Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Started Dating Camilla Belle Months Ago

Taylor Swift: Joe Jonas Started Dating Camilla Belle Months Ago

Joe Jonas broke up with Taylor Swift over a 27-second phone call last month but now the 18-year-old Fearless songstress claims that Joe and 10,000 B.C. actress Camilla Belle were together even before that.

“They’ve been together for months,” Taylor tells OK!. “That’s why we broke up.”

Joe, 19, and Camilla, 22, started to get to know one another when she starred in the Jonas Brothers video “Lovebug.”

“We saw her in [10,000 B.C.] and, to be honest, we all fell in love with her,” Joe‘s younger brother, Nick, has said. “We said why not have her in a music video?”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of all this Jonas-Swift drama???

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  • mg101

    hmm… i dont think thats true because the jonas brothers seem so sweet

  • http://breakout.fanhosting.net Leontien

    Is this real what she says?

  • lauren

    this is not true at ALL.

    camille has a boyfriend! she even said it in an interview! tom sturges, i think his name was.


    shes only making up all thiss hxxt to get her album some publicity!

  • lou

    this is bull.
    or maybe joe jonas is not as good as he seems? i don’t know. i hope that it is not true!

  • Squee

    She actually said, “They’ve been together since we broke up” not “They’ve been together for months” :/

  • Jam

    just goes to show you, how all the stars try to portray an image and seem all holesome… Joe Jonas is a Jackass just like the rest of guys out there

  • kathy

    Taylor Swift isn’t doing all of this to get more publicity or fame. She’s a huge star on her own so don’t even go saying she’s trying to get publicity. Joe fan’s just got to get it through their head that he did something wrong and she’s going through a break up so she has the right to speak all she wants. Don’t even make Taylor the bad person in the situation.

  • skii

    i dont think that joe cheated on taylor. think that taylor is saying that stuff about joe because she wants more attention attention.

  • Emy

    Ugh all of this is not true!!! All of these magazines are twisting peoples’ words!!! Trying to make it seem like they are dating and that Joe is cheating or whatever! Seriously I know the boys think she is beautiful and love her they wouldn’t say that if one of them is dating her! they would say somethin lke oh ya she is a cool girl, if they were dating! i know because they always say that if they are dating someone and don’t wanna admit it lol

  • Emy

    I also think Taylor is making up the whole “cheating” thing. Because whenever she spills about Joe everyone feels bad for her and defends her, so the more she makes up crap about Joe the more everyone will love her and feel bad for her. I love Taylor’s music, but I think she is taking it way too far just for a 2 month puppy love relationship with a teenage boy. And she has every right to hate Joe, but I believe she should respect his rep and not say it to the world to make him look bad. Thats what i hate

  • jen

    Build a bridge and get over it…I love joe don’t get me wrong but I guess he shouldn’t have cheated. The whole writing a song about him was so more ppl would buy her album and she even has a secret message in it. In the lyrics for “”forever and always” there are random capitalized letters and when you piece them all together it says “if you play these games are both gonna lose” that’s a little extreme dontcha think.

  • Megan

    She actually said, “They’ve been together since we broke up” not “They’ve been together for months”
    She seems to be trying to get all of the attention and make people feel bad for her by saying crap about Joe and really making him sound like and idiot…….
    I agree with #10; she does have every right to be mad, but she should at least try to respect his rep
    Joe is a really great guy and i don’t think he would cheat on her……

    Peace :-)
    Love <3
    Jonas !!!

  • jen

    *”….we are both gonna lose” my bad

  • likeilltellya

    1) It’s Joe’s life.
    2) He’s a 19 yo male
    3) HE”S HUMAN

    The point we’re not him. We don’t know what really happened.
    I do think Taylor needs to stop talking about the situation and move
    on. I am not on any side. I’m just saying they’re to young to be so
    OBSESSED with each other. If he had done half the things that is being said about him, I think his “Supportive family” needs to have a serious talk with him. and if that doesn’t help I’m sure there are severl fans who wold offer to give his backside a swift kick.

  • ally

    i am sooo shocked if this is really true!!!

  • Megan

    by the way…. i think taylor is very fashionable and talented and i respect her but…….

    she may have gone to far this time…….


    Peace :-)
    Love <3
    Jonas!!! (and taylor)

  • JoeJonasisSoGAY

    Wow Joelle Jonas is such an Asshole
    he pretends tu be a “Cut-Honest-guy” that is down-to-earth, but he is NOT he is Such a DIVA! He only cares how many girls he can make out with and of his freakin’ stupid UGLY gray hair, which is the reason he is getting bold, because of straight it alot of times, he is a Metrosexual, that takes care of himself better than WOMAN, just accept this Joelle Jonas fans, he is such a Jerk!

    I used to LOVE with all my heart Joelle, but now I HATE him!

