Ashley Tisdale is Diesel Delicious

Ashley Tisdale is Diesel Delicious

Ashley Tisdale sports a Diesel top with cut-off sleeves and carries around her trademark iced coffee as she continues work on her sophomore album at a studio in Burbank, Calif., on Thursday.

The 23-year-old singer/actress was recently named one of the 2008′s Style Star by Seventeen. Here’s what she shared:

On her style weakness: Purses, especially designer ones. I’m a purse freak. (She’s wearing Chanel in these pictures.)

On her style icon: Gwen Stefani inspires my style. I love how she sets new trends, because I’m the type of person who tries different things.

10+ pictures inside of Diesel delicious Ashley Tisdale

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Credit: James Breeden; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • cami

    I honestly can’t wait for her second album!!
    I’m so excited!!!
    she is the best!

  • Stephie

    she is so perfect!

  • ally

    ashley is AMAZING.
    she is a great role model and is super talented.
    she is a true artist.
    i love her style!

  • tizzylove

    new candids!! im sooo happy now
    ahhh im jumping up and down lol!!!
    I love u ash!!
    i cant wait till ur album comes out!!
    and a new single!!!

  • Daniella

    not digging the outfit…..

  • natasha

    she is just sooo gorgeous love her nd did she get a new car?
    is that mini hers?
    neways love you ash!

  • areli


  • gracie

    Love Ashley Tisdale!!! she soo cool and nice. she almost perfect (NOBODYS PERFECT) which is like Really rare!!! She’s such a great role model. She looks really pretty!!! LOVe u ashley from Grace in Wales

  • Carolline

    love her and her brunette hair!

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    OMG, perfect ♥-♥

  • super fan ashley

    I am agree with #8, because she is amazing, I can’t wait for her album I want to listen every single song, NOW!!!11
    I am pretty excited about her.
    She is cute and gorgerous, she is my role model 4 ever. I love her.xox

  • Gardenia

    ASHLEYYY, YOU ARE PERFECT! Keep being like that, you are so perfect and gorgeous <3

  • Gardenia

    PERFECTTTT, can’t wait for her sophomore album

  • yikes

    what is with her thinking she is such a style icon? that shirt is hideous. and so are those boots. ICK.

  • joanna

    New candids, yeah! :)
    She looks pretty and i love her hair <3

  • bfan

    i dont care for her. she so fake.

  • liz

    hmm not a fan at all of her. but wish her the best.

  • liz

    her hair is like straw.i wish she would wash it or something.

  • Jenny

    why does she always dress so tacky?

  • Nono

    Ashley is perfect??? It’s a joke?!?!?!She has many defects!!!
    I like so much Ashley but I ADMIT she is NOT PERFECT!!!
    I prefer her with make-up because without make-up, she is very ugly!!!
    Like you Ashley!!!<3

  • cami

    Ashley is beautifull without make up
    she always looks fresh and natural
    she is amazing!

  • lol

    what the hell is she wearing?
    vanessa, please give her some style tips

  • ashlee*_*

    oo shutup she wears her own style which is cool!! Go ashley who cares what the haters say!!! =D

  • PaulinhoO

    She’s so perfect!
    I love her!
    PaulinhoO <3 Ashley Michelle Tisdale 4ever

  • k€t

    i think she looks really cute <3

  • POli []

    Ashley The Bets I love Miis Evans

  • lovetizz

    her car is so cute i want one just like it! ashley love

  • zanessa/jashley

    I am LOVIN’ her hair !!! She looks so gorgeous !! I like how she wears comfortable when she’s out and about. And like she said, she’s not afraid to take risks with fashion. And she’s doing a great job of it. Some are gorgeous but then again some of it is…interesting….but she looks really pretty here !!

  • Andy

    So cute!!

  • no

    The only reason she made that list, was because she was on the cover the previous month for hsm3 promo. It is cheaper for 17 mag to just to have the people who are on the cover to also do a shoot for this spread.

    She has plenty of stylists, she herself barely has any input in the outfit choices for events in the recent days. Anytime she manages to look decent it’s because of money & the time spent by someone else.

    She’s label obsessed . Completely Tacky.

    Tisdale with her plastic nose and fried hair could only dream of being as naturally beautiful as Gwen. & unlike her, tisdale has no style so what an insult to say she is inspired be Gewn Stefani.

    She looks like absolute crap here. Hideous outfit. ( but at least better than yesterdays)

    The amount of coffee she drinks is disgusting.

    She cannot sing no range, no depth. All she has is overproduction and embarrassing attempts at all the different styles of music. This untalented waste of life recording another album that will be shoved at everyone’s face is just sad.

    It’s funny when her older fans who think she makes the sun shine, get all sad for her sake because she faces paparazzi. Right, like she cares. She’s been looking pretty pleased that they’re around with all the smiles & waving. It’s hilarious that people don’t see through her attention seeking ways.

    Comes off as so fake. Bet she’s pretty self serving too. I feel bad for any friends she may have in this business.

  • leslie

    style? what style? i am totally confused as to why disney is so in love with this girls. if she has such a sense of style, why is her arm and face orange and her hand white?

  • pop86

    Ashley rocks

  • sara

    what the hell is she’s wearing ??

  • love ASHLEY

    oh my gosh! she is sooo perfect
    i just love her more and more
    and hate vanessa more and more!

    Vanessa is nothing now b/s after hsm, she will break!

  • ash rockz

    I love her!
    She is such a gorgeous and natural girl!

    GO ASH

    Shut up, Haters!!

  • diana

    i love her she’s really perfect and gorgeous without makeup
    SHUT UP haters!!!
    Ashley is the best and has a good style!

    ASHLEY 4ever <3

  • elle

    arent you gonna upload ashley’s news on JJ normal!?
    she deserves to be in JustJared, in this one and on the other!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥


  • ash_loverr_turkey

    OMG !!

    She has really good style … Really pretty >>TİZZ The Best<<<

  • vanesa

    i love ashley is very cute

  • kelly

    ashley you are unique and special you are so great as you are and not make stupid comments as a case of not @ 11/20/2008 at 8:19 pm which is a envidioda and that has nothing better to do in life to walk criticizing and telling lies.
    ashley you are my favorite artist and you always thinks much
    go ashley

  • ros

    ashley I like how you dress got a lot of personality and are very nice
    we love you

  • ashleyfanforever

    ashley rock

  • ashleyfanforever


  • Kay

    I like her but I don’t care for her style.

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley Tisdale’s biggest fan

    I so love Ashley. I can’t wait for her new Cd.

  • Brian

    I see what #30 is saying. Is she fucking the director now? Her roast beef and his wrinkles. winning combination

  • http://brick tom

    i’ll always love ashley. she is so perfect, so beautiful and so talented. she is my role model because she’s not fake like vanessa is.

  • ashleyfanforever

    i like ashley

  • vanesa

    so cute ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡go ashley