Jordan Pruitt Interview — Exclusive

Jordan Pruitt Interview — Exclusive

Pop star Jordan Pruitt is best known for her jumpy singles featured on Disney Channel Original Movies such as Jump In!, Read It and Weep, but the 17-year-old singer-songwriter isn’t far away from making her name into a household one.

Her single “One Love” has been featured on the Radio Disney Dot Com Top 3 multiple times and she’s on her way to doing the same with her second single, “My Shoes”, off her sophomore album, Permission to Fly.

Jordan has been performing at the Gymnastics Superstars Tour but recently took the time to sit down with to talk about everything from her Olympian crushes, her very own record label, and her secret hobby. Check it:

JJJ: On your official YouTube channel, you released a lot of song covers. The Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love” one was really good. Are there any new ones you’re going to cover soon?

JP: I’ve been on tour for about a month now and started to ask all my gymnast friends what they like to listen to. So they’re gonna give me some ideas and I’ll probably end up doing one this week maybe.

JJJ: Parade Magazine honored you this year as Best Young Role Model in America. How does that feel?

JP: You know, that is so cool! That’s the one thing that I always really strive to be. My fans are always in my head when I make decisions and I ask myself, ‘What do they want to see?’ With the world we live in today, there needs to be a good role model and I’m definitely up to being a good role model.

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JJJ: What’s the writing process like for your songs? Can you tell me about your five-second rule?

JP: The five-second rule is really funny. I actually didn’t know they were gonna write that about me. I just randomly said it. I used the five-second rule ever since I was a little kid. Basically, I listen to a song. My A&R guy, John Lind, the VP of Hollywood Records, sends me songs. I listen to them and within the first five seconds that I’m listening to the song, if I’m not completely in love with it or I don’t think it’s a hit, then I don’t do it. I listen to it like I was one of my fans listening to it rather than myself. If I’m not in love with it, then they’re not going to be in love with it.

JJJ: You launched JPE ” Jordan Pruitt Enterprises, your own talent company ” last year and I hear there’s a worldwide talent search. And can you tell us about Jessie Kirk, the first girl you signed?

JP: Oh, she’s so cute. Yes, her name is Jessie Kirk, she’s like my little sister. She’s 11-years-old and I totally believe she’s going to be the next pop-country superstar. She’s not only a great singer but she’s a great performer and she has great charisma. She’s just a great, good girl and we’re gonna get in the studio in December and start writing songs for her album. I’m very, very excited and my main thing is just to mentor her and to be a good role model and give her somebody to look up to. I’m always looking for new talent. I think with my company, I want to give people a way to get out there and let their music out there. I’m always looking for new artists that just want to break through.

JJJ: You are only 17, yet you’ve accomplished so much so far. What else do you hope to accomplish?

JP: Well, with this company I really wanted to, I guess it’s kind of like a record label. So that’s definitely one of my goals and to build that. I really want to look into producing records someday. I’ve always loved writing music and I want to write music for other people as well. That’s where Jordan Pruitt Enterprises and my third album come in. I just started writing my third album, so it’s definitely been on my mind. And just being on tour is amazing in itself — getting to meet all my fans and having them sing along while I’m singing my songs is just an incredible feeling.

JJJ: How is your second album, Permission to Fly, different from your freshman album?

JP: Well the first album [No Ordinary Girl], was kind of like an introduction of me, saying ‘Here I am’ and introducing me into the world. The second album is different because I really got to be more involved with the writing and the picking of the songs. I really got to show my heart and soul when I wrote these songs. It’s not only just a pop album, it’s pop, soul, R&B, we even have a 40s jazz-inspired song. I guess there’s something for everybody instead of just one genre and it gives the fans all kinds of music to listen to.

JJJ: You have a distinct style. Do you have any style icons or favorite designers?

JP: My favorite designers probably include Alice & Olivia, Rebecca Taylor and Robert Rodriguez. I love BCBG. But my style icons are probably Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon, just because they’re really classy and conservative but at the same time really cute and fun.

JJJ: You’ve been on tour with a lot of people including top names in the business ” The High School Musical cast, The Cheetah Girls, and even The Jonas Brothers. And now, you’re on tour with Olympic Gold Medalists from the Gymnastics Tour. How is it going?

