Taylor Swift: I Dressed Like A Guy

Taylor Swift: I Dressed Like A Guy

Taylor Swift will be featured alongside Zac Efron, The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus in a special edition of E!’s True Hollywood Story this Friday.

The two-hour program will dive into the 19-year-old Nashville princess’s life – from her childhood to the top of the charts. Here are some highlight’s from Taylor‘s interview:

On auditioning for a boy’s part in the school play: “All these guys lined up to audition and at the end of the line, there I am, auditioning for it because I didn’t care. I was like, ‘I will dress up like a guy, and I want to sing that song.’ I had like a mustache, and we drew on eyebrows and put all my hair up in this hat, and I dressed like a guy and sang the solo.”

On her music influences: “I was really into LeAnn Rimes and Shania Twain and Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks. Ever since I discovered their music I wanted to do country music. I wanted to sing country music. Didn’t matter if I lived in Pennsylvania. Didn’t matter if everybody at my school was like, ‘You – you? Play country music? Why do you like country music? You’re so weird.’”

On traveling to Nashville to launch her singing career: “I walked into every single record label on Music Row. My mom would park the rental car outside the label and wait, and I would run in my little demo CD and walk up to the receptionist and say, ‘Hi, I’m Taylor, I’m 11, I want a record deal, call me.’”

On making friends in school: “In middle school I had to face a situation where I would literally walk up and sit down at a lunch table full of girls and they would all get up and leave as soon as I sat down.”

On her music: “I like to write songs about boys. I like to write songs about relationships. It’s really, really fun for me to tell stories that have actually happened.”

On her Myspace: “I made my MySpace really personal. [It] was never a promotional thing for me. It was more of a way to get in touch with people, and now I have like a million friends, and I’m still keeping up to date with it. It’s something I do every day.”

Young Hollywood: A to Zac: The E! True Hollywood Story airs this Friday, December 19th @ 8pm ET/PT on E!

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  • Karina

    Taylor, you’re awesome !!

    First !!! (L’

  • ASH

    i hate her.

  • Someone

    haha, ‘Hi, I’m Taylor, I’m 11, I want a record deal, call me.’ ROFL xD
    What a funny girl, I imagine the face of the person she gave the demo, LOL.
    I was mad with all the Joe thing, but life continues…..I love both (I was obviously in Joe’s side at the end and at the start, but never hated her), she is awesome (:

  • ASH

    Attention seeking talentless freak!!!!!! Go to Miley and cry about how little Joe dumped you. She is NEVER going to be taken seriously as long as she is connected to tween mania.

  • Karol bastos

    lovelovelove her!

  • Julia

    “sit down at a lunch table full of girls and they would all get up and leave as soon as I sat down.”

  • vanessajonas

    i loved the title: Young Hollywood: A to Zac:.. its like it will be alot about zac,,so im watching it .. vanessa is missing=(

  • zanessa rox

    this friday i am so watching E!

  • nicoleloveszac

    aawww zac efron is gonna be on that!! i am recording it on my tv hahaha!!

  • nICOLe :] . vanessa anne jonas

    they need vanessa on there.

  • steph

    wow, taylor. WOE IS YOU. i highly doubt her middle school situation was actually like that. and if it was, what was she doing so wrong? complaining so much that no one wanted to listen?
    ive lost so much respect for her – im sorry to say.

    i love the young hollywood title. zac efron = <3333

  • mishyB

    geez…when i saw her face i was like “come on Jared she should not degrace this section known for Zac Efron with her face” She is a decent musician but UGLY…her eyes ARE WAY TOO FAR APART.
    Where is the charismatic Zac Efron?

  • gabby

    i am so gonna watch E! on friday but i am sure my mum will ban me from that :(

  • Tory

    I love Taylor.
    I have all the respect in the world for her as an artist and a young woman. She is talented and beautiful and I hope she never goes outta style. I’ll be watching E! this Friday just to see her :)

  • Jeff

    she is HOT

  • J

    Sounds like some of the immature, insensitive catty children that left Ms. Swift sitting at the table alone are posting here. Taylor’s awesome, and it rots to see how jealous people are because of it. She certainly has gotten the best revenge! Go T !!!

  • Ceci

    honestly, steph.. it can happen, i’m a girl in middle school and you know what! the exact same thing happens to me, and it’s not because of me being mean or anything.. they just do it, i don’t know why! it’s called being an outcast! and Tory, i watched it for the exact same reason, just for Taylor! ASH, you are stupid. she is not in tween media, and i refuse to accept that, she is not disney channel or anything stupid like that!

  • http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z189/ohsocraez/nov-2/ts10.png Me LOL

    YOU ROCK.. !
    SHE’S AMAZiNG <33