Ashley Tisdale is All That -- And More!

Ashley Tisdale is All That -- And More!

Ashley Tisdale waves a quick hello to waiting shutterbugs as she carries around her trademark iced coffee into a Hollywood recording studio on Wednesday afternoon.

After a worldwide promotional tour for, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, the 23-year-old actress is back in the studio working on her sophomore album. One new track has already leaked its way onto YouTube – “I’m That.”

Ashley will next be seen in the new feature film, They Came From Upstairs. She has said, “I played the older sister in love with her boyfriend, and she doesn’t really know what’s going on. We’re being invaded by aliens at the same time.” The film will hit theaters in July 2009.

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale heading back to the studio…

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Photos: WENN, BOY/Fame Pictures
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  • wsfsa


  • Carrie

    I cant wait to hear her new album when its released! I am glad she has time to work on it again now that most HSM3 promos are over.

  • cami

    i Love Ashleeeeeey
    im so glad she is back and working on her album!!!!
    i love I’m that!!!
    I can’t wait for her album!!!!

  • christine x3

    i like her song.

  • areli

    finally ash pics!!! <3 her

  • :] twilight

    she looks pretty! <3
    & her album is on the way! so exited!

  • nick lover

    she looks B E A U T I F U L ! <3 :’]

  • reba

    bad hair!

  • super fan ashley

    I love her, she is so much fun.
    In those pics, Ashley is without make-up, but she is still beauty like always.
    Ashley is 100% natural, for ever, xoxo

  • lily

    yea thats why l love her too she barely wears any make up shes very natural

  • Katie

    PLEASE PUT ASHLEY, VANESSA, ZAC on justjared. Not this one!

    they are wayyy to old to be on this “Junior” site.
    yeah they are still with Disney but they deserve to be with all the other stars on JustJared….where they have always been before this site was formed!

    MILEY and the JONAS BOYS deserve to be on the main site too.

    come on it’s just wrong to see them on here.
    i want to look at and see them along with all the other huge stars because everyone knows they deserve to be there.

  • yazmine

    I’m hoping Ashley’s new album will be really good as she has taken a lot of time to work over it.
    Whereas with Vanessa and most hollywood records people they focus on getting it out there as soon as possible. Many of Vanessa’s songs from identified were poor and just rushed.
    I think teh expectations for Ashley will be higher because shes had so much time to work on it, and has cowritten pretty much the entire album!

  • Gardenia

    ashley is perfect as always, love ya ashhh <3

  • ashloversbrasil♥


  • Michelleb

    I love ashley and can’t wait to listen to her new tunes! I love that jacket she has on too!

    I would so wear that jacket to go with my gorgeous diamond necklace my fiance bought me from for my birthday.

    Where does she come up with her style, its so chic! Love you ash!

  • teteu


  • chris


  • chris

    ashley is amazing i love her so much she is so funny hahaha she always makes me laugh!:)

  • chris

    hey#11 they are there too just jared said that they are not going to stop being there but this site it’s more focus in tween girls who don’t like reading about those adults celebs but they are still going to be there!!! btw ashley has a great sense of style and vanessa too!

    (matt prokop’s official youtube!)

  • chris

    since when she has a mini cooper…

  • kate!

    wow she has a mini cooper thats a hot car … luv ash

  • cristina

    LOVE ASHLEY TISDALE!! lol shes awesome! lol i will so go see that movie!

  • erikaax3babyy

    ashley looks amazing as always, i love her outfit looks comftyy (:
    & i wanna see some updatess on vanessa! :(


    she looks so pretty!

  • zanessa/jashley

    i missed her !! i must say, her hair here is looking good. and her clothes are nice and comfortable. She’s never afraid to take risks. Good on you Ash !! Can’t wait to hear your album and see your new movie !!!

  • ROS








  • vanesa

    ashley is a beatifull and nice girls

  • yacki

    she loocks so pretty

  • vanesa

    i Love Ashleeeeeey
    im so glad she is back and working on her album!!!!
    i love I’m that!!!
    I can’t wait for her album!!!!

  • zanessa fan

    she is so ugly. and what is she doing on just jared jr.??? She is too old to be a teenager. ugly sh!t

  • ashlee*_*

    cant for her new album & the movie looks cute!

  • pop86

    I can’t wait for new album

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    love her , she has good taste in cars , i have a feeling her aldum is going to be amazing unlike vanessa’s which was really bad and rushed.

  • Michele

    Love ashley too! Can’t wait for her new album :P

  • erika

    love ya ashley!

  • tizzylove

    Finally new candids!!!!
    YESS!!!!!! i missed u ashley!!!
    im glad ur working on ur album now
    i so cant wait until it comes out
    and like everybody else said ash’s new album is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but unlike vanessa her album was rushed and it was her worst album
    her first album was better but this one was annoying and shitty
    anyways love u ash!!!!!!!

  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    ashleyyyy finally we get to see you ^^
    i love all of her songs and i’m gonna watch the movie for a hundred times here in germany =)

  • Who?

    Yazmine & Jemma

    I don’t really mind if you’re Ashley fan but pls do STOP comparing between her and Vanessa. Both of them are BEST friends and they both can have successful career without being competitive with each other.
    In their interview with Matt and Jo, Ashley actually stood up for V when they ask some sensitive questions. If you are true Ashley fan, you should stop belittle her BEST friend.

    PS, Ashley, all the best in your new album!! Can’t wait for your new movie and album!!!!

  • ash rockz

    Love this Girl <3
    She’s perfect!
    Can’t wait for her new Album, I’m That is such a cool song <33


  • ally

    ashley is amazing.

  • Amy the lovely

    Im That Or Im Back whaterever it is it’s so cool better than vanessa’s song sneaker nights

    i love ashley’s music can’t wait to dance on it

  • OSama

    shes perfect!!!

  • Red Aaronator 1984 GTX

    Ashley Tisdale is so cute and whether she has blonde hair or brown hair, she’s still the same Ashley Tisdale we all love.