Austin Butler: Monday Morning Homecoming

Austin Butler: Monday Morning Homecoming

Austin Butler glances up after returning home from a visit to rumored girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens‘ house on Monday morning (September 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 20-year-old actor and Vanessa, 22, fueled more relationship speculations when they attended the Hollywood premiere of IRIS: A Journey Through the World of Cinema by Cirque du Soleil together, along with Vanessa‘s family.

Austin and Vanessa were first spotted getting cozy at mutual pal Ashley Tisdale‘s sister’s birthday party.

Last week, Austin, Vanessa, and Ashley have also been spotted working out together.

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Credit: Richard Beetham; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Haters Suck!

    Here’s the only thing I’m gonna say about this. Vanessa will be on her way to Alaska very soon. Let’s see if they’re still hanging out together when she gets back.

  • daniela

    he has a fart face! lol byee :) ps.: fart face meaning – something’s wrong with his face but i cant really say what it is:)

  • amy

    Lol hes only being photographed because hes ‘dating’ Vanessa. Thats kinda lame.

  • lauren

    how do they know he just came from her house?

  • loo

    I love how he was out with Vanessa’s mom family… I love how Vanessa is always with her family and now Austin too, it was nice to see Greg out with Vanessa, Stella, Gina and Austin

  • getoverit

    For goodness sake, there’s shades of gray between just friends and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. I think they’re friends or maybe friends with benefits that hook up every now and then. But she’s been resolute that she’s single. And in a week or so she’s off to film in another state for 2 months, maybe more if rumors are true that they’re also going to be doing some filming in Michigan after they finish in Alaska.

    I get the vibe that she’s not interested in another monogamous serious relationship right now. I completely understand. She was in a pretty great one for over five years, one that didn’t end because they fell out of love but for other reasons. She’s been “off the market” since she was 16 years old. Now is the time for her to be single and date around and have silly fun with no huge emotional attachments or commitments while she focuses on her career. And I think she’s been honest that that’s exactly what she’s doing. It’s not her fault the gossip sites have a need to label every guy she’s seen with as her new boyfriend/serious relationship.

  • peggy


    Okay I think this needs clearing up – unles you are married you are SINGLE even if you are seeing someone if he’s not your husband you are single. THat’s why Zac though in a relationship still made all those bachelor lists – he was not married too or living with Vanessa.

    So when she shs she is single she is still telling the truth. But if he is going out with her and her parents this is more than “hooking up” – it is the beginning of a relationhip or they are good friends and everyone is jumping to conclusions. USUAL

  • masbonita

    Why everyone is being so mean to this guy? ….. I don’t understand the hate. Poor girl can’t have a break from what she wears, who are her friends? WHy is she hanging out with other people?….

  • Xo

    @getoverit: I have to agree with you. They’re probably just having fun for now. If they are still together after she finishes filming, then we can assume there is something more.

  • gracemarie

    @Haters Suck!:

    You surprise me I would have expected that remark from a disgruntled zanessa fan. He is hanging with her family and they obviously are being seen together so we will see. Stella seemed to enjoy seeing him

    And am I the only person left on earth whose male bff stayed at her house from time to time- and we don’t know if they were seeing each other before and din’t get papped.

    Either way I wish V happiness and she looks happy.

  • Moni

    Poor josh, someone else has taking ur place. @peggy can see u starting to have doubts about the real state of things btw her and austin,anyway eventually she will come out with a bf. I wish her the best.

  • peggy


    Shea nd Josh were and are friends everyone who doesn’t know either of them just took it upon themselves to decide what their relationship was.

    And they are doing it again now – all of a sudden everyone KNOWS she doesn’t want another relationship and that they are supposedly “hooking up” and it’s all based on nothing since no one knows her personally, how she thinks or feels.

    I don’t either but the world hasn’t changed that much – you don’t bring your hook up to hang with your dad and mom – now I’m not saying it’s love or any stuff like that – but it is something – the one thing we do know is how much respect Vanessa has for her parents and her sister.

    I wouldn’t be bringing my “hook up” to hang with my Dad ad family and if any of you would then there is some serious respect issues that have to be dealt with in your homes.

    They may be great friends, they may more but the more I think is more than a hook up.

  • Haters Suck!

    I think we can all agree we won’t be getting any answers of if thery are a couple or not any time soon. In a week maybe two vanessa is going to alaska and just like gimmie shelter when she starts filming we will be getting a vanesssa blackout, I doubt there are many paps in alaska. When she’s back from filming and they are still around each a lot, then I think we can guess something might be going on.

  • Moni

    @peggy never said they were hooking up, but might be dating.

  • Mrsvagabunda

    She can do whatever she wants and it’s non of our business… DO WE ALL GET THE FACT THAT SHE IS SINGLE? Everybody is so worried or mad, just let her be! For god sakes she is 22!She can do whatever she wants and it’s non of our business… DO WE ALL GET THE FACT THAT SHE IS SINGLE? Everybody is so worried or mad, just let her be! For god sakes she is 22!

  • Kro

    @peggy: so gonna agree with peggy, no one knows what is her real status, maybe she is just begining a relationship, maybe she is already in one, or maybe they are just friends. Supposedly josh and V were never more than friends and yet Josh hung out with V, Stella, V and even Greg, and V went to his house in kty. Now I´m not saying that austin is a boyfriend or a friend, but notice that those that are really close to V has some time hung with her family, Josh, zac, Corbin, even Gaelan, so we will see what they really are when she finally goes out with some guy as in a formal thing, for now let the girl have fun, and gonna be clear on something, THERE HASN´T BEEN A PIC WHERE VANESSA KISSED A BOY, BEEN IT AUSTIN OR JOSH! we have seen them teasing and joking but not a kiss, when we get to see that, then we can talk!

