Nikki Reed is Soho Sexy

Nikki Reed is Soho Sexy

Twilight vampiress Nikki Reed smiles sweetly and sits down for a Q&A session at the Soho Hotel in Toronto, Canada on Saturday.

Did everyone catch Nikki, 22, and the Twilight cast on MuchMusic Live? If you didn’t, go watch it now!

USA Weekend covered the film, set to hit theaters this Friday, in their weekend issue. Cam Gigandet, who plays James, says he believes the book’s love story will translate well onto film. “For me at least, it’s so relatable: overcoming something to be with the person that you love. You want so desperately for Edward to win. Maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in everyone in the world.”

Robert Pattinson (in LNA t-shirt), Kristen Stewart, and Nikki Reed were also seen returning to Los Angeles (pictured below).

20+ pictures inside of Nikki Reed being sexy at the Soho Hotel…

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Credit: Chris/Gabo/LV/Whittle, Christopher Mason/WENN; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • ellieee

    awhh :)
    they’re all gorgeous.

  • Becky

    okay what exactly is kristen sewart doing with her two different colored socks over her jeans…. nikki reed looks gorgeous though… and don’t even get me started on robert pattinson. drowl

  • Stefanie

    i like that kristen is so normal she doenst care about being glamorous all the tme and rob looks soo saxy when he wears his ray bans
    love it thanks

  • wiiiiiiiiii

    omg Rob is sooo hot
    and i love kristen! shes so natural lol
    cant wait for the film to come out :))))

  • Kami

    twilight looks stupid and i almost fell asleep reading this book

  • joss

    love the cast so much! can’t wait till the movie comes out!

    #4, twilight is an amazing novel…i don’t know anyone who has said anything negative about it…

  • Alessandrah Autumn


  • :@

    his copying zac!!!!

  • bee


    Rob copies NO ONE. Zac is too girly with all his make up and always worrying about his looks. Rob doesn’t care if he’s perfect, which is why we love him. Just admit that zac has been dethroned because ROB is above that “Oh look at me and my pretty hair, oh and are my eyebrows plucked just right?”, please, how pathetic…

    ROB is super hot, and so are Kristen and Nikky.

  • Tess

    Thanks, Jared! Twilight has crossover appeal. Please about it and the cast on your main site too!

  • VIV

    gorgeous!!!! thanks jared!

  • dfasdf

    who is she in the movie?

  • mina

    is robert’s hair lighter? anyway, thanks for the pix JJr!

  • Paola

    Ah, he is hot hot hot O.O

    he is totally not copying Zac, you should check Robs pictures like 3 or 4 years ago.. he has had his style all his life lmao.


    and OMG. i was just dressed as kristen was, included the glasses in her hair.. OMG, LMAO.

  • scarlett arlow

    Robert is so f*ckable it’s insane.


  • patty

    kstew is so prettty! she and nikki reed really hit it off.
    i wish she and rpattz would have gotten together for realz though. LoL

  • Lila

    He is indeed too handsome to be truth and she is divine

  • KASS


    These guys are way more sexier than the gossip girl cast !!!


  • lOW

    more Twilight thanks ! LOVE THESE GUYS !

    Pappaz.. need to take more pictures of these guys and MORE MAGAZINE COVERS WOULD BE NICE !

  • NAYY

    lovely … specialy Kristen! she looks so… free hehehe

    tks ;)

  • Mrs. Cullen

    who is nikki on the film? cant recognize her face..
    is she esme or rosalie?
    btw, i love twilight!!
    especially edward cullen!!
    robert is the perfect guy to play edward..
    kristen is so natural..=)

  • k

    Here is the video of them coming from the airport:

  • Aw

    so awesomeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    Nikki is Rosalie, of course :)

  • andrea



  • Emily

    I just realized that the Twilight movie has two OC stars in it: Niki Reed (Sadie) and Cam Gigandet (Volchuck). Pretty cool

  • cmm

    Nikki looks great. Rob and Kris look so comfortable. Thanks JJ jr.

  • Manu.

    i LOVE RPattz<3
    He’s so damn hot!
    Kristen is awesome.
    Nikki so cute *________*

  • =)(=

    isn’t she 20? (: <3

  • (:

    she was in thirteen with vanessa =) maybe they know each other =) <3 anyways:P i wanna see the movie =) and he is hot, but not better than zac <33

  • Starz

    The paparazzi had no right to film Rob, Kristen, Nikki and Rachel’s arrival at LAX. These guys – especially Rob – just came off a grueling publicity tour and probably just wanted to get home by this point. Rob made thousands of fans sooooooo happy by dragging his butt across the country so they could see him in person. He signed thousands of autographs. Gave hundreds of interviews. Was a great sport and made us all laugh dozens of times. But his work day was over by time they hit the ground at LAX.

    If you view the YouTube video, please don’t give it 5 stars just because the cast members look so hot. Give it a low rating and let the paparazzi know that there is a time to draw the line.

  • Sarah

    my lord.
    robert pattinson is amazing !
    jeeze :)

  • Christina

    I knew nothing about “Twilight” but Robert Pattinson made me obsessed. Damn, he sexy…lmao.

  • cindy

    i was searching all over the original just jared,
    i’m so old…..

  • marie

    Rob is sexy, Kristen is a cutie and Nikki is beautiful ! :)

  • Kate

    actually #30 the paparazzi has all the right in the world as long as they’re not breaking the laws. Hey, they’re actors. Their purpose in life is to make amazing products that will get ppl to pay attention. So…congrats to them they’ve done it. Paprazzi, fame, fans, money, etc are just part of the package. I hate it when (not talking about you) the celebs themselves complain too much about it. Cry me a river, you’ll start crying for real when no one cares enough about you to take one picture and your career is in the toilet.

  • Kate

    I am personally not a fan to any of them. but love how each has their own personality and is so liberating. hehe. and kristen, wow. her face is all fresh even though she looked kind of trash. NOT THAT IS A TALENT TO HAVE!

  • anonymous

    I’ll nevr understand how Nikki Reed was cast as the beautiful Rosalie. I always though she was ugly on The OC, the character she’s playing is meant to be beautiful.

  • den

    you thought she was ugly on the OC, but what about now? I think she’s gorgeous.

  • Mandy

    is kristen wearing a bra? hahahaha
    and ahhhh rob <3