  • michelle

    uhh taylor get over it!!!!

    joe and camilla much better couple!
    i love joeee<33333333
    hes not a jerk!
    taylor shood just get over the
    fact there not dating anymore jaylor or
    watever doesnt exist!!!!!!!
    ahhh taylors anoying..

    go joe
    go camilla

  • ldobermann

    She’s such a clever little lady that Taylor.

    I love how she’ll put on her best Bambi eyes whilst taking seriously damaging digs at her hugely famous ex-boyfriend in public.

    And because she’s so sweet, no one seems to notice how much of scheming school girl she is. I totally applaud her, she’s magnificent.

    You may be America’s sweetheart but if you’re 17 and you want revenge, you’re like an episode of Gossip Girl on legs. Amazing.

    As for her hot ex-boyfriend, of course he’s a complete bastard. Anyone that hadn’t figured that out is pretty damn naive.

    His brothers and him are worshipped by teenage girls that they’re not allowed to sleep with. Of course they’re going to be bastards.

    Anyone who wants a parallel to the kind of people those brothers must be, watch the part of the Living With Michael Jackson interview where Michael Jackson talks about the way his brothers behaved when they became famous.

    Boys will be boys, and girls will strike back.

  • ldobermann

    I see a word meaning a mixed-raced dog has been censored in my comment.

    Well, maybe you should take a look at comment no. 17. Unfortunately, you’re abuse report system isn’t working so I’ll say this here.

    Perhaps since you’ve launched a teen site, you may want to censor homophobic propaganda such as people calling themselves ‘JoeJonasIsSoGay’ and using the term ‘metrosexual’ in vain? i don’t believe in censoring things too much in general but with the current social climate, and what gay people in America are going through, I think we ought to think about putting a stop to semi-homophobia on gossip blogs before it turns into something worse.

  • hope:)

    i think thats untrue…the jonas brothers are too nice to do something like that

  • Cait the great

    I hate this, lol. I love Taylor, and Joe. I always stand on the girls side, because I know I’d do the same thing. People like to twist the words around also. I just know that If I were Taylor I’d be completely bitter too, come one it’s JOE JONAS. He’s gorgeous, but in the words of Taylor — ” People are people and sometimes it doesn’t work out ” ( Breathe – ft Colbie ) She’s heartbroken, and maybe she’s said some things she doesn’t mean. God Bless both of them, Love is extremely hard.

    I LOVE YOU BOTH :D haha

  • azalea

    awww. i feel bad for both of them.

  • Lizzie

    i dont think thats true what she said , but if its true , then poor taylor .
    but forthe moment poor joe !
    maybe she stops the 27 second phone call !
    maybe she wants mor publicity !
    maybe she wants more attention !
    maybe camilla belle has an other boyfriend (she say it in an interview) !
    maybe joe is nice !
    maybe i love joe !
    maybe i love the jonas brothers !
    maybe i hate tylor swift !

  • cindy

    They’re done. And Taylor’s going boo hoo. Joe isn’t saying a word about it and he’s apparently dating Camilla Belle. We can’t relive the past anymore, guys.

  • jsk

    I don’t think the guy is hot or anything, but at least camilla is way pretty than this other girl

  • Courtney

    Joe is acting like a jerk right now, and he needs to get over himself this instant otherwise he will end up losing ALL of his adoring fans.
    A blind person could see through his fakeness, he says he didn’t cheat, but who are we supposed to believe?
    I love taylor, and the Jonas Brothers USED to be my favorite, but I think this whole thing is annyoing and should be dropped.
    Oh, and taylor’s new cd is AMAZING!

  • marilyn

    it is true taylor swift even said it on the ellen show

  • Hannah

    i’m so sick of all this junk. Taylor needs to get over herself and stop trying to get more attention. shes just making ppl get annoyed and to be honest alot of me and my friends used to like her but we had no idea she was such a snot.

  • http://nickjonline.com Sarah

    All this is comtains magazines twisting words. I bet you that back when Miley told the magazines that her and Nick were together, it was the magazine twisting around Miley’s personal words which they had no right to do. Each celebrity is a good person. But, sadly, magazines make up lies. You all fell for it. Yet again.

  • http://fotolog.com/IWontForgetDemi Emi

    I think is stupid story that Taylor created Im with Joe

  • http://deleted Holly.

    I guess Miley advised her to talk in public about their break up :D
    I don’t really think It’s wrong. We shouldn’t slug It down If a Boy hurts us that much. Hm I think I’m again a Miley Fan. She’s way better than Selena (I wanna be famous) and Demi (I scarify myself). And Camilla is ugly. She’s a Eyebrow Monster. Nonono I don’t like her and her Exboyfriend Robert Pattinson xD Bah Camilla and Joe making out :D Ihh. With her giant Eyebrows xD