  • Moni

    @peggy never said they were hooking up, but might be dating. And austin is replacing josh,that used to be his spot hanging with her and her family. Thats all i waz saying.

  • Kro

    and before i forget, yesterday it was Vanessa, Stella, Greg, Gina, Austin, Chloe, her brother, and this other austin and V pal that always wear a cap and its always around V when they are at bar, notice is the same guy that drove her when supposedly papz took pics of her smoking, the same guy was there when josh, avan, V, Laura were together and way more places, and some other friends were with them at the cafeteria

  • sophie

    okay, so how exactly do you know he was even at vanessas house…wow. media these days. guys, does this not look familiar to you…same events with josh, but they are JUST FRIENDS. its almost scary how similar it is…cough PR cough.
    cant wait for alaska, so the media can calm down a bit, and stop speculating every move.

  • kelly martineau

    What do those two do behind closed doors? SEX SEX SEX.

  • amtfans

    Lol most of you vanessa fans are fans because she was with zac, not because of her other obvious stuff you should be a fan of. Pathetic. I’m a huge vanessa and ashley fan.. but not because of who they date, because of how they are. So let me break it to you. Fans of vanessa? No. Fans of just zanessa.

  • maria

    I agree with so many of you!! Peggy, it’s so true we don’t really know what is going on, but it would be totally tacky to bring your “hook-up” out with you and your family if he means nothing. I hate how people jump to conclusions, though, and asume that. MAYbe, there IS something new between them, and they’re just taking it slow and hanging out more to see where it goes. Vanessa does not strike me as someone who jumps into love. I think she’s going to be cautious and careful next time. Which leads me to Mrs Vagabunda……..YES, YES…..I agree! She is single, over the hurt of the last relationship, and is ready to date, and do whatever she wants. She has NEVER had this opportunity before, so I think she’ll enjoy seeing what’s out there. She’s not doing ANYTHING any other 22 yr old isn’t doing.

    Haters, I have to agree with you too. She’s leaving to film for almost 2 months, so it’s a strange time to start something new. TIme will tell though. Hey, my first date with my husband was the night before I left for college, cause he was too nervous to ask me out all summer. LOL So, you never know!! But I think we’ll see more than just a few “hang outs” before we know they are dating.

    Otherwise, I have no idea why anyone would have a problem with her dating. She’s doing nothing wrong, and she’s certainly had a “respectful” period of time after her relationship ended to start anything new now. So this, if it is something, is no disrespect to her ex in any way. I’m sure he’s seeing or hooking up with women too. I believe that’s what this breakup was intended to do; allow both of them to experience more in life before making commitments to anyone. Vanessa is not looking for a husband; she’s looking for a nice guy who enjoys life as she does to spend time with. She will date, and that’s what she needs to do. NOT get married.

  • Joe

    He should look into a good doctor and get checked often.

  • Boji

    I believe this Thread is about Austin but since JJ or Jill Renay mentioned Vanessa, I will comment on both. Firstly, I think Austin is a hunk, he may not be well known in the entertainment industry but that doesn’t deter the fact that he has been a friend of Ashley’s for a long time and also her co-star twice.
    The fact that he was spotted out with Vanessa’s family makes me happy, that whoever is in Vanessa’s life she would want to share them with her family ie get to know them. I totally support her for this, I think she values her family that much. Whatever, friends or much more than friends, it was nice to know that Vanessa’s circle of friends are not only restricted to girls but guys as well.

  • Vivi

    :( I dont like him! I dont like hearing and seeing these rumors either! And Jared, I dont like how your suddenly like perez hilton, you use to support ZANESSA. What happened? I miss them :( KTZLF!

  • Eve

    Why did Zac and V really break-up??? Was it because of their careers?

  • vanessa’s love

    how do you know if he visted her or not?…then i tolled you…there is something going do you know if he visted her or not?…then i tolled you…there is something going on..

  • getoverit

    Anyone watch him on Lifetime tonight? I don’t know if it was a repeat or not but the cable guide said the movie was from 2011. It was about those teenagers that were breaking into all of those celebs’ homes a couple years ago. He played one of the main characters that was part of the robbery ring.

  • ….

    I just can’t get over ZANESSA :( they were so cute together! But I don’t think she will be in a serious relation for a long time



  • Barb

    First of all, Austin’s hot! He is one of the upcoming actors today; he’s showing up everywhere. Now, I understand that some of you want Vanessa to be with Zac. I would like that, too, but it’s their lives. Maybe, someday they will get back together. For right now, they’ve moved on. I still like Zac and I still like Vanessa.Nobody is the bad guy, here. I mean, they loved each other and it ended. I still want them to be happy.

    About Austin, I’m thrilled that his career’s taking off. He deserves every bit of it. Concerning Vanessa, I’m glad to see her having fun, letting loose and spending time with family and good friends. Let’s face it: She can do a whole lot worse than Austin.

    Whether you like him or not, he’s friends with Ashley and I think that she would have something to say if he wasn’t a good guy. Vanessa and her are BFFs and if anybody had a problem with it, it’d probably be Ashley.

  • mhay

    as long as vanessa is happy im Ok.

  • Stuff

    Austin just posted on his twitter last night that he was in Alaska. SOOOOO something is going on in my opinion. But what? just friends starting a relationship or dating? I am sure he never went to visit Ashley Tisdale when she was only gone for just over a week.

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