EXCLUSIVE: Froy Gutierrez Talks About His New Movie 'A Cowgirl's Story'

EXCLUSIVE: Froy Gutierrez Talks About His New Movie 'A Cowgirl's Story'

Check out this new Q&A with A Cowgirl’s Story star Froy Gutierrez!

He plays Jason in the new film about a 17-year-old girl named Dusty Rhodes (Bailee Madison), who goes to live with her grandfather while her parents, both soldiers, are deployed in Afghanistan.

Because she is attending a new high school, Dusty makes friends with a group that includes Savannah (Chloe Lukasiak), a girl whose father also served in the Army.

Dusty convinces her new friends to form an equestrian drill team, but when her mother’s helicopter is shot down in action and goes missing, Dusty’s faith is seriously tested.

She must work together with her friends and grandfather to overcome her sorrow and unite the town for a higher cause.

Check out out Q&A with Froy below:

JJJ: Tell us about your audition and how you got involved in the project!

Froy: Instead of going in for the audition, I got to send a tape! I was on holiday when I got the script, so I asked my mom to help me make the video. We needed good lighting and a blank wall, so our only option in the house was to use the closet under the stairwell – in other words, we made it Harry Potter style. The little tape was very handmade and rough around the edges, but thankfully production liked it!

JJJ: Describe your character in 3 words.

Froy: Delicate, Doubtful, Diligent!

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JJJ: What was the biggest challenge of taking on your role and how did you get through it?

Froy: The slice of Texas I come from is decisively metropolitan, a concrete city decorated with street lights. Jason, on the other hand, comes from a part of Texas that is still foreign to me: the ranch. Although I am Texan, I am definitely not a cowboy! To adapt to the setting of our movie, I had to spend plenty of time with the horses and the ranch to understand the nuances of that life. I’m still very much a city boy, but the film taught me so much about ranch life!

JJJ: How did you bond with the rest of the cast? Any fun behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

Froy: The filmmaking was very guerrilla, so we were bouncing between locations all the time. The trailers were always there though! We spent up lunches and breaks jamming to country anthems and pop music – Bailee always had the aux chord! One afternoon while on location, we spent a good hour singing along to & replaying Never Be Like You by Flume in the backseat of Aidan’s hummer. The Cowgirl’s Story set never truly felt like work, but more like a party!

JJJ: Did you get to take anything from set? If not, what WOULD you have liked to take?

Froy: I wish I had taken some memento! In particular, I would have taken home Jason’s cowboy hat! I exhausted that one hat in nearly every scene that featured Jason. That hat feels the most indicative of his character to me – traditional, soft and tired around the edges.

A Cowgirl’s Story hits DVD on April 18.

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