JP: It’s going so awesome. I actually just spoke with one of my gymnastic friends. Everyone is so nice. What’s different about this tour is that they’re in a completely different business than I am. They’re athletes and I’m a singer, so it’s funny I’ll be warming up, walking around the venue singing and they’re like ‘Oh my gosh, that’s cool. What are you doing?’ I’ll be like ‘I’m warming up’ and they have no idea. So, it’s definitely completely different than any other tour that I’ve been on. I’m having a great time and they teach me how to do all kind of back-flips and stuff. I don’t think I’m as good as them, obviously, but I’ve made friends with so many amazing people.

JJJ: You’ve worked with some top name producers as well. Do you have anyone who you would you like to collaborate with?

JP: I’d like to collaborate with obviously some of the ones that I already have on this CD. I wanna work with Timbaland. I think it’d be so much fun and I also want to collaborate with The Jonas Brothers because they’re my good friends and I think it’d be fun and we’re always singing around each other. I definitely want to talk to them about doing a song together. would also be another one. He’s very creative.

JJJ: Do you have any secret passions or hobbies?

JP: I really like to scrapbook. I just started scrapbooking and it’s kind of dorky. But I love to put all my pictures from the red carpet, from when I was little and all kinds of events that I go to. It’s really cute because I can look back on it and say ‘Oh my gosh. It was so much fun that night.’ Whenever I get a break at home, I scrapbook. All my friends are like ‘really?’ and I’m like ‘it’s fun!’

JJJ: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

JP: I have a few! Chace Crawford. Nick Jonas, of course. Nick Jonas is very cute. Probably ” can I say one of the Olympians? There are a lot of hotties on my tour. Jonathan Horton is gorgeous. He’s a silver medalist. He’s so cute. All of [the Olympians] are cute.

JJJ: Have you shot a video for your second single, “My Shoes”?

JP: I have not shot the video yet but we are in production right now so I’m very excited. I was looking for something more [with "One Love"] as well. I wanted to do a real music video so we’re going it for “My Shoes”.

Hope you enjoyed JJJ‘s interview with Jordan!!!!!!!!

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    she’s awesome!

  • Someone

    Awww! Since this interview I am a SUPER fan of her!
    She is so amazing, and I agree, Nick Jonas is totally cute! (:
    I am going to buy her 2 albums (:…but I don´t think here where I live thay sell it! I hope! (:
    That thing [Jordan Pruitt Enterprises] is amazing!! Wooow! I am surprised, on how cool this girl could be!! (:
    I am already friends with her in MySpace and youtube, I know her since the DC games (:
    AAAAAAAAAAhhh! She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  • DiscoSavedmylife

    I love Jordan Pruitt! She’s so humble and amazing! She’s one of my role models!!!!

  • Larissa

    I love her and I went to the Kristi Yamaguchi Friends and Family conert thing and she was performing there and she did great!!!! I can;t stop singing her songs since i went.

  • Kari

    I love her too! She is a great role model and an AMAZING singer! Its too bad people don’t give her enough attention, but I guess its also a good thing, cuz too much publicity is bad

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    I agree with #5 its sad that untalented people get more publicity then the people who actually work hard and its sad because Jordan is so much better then Miley and all the other disney products they have coming out.I hope she leaves disney and moves on to bigger and better things

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  • the divine miss b

    i luved her eva since her first album came out. the very first song of hers i eva heard was “No Ordinary Girl”. i thought it was so good i rushed out 2 download her entire album! it is really good 4 any1 who is thinking of buying it. her second album is even better! Jordan Pruitt Enterprises sounds really cool. it is a really good opportunity i guess. her rendition of “Bleeding Love” was really good. also her version of “The Way You Do The Things You Do”. i hate th@ song actually and wasn’t gonna listen 2 it, but thought i should give her a chance 2 make it better. which she did anyway!! can’t wait 4 her third album. i also wonder if she’s gonna release another single from “Permission To Fly”? i wish Jared had asked her th@. if she does i hope it’s “Unconditional”. th@ song is so beautiful!! GOOD LUCK JORDAN!!

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    did u mean u hate miley cyrus or jordan? i didn’t get it.

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    Miley is amazing (:
    Just because this is a Jordan post doesn’t mean you should bash Miley.
    Miley is super talented and that’s why she has the fame.
    Jordan is also amazing, but your not a Jordan fan if your bring up other people.
    Let Jordan be recongized, your taking that away by talking about Miley.
    To me both are amazing (:

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    Jordan is amazing! Jessie is also phenominal! Everyone should Check Jess out because she really does have a special sound of her own =). Her myspace is check it out! =)

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