he can revisit all his old haunts and not get caught by the pap’s. Wonder what stories will come out of him getting drunk and hooking up with random women.

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    omg !! he’ s so hot lol :) love him:)

  • beatriz

    so hoot (:

  • kerri

    Good god he is so hot Lol.

  • Patworx

    He looks like Dennis Leary.

  • Allie

    Glad to see him working and on a good film. Wonder if he and Matt have had a conversation about Zac’s comments about him covering up on the beach??

  • laquida

    @Stephanie: Lol!:) I would love to meet Zac one day. Who is NK?

  • glozell

    Zac Efron know he want this! My push up bra will help me GET my man! Boy you know you can’t resist this! You tryin’ to resist this but it aint gone HOPPIN’ !

  • Tay

    I think I just died… SOOO GORGEOUS

  • Sara12

    ATTENTION HATERS please go gag on something so you can stop yourself from typing BS on here. If he wants to go out, get drunk, and sleep with half of NOLA (which he isn’t) thats his business and as long as it doesn’t affect his work there’s no problem with it. Whatever or whoever he’s doing he’s clearly keeping it away from the public, so basing your opinions of him on BS rumors is pointless, and it makes you sound childish (which most of you are) so for the 100th time if you don’t like him why do you even bother with posting here typing the same lame negative comments over and over again….REALLY WHY?

  • stephanie

    @laquida: Nichole Kidman sorry if I spelled her name wrong

  • laquida

    @stephanie: Yeah nicole kidman is sexy and stunning!

  • cutie

    Nicole is soo sexy and Zac is soooo gorgeous!!!

  • cutie

    @Sara12: i agree with your comment…thumps up:)

  • pita

    I can’t wait to see this movie The Paperboy!!!

  • florence

    Well whoever he is doing he must be ashamed of them not to have the guts to be seen in public with them. She must feel real special being kept hidden sway like some dirty little secret.

    And the comment he made about Matthew just shows hit two faced he is and this of someone who goes to a PUBLIC place to do a work out he wants to make sure he gets seen in a way that makes himself look good as usual.

  • hALEY S

    I third that!!!He’s so handsome and talented! Come on people he is in his twenties he can do what he wants. Agreeing with the rest of you that Zac is just looks SeXy, even if he’s chewing on a pencil.@Sara12:

  • Sara12

    @florence: REALLY, your still gonna post BS after I clearly stated for you to gag yourself to prevent you from posting lame comments.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @florence: So what do you do for a living? I take it you are working for Zac as you know so much about what he is doing all the time? Otherwise, please stop repeating the same crappy, unproven rumours cos it’s getting kind of annoying reading the same things over and over. If you have ‘proof’ ie pictures. Let us see too! Otherwise get a brain and stop believing any crap some bored person Tweets or posts. But anyway, it’s his life! If he wants to f**K anything that moves, that’s up to him!! We know he’s keeping safe! (Santa gives him condoms!! lol) So if he’s not hurting anyone, so what?

  • maria

    @Merlin’s mum: The comments he made about McConaughey are not “rumors”. And how interesting that he turned into exactly what he criticized Matt for. And how lovely to have a reputation of effing anything that moves.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @maria: Lot of people are like that, didn’t say he did, just that all we should care about is his work. Anything else is his business. And yeah he did apparently make that comment. But he does not spend ALL his sparetime shirtless!

  • maria

    @Merlin’s mum: He made the comment at a time when McConaughey LIVED at the beach, exercised there, etc. Thought it was pretty lame of him to point a finger at him for that even at the time. And frankly, it hasn’t helped Matt’s career at all anyway.

  • http://peggy sue

    What people with any maturity and understanding will know that when you are young you say dumb and stupid things and you also do stupid things the problem with being in the public eye people tend to see it and people are very cruel and judgemental. Zac has said and done somethings i do not agreed with but he is young and i understand that. Just like Vanessa with the pictures she took the pictures but I understand she was young and stupid. People do not judge unless you are a saint and have never done anything wrong and why would you want to destroy anyones belief in someone if someone wants to be someone’s fan then let them stop hating. As for the things he does you don’t know him and everything you read is not true. People will believe what ever they want to nothing is true unless you have facts give people facts and prove what you say if you don’t have facts then be quiet because you lose the argument and stop hiding behind I know someone or I know them but do not want to say who that person is then you are a coward and are jusr spreading hateful rumors to make your argument sound legit but it is not.Grow up people and stop hiding behind your computer because if you met Zac or Vanessa right now you will have nothing to say

  • whatever

    @sue: First off, if you had “growth and maturity” you wouldn’t post a run-on sentence. Second, yeah, teens do and say stupid things. Vanessa did too, but owned it, and didn’t place blame on anyone but herself. Her fans will ALL say it was a mistake. But none of you EVER admit that what he does is just NOT nice sometimes. You all act like everything he does is just perfect and fine. THAT’s the pisser.

    And you hide pretty well yourself!!!! LOL

  • http://peggy sue

    @whatever: Who did he blame? All you can do is criticize. Did my comment hit a nerve? Evidently it did because you responded. And if you weren’t so hateful you would have read that I do not like some of the things he does or some of the things he has said, but I am not just going to hate the boy for it. Hate is a strong word and because I do not know him personally I cannot say I hate him. I may not like some of the things he’s done but it is not for me to judge him.You cannot make a responce without being ugly because someone does not agree with you, and your immaturity showed with the first sentence of your responce. When you can respond with a mature comment without being ugly then i will listen to what you have to say but until then you are not worthy of anyone’s time or energy. The way you respond to people is what makes them angry. As for hiding I am not hiding from anything, I am not saying anything to hide from ,I am not claiming I know any FACTS about these people.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @sue: Do not expect any sense out of some of these people. The worse thing you can ask some of them is for proof about their claims. They don’t have any so resort to personal attacks and repeating the same rumours over and over. I think they think that if you say it often enough it looks like you know what you are saying.

    Just chill people, Why hate on someone that you do not physically know?

  • http://peggy sue

    @Merlin’s mum: You are so right. Thank You

  • whatever

    @sue: You are being ridiculous. Proof? How can you prove OPINIONS? NO one’s talkin” about rumors. ANd NO, I DON”T hear you say what he does is not ok. EVER. At least I could READ your last comment. And how do I “hide” behind a computer and YOU don’t?????? LMAO!!!! ANd there goes Merlin, wanting “proof” of God knows what, since we’re not discussing rumors. Maybe YOU all should “prove” the rumors that swirl around him untrue. How ’bout that?

  • zac

    He looks stocky. Too much muscle man, too much weight. Used to look classy, but now can’t.

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