Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed Toss Their Salads

Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed Toss Their Salads

Twilight star Kristen Stewart and costar BFF Nikki Reed stop at their local grocery store to pick up salad lunches in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

Kristen, 18, covered this month’s Teen magazine with leading Twilight vampire Robert Pattinson and called him the perfect vampire.

She shared in the glossy pages: “Not to put down any of the other actors who came in, because they were really good, but everyone came in playing Edward as this perfect, happy-go-lucky guy. But I got hardcore pain from Rob. It was purely just connection.”

DO YOU THINK Robert Pattinson is the perfect vampire?

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Credit: Scott/Mo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • rachel

    first! i don’t really like her as a person, but she’s gorgeous.

  • Lila

    She really is a stunning girl
    I love her

  • trish

    i love them.

    i thought i wouldnt see pictures of them anymore because twilight already was out.


  • ali

    how can you say you don’t like someone as a person based off of interviews on one topic, photos, and acting?

  • Emma

    love them! especially kristen! they are both gorgeous<3

  • cc

    Yep, def agree with her! ;)
    She’s always pretty.

  • joss

    i love them both!! <3

  • love jjj

    ok is kristen a vegetarian? because in twilight did you notice that she always ordered stuff without meat? I mean I know Bella isn’t a veggie, but is kristen? that would be awesome! =) looooove her

  • Ale

    I love Kristen,
    Its weird.
    I think shes uniquely gorgeous.

  • Sara

    I love seeing that co-stars are friends in real life as well. :-)
    And Robert was amazing as a vampire. He completely pulled off Edward, which I thought would be impossible. Kristen was an amazingly good Bella as well though!! I was SO impressed with the entire cast in this movie!

  • mia

    uhhh kinda a dirty connotation to that caption. haha.

  • Ashlee

    she not the best actor. . .
    but she is so gorgeous! she should do more modeling :)

  • Stefanie

    yess rob is the perfect edward cullen and kirten is perfect for bella too.. yeah she is really pretty and i like that she is very normal ..she seems really cool

    love twilight

  • Steph


  • TW


  • cRIS

    Kristen is frickin awesome. It’s so refreshing to see a young actress going out with no make-up, jeans, and a hoodie instead of looking like an overdone Barbie doll. I love this girl!

  • Leah

    Kristen is pretty, too bad she has a terrible attitude. I think Robert Pattinson was a wonderful Edward. He seems like a really cool person too.

  • Jane

    Kstew looks pretty, so casual

  • Cals

    love both of them!


    rob is the PERFECT edward cullen. i really don’t like kristen, but well, she really did a good bella!!!! i wonder why does she never wears make-up, i mean, she’d look prettier.

  • Meepo

    Lmao@ how every one only thinks of her as Bella. Hello, she is an actress, not just a Bella. Her acting is horrid, but she’s gorgeous. Her personality in interviews and with fans is so boring though. She should just do modeling for Walmart.

  • ali

    did anyone see the photos of her tokin it with her boyfriend on her front porch? they’re on

  • overrated.

    …i actually don’t think Rob was a good enough vampire…i mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Rob, but I think that he will always be a wizard to me. ( Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter) I absolutely loved him Harry Potter. But Kristen is the perfect part for Bella, no doubt !! She’s really pretty..

  • Matingas

    I wouldn’t really say tossing salads in a “jr.” page… kids might google that and end up looking at the wrong thing

    or maybe im just perverted

  • mina

    yes, i think robert is the perfect edward. i wouldn’t miss kristin if they chose someone else to play bella but no matter they are signed on for 2 more movies.

  • Jessica

    I loved Rob @ Edward. xD

    And I love Nikki Reed! She’s so funny xD
    I watched her on Conan the other night, it was interesting.

    As for Kristen, she was better than I expected as Bella, but still, she’s not my favorite. She just kind of bores me a lot in all the interviews & stuff she does. But I still liked her as Bella.

  • remy

    Love the sexual innuendo!
    My guess is they are probably tossing each others salads as we speak.
    They are clearly in love.

  • brie2009

    I agree with Leah and Jessica.

  • brie2009

    And btw, Rob is the perfect vampire!! =D

  • jee

    i love kristen!
    love her hoodie too.. does anyone know where it’s from?

  • Diana

    Awww, these two are so close. you should watch them together on the vanity fair photoshop on youtube… pure chemistry! they kiss too, haha

  • Diana

    i mean not photoshop…

    watch them on the Vanity Fair photoshoot videos!

  • remy

    diana is right, they are so cute in that Vanity Fair video on youtube.

    actually the edited VF version is the one i’m talking about.

  • erre*

    i love them! kristen is beautiful and nikki too
    a robert OMG he is so freakin gorgeous

    i love twilight!

  • cindy

    can any tell me where to find rob’s pics
    where hes smoking outside his house
    wearing blue t’s and black pants w/ suspenders
    apparently with newly washed hair??

  • iro

    hell yeah…he is the perfect vampire!!!!!!!!!

  • vladtepes

    Yeah, mother nature has done a good job with her. What’s that? Yeah, it’s called good genes.
    Robert Pattinson IS the perfect vampire!
    Forget the sexiest man alive (aka Hugh Jackman LMAO) give me some Rob Pattinson and I would ask for nothing more.

  • Brunah

    love them!

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    Kristen and Nikki are awsome Twilights such a good movie!!!!

  • Mandy

    in all her interview kristen stewart always seems so bitchy
    BUT she is an amazing actress
    and idk about nikki reed, she didnt have much of a part in twilight

  • Wendilynn

    Edward isn’t perfect. He’s wonderfully flawed and Rob did a good job of capturing that.

  • LINE

    They both did a good job in twilight. Rosalie is my favorite character and im glad they chose nikki to play her. Kristen did good as well, and i like how both of them stick to natural looks. My kind of style.

  • Robs girl!!!


    oh and i love them both 2!!!!!

    -Robs Girl!!

  • dinathedivaa

    rob is the most amazingly perfect vampire there could ever be! haha


  • Kris

    i love how normal kristen is ! and how she could care less about the fame ..

  • isabella

    is that the whole foods in woodland hills?

  • Christan van slyke

    Hey wasn’t the question about Robert being the perfect vampire?? So I was definitely impressed with his ability to engulf himself in Edward, not as a character but as himself really. And he has such fine, sharp features, teeth included. I totally see him as a vampire. Very gorgeous, victorian vampire, just as he is!!!

  • Mariana

    she’s always pretty! gosh Ive seen twilight! she’s amazing! right now Im a huge fan! but ROBERTS HOT <3 lmfao

  • pup

    they chose the wrong actors for twilight period. it was just bad.

  • rachhell

    i met nikki.
    she is the most amazing person
    shes so gorgeous