The Jonas Brothers Will Ring In The New Year

The Jonas Brothers Will Ring In The New Year

The Jonas Brothers will ring in the New Year and perform during the 11:45pm performance slot as the 2009 ball drop in New York City’s Times Square, can exclusively reveal. Songs are still to-be-announced.

Ryan Seacrest will host the event, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve celebration, and will welcome other performers including Jesse McCartney, Ne-Yo, Pussycat Dolls, Solange Knowles, Natasha Bedengfield, and Fall Out Boy.

Be sure to watch the ball drop with Ryan, Dick Clark and The Jonas Brothers for the Rockin’ New Years Eve celebration on Wednesday, December 31st @ 10PM on ABC!

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  • Anthony

    the only reason people book them is for ratings. they are talentless and gay looking.

  • n

    no miley :( that sucsk

  • victoria

    there doing so good and all u jobro haters if u dont like them dont post

  • swe3t23

    i can’t stand them when they perform……………..this sucks…………jonas brothers aren’t even talented. They pretend to play the guitar… kevin can’t sing, don’t even bother putting a mic for him. Nick a squeaky voice, joe can’t even hold a note.

    douch bags !!!!

  • Colleen yo . :] .

    The Jonas Brothers are preforming .
    ;] .

  • Ale

    You know you’re just giving them more attention by hating on them. If you dont like them dont say ANYTHING about them, Jesus, have a motherfreakin brain for once. I dont really like Miley at all, I dont go on her friggin just jared or youtube pages saying “OH MILEY IS UGLY, SHES A BRAT, SHES NOT TALENTED, SHE HAS DOG TEETH, EWH I HATE HER” Yeah I dont do that. It just gives her more attention. Think about it, ROFL. Now, I’m watching this thing, these boys amaze me (: I cant wait. :D

  • carl

    am glad they are performing am going to have tivo it because am going to be with family. i hope miley cyrus go and sing breakout i like that is say let the party start. i hope they book her too.
    jonas without miley is not the same fun watch. i hope they book her aswell.

  • Krissy Fantasy

    NUMBER 6
    I FREAKIN TOTALLY AGREE with you SO MUCH, like a million % THAT
    im like dying of laughter to all the haters and tears to the truth you just stated,that everyone needs to hear + LOADS of smiles of HOW much the fans wins to love the JBS’ :D
    Props to you Ale:P

    what do you know or care?
    seems to me
    you are jealous cuz they can write and sing better than you dude -.-
    IF you weren’t jealous, you wouldn’t have the brains, to write on this post.
    words of advice- hate them so much
    don’t bother saying anything
    cuz no one freaking cares!

    # 4
    have you seen them perform?
    have you heard them sing?
    have you seen that guitar, play without tune?
    i don’t think so
    so why the f*** would you see anything, that’s not even true.
    it amazes me , how ALL you people THINK you know the Jonas brothers, but you don’t !! HAHAHAHA!!!
    I bet you don’t know about yourselves, 2 say S***
    for the record, on your BS about them
    1) kevin DOES sing
    why else would he play/ backup vocals
    just cuz you Can’t him half as much, doesn’t mean he’s worthless on stage :S
    YOUR so gay!
    2) Nick’s voice is not squeaky.
    JUST to make myself clear
    how i know?
    cuz along with his voice , with talking, he’s damn hot, betta than you ever know ;) but i don’t expect that, to come from you :P
    3) JOE can hold a note.
    HE freaking screams the highest notes all the time, just to make all the girls shout & yell for more, from there wonderful- beautiful- manly singing ^^
    AND your theory right.
    CUZ the only time, they don’t hit a note when their voices die down, from singing 2 much.
    Honestly, these boys don’t have to prove to EVERYONE, what there all about- there perfect the way they are.

    For once i’d like to see the haters TRY to be the JONAS brothers
    sing, dance, play guitar and see what it’s like to be hated !
    I’m sure you all, can’t do well
    as these boys can :P

    SCREW ALL YOU MOTHER Freaking haters
    jonas brothers live over your bodies :)

  • Krissy Fantasy

    NO miley cyrus ever!
    not with the JB’s
    personally i think they and SHE are both doing fine w/o each other.
    It shows too.
    AND no book about her as well.
    I think ALOT of people know more about this girl, on videos and news, then words that states the LIES, not truth.

    oh yea
    forgot to mention
    amzed the jb’s are performing on New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss

    (L) best time of the year :)

  • Luliii!

    JARED ! please i want to know if I can go to that show like LIVE and if it’s free or something?? NEED ANSWERSS! !!!!!!

  • Ms. O

    WHY? …. ahhhhhh…I want some real music..

  • beth



    /excitment over.

  • jen


    Jonas Brothers and balls dropping….should be a fun night ;)

  • Anthony

    wow krissey pathetic much, typing all that for a bunch of gay guys who have no clue you exist. those are your opinions and it does not mean it’s right.

    no one takes them seriously other then their fans EVERY other musician makes fun of them. If they were actually talented that wouldn’t happen

  • Emma

    OMJ!!!!!!!!!! yey!!!! LOVE THEM!!! I hate haters!!! they r so annoying. I don’t like some singers and actresses but I don’t go around ranting about it! Omg, hater seriosuly? u r pathetic!!!!!!!!! I think that u can only bash them if u r as talented as them, have as much $ as them, and r as popular as them…which clearly the hater R NOT!!! ha! Jealously…what a pity!
    GO JONAS LOVERS!!!! stay strong!

    um, Anthony, u said ever other musician makes fun of them??? How the heck would u know????? seriosuly…it not like ur friends with stars..they dont know u exist…haters = losers

    why do people comment like ‘i want real music’ can u say losers!!! stop commenting if u dont like. and seriously, dont watch it if u dont like them!!!!! OMJ!

  • anna

    I love love love these boys!!!! They are so amazingly awesome.They are amazing song writers and lovely voices plus they pay instruments! not too mention they are sweet and good! :D Such lovely boys. they hold a very special place in my heart!

    JONAS BROTHERS = AWESOME MUSIC. You won’t even know what you’re missing out on, haters. ;)

    Us fans know how much a genuinely nice and awesome band can do to affect our life.

  • Luliii!

    Is this free? Like i can go there for free?
    can someone would be helpful and tell me :)

  • mari garcia

    #17 I dont know if it’s free!:s but i want to know
    can someone tell me if this is for FREE?

  • florencia

    krissy fantasy i TOTALLY agree with u and with Ale :D

    i’m glad they’re performing ! i wish them the best !

    love JB 4everr !

    love from argentina :D

  • Sana

    This is great for the boys! Good luck to them

  • michelle


  • http://justjared I love JB

    You guys are the best! Two years in a row!! Keep it comin because I now you boys have a big year ahead of you!!!!! just gonna say this nicley. Please just back off, alright?

  • Emy

    SAWWEEEET!! Jonas Brothers rockin the new year…..what an awesome way to start the new year!! woohoo!

    p.s. The Jonas Brothers thank the HATERS because they are part of the reason why they have made it this far. Part of their popularity is all from the little haters wasting their time making videos and stupid comments about them. So thank you haters for wasting your sorry lives and making my favorite band more popular!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR Nicky!!!!!!!:)

    YAY soooooo glad they’re performing again on new years they ROCKED this year this time they’ll be even BETTER i looove the Jonas Brothers (esp Nick ;) ) they’re sooooooo talented,cute & funny (esp Nick ;) ) NO ONE CAN BEAT THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for all the Jonas fans they’re going on tour AGAIN!! in the summer of 09 YAY cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU NICK JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • lene

    wtf… THIS SUCKS!
    I won’t be watching.

  • melaniejonas

    aaaaa!!!!! JB in NY!!! amf all out boy! the best partis no Mley yay!!!!! its awsome cant waight!!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR smiley:]

    no way miley sould totaly be there because she is the best and she rocks the show the jobros dont got nothing on miley that is for sure the jobros are ok but not better then miley and krissyfantasy miley dose not suck the jobros wouldent even be here if miley dident have them in her concert they were nobodys this dose not mean that i dont like the jobros i do but miley is on the top of rock and roll that is for sure Thank You

  • http://rfrvtfretheugh5g yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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