Selena Gomez Shines On New Year's Eve

Selena Gomez Shines On New Year's Eve

Selena Gomez sparkles like the New Year’s Ball as she gets ready to head out to celebrate the end of 2008 at her home in Houston, Texas.

The 16-year-old Wizards starlet will join co-stars David Henrie, Jennifer Stone and Jake T. Austin as they host Disney Channel’s Totally New Year. Viewers voted for their favorite programs of 2008 and they’ll all be broadcast tonight, starting at 6PM ET/PT. Did you vote?

Remember to stay up really late so you can catch the first new episode of 2009 on Wizards of Waverly Place!

UPDATE: Check out the video below of Selena and her family and friends sharing their New Year’s resolutions! Selena‘s is to “be a better friend and to work harder in school.”

Selena Gomez – Goodbye to 2008
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  • mcftd8

    wow she looks weird with that make up :O
    cute through :)

  • Dot

    She looks old or tired with that makeup..

  • Giulia

    Happy New Year!!!

    Here in Brazil it’s already 2009!!!
    Kisses for Everyone!!!

  • joss

    she’s looks cute!

  • jessica

    She looks so pretty and natural.

  • diana

    very natural. beautiful.
    i’m so jelous, she’s so skinny. :)

  • jo

    what’s her ethnicity? she doesn’t look hispanic..

  • trainwreck*

    jo, she’s like 75% mexican and 25% italian…
    her dad is mexican and her mom is half mexican and italian.

    wooow, she looks weird.

  • lilix

    she’s soooooooooo beautiful!

  • toni

    ahhh she’s soo skinny, not fair!
    i love her, shes way too pretty!

  • mary

    ahh she is so pretttttyyyyy

  • lovely

    she looks so tired.
    darn it, i miss her show
    I love u gurl
    and forever will be =]
    Happy new year

  • nicknaks

    Honey ur awesome..
    even though ur cd if not going to be good
    we still love u

  • rochelle

    thanks selena,

  • vanessajonas

    she looks like shit… yuck=S


    I watched and was AMAZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so hilarious and Selena finally proved to me that she COULD sing! Ya know what? I’m going to buy her album. wow…such a good episode (reflects)


    oh I think she looks pretty here! lately she’s been looking . . . bleh! but I think she looks really cute wen her hair is fluffed up and not flat! also I like that she’s not dressing like an old woman here. . . 4 once

  • Karen

    She looks nothing like her parents

  • 2009

    She looks like her mom thats not her in the video

  • Lizzy


  • angel

    I love her outfit. She looks gorgeous, as always.
    Her cousin is like a tan version of her, lol.
    It was adorable when the little boy hugged her & kissed her.

    Oh, and I saw WoWP and it made me even more excited for her album.

  • cc27

    I love selena gomez =D shes awsome ! i hope she gets a wonderful new years :D love her and her tv show , shes pretty lol

  • Anika ahmed

    Selena looks damn cute n preety too……..

  • Angelica

    ugly outfit, and makeup

  • delia

    that was a sweet vid

  • kiki

    She looks skinner like not bad skinny, but skinny. I hope this is all the weight she is gonna lose cause it would prolly be bad.

  • Mimi

    She’s getting too thin…it makes her look REALLY funny.

  • Ariana

    i agree with #2 and the hair isnt really helping and neither is that outfit

  • oh wow!

    woah she looks gangly… put on some weight, Selena!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    I’m with #15 shes soooooooooooooooo UgLy shes way to skinny and she needs help with her makeup she looks like shes dying from aids or something and sorry but shes NOT a pretty girl she has NO class or fashion sense she REALLY needs some help

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Love her outfit!

  • Laurl23

    She looks okay… I would never wear something like that but I guess she pulled it off.

    I thought the video was okay….Kind of boring after hear more and more new years promises.

    Shes okay though, I have nothing against her.

  • sayyy wahha

    she is wayyyyyyyyyyy tos kinny, id say her bmi is underweight!!

  • stephie

    cute cute

  • jonaslover

    she looks way to skinny
    and her makeup is gross
    she’s not that pretty
    and wtf is she wearing!

  • iwannabeachef2

    Selena’s home is in Grand Prairie, TX not Houston. She is half Mexican. Her mother is white. Her parents were not in the video. That was her Nana and Papa. She’s beautiful and Nicky you’re just a jealous idiot who doesn’t know anything about her. Get a life you ugly girl!

  • leeeeeeeeee!

    shes waaay too thin… her ankles are really thin… its starting to get gross!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR.COM team selena and demi

    shes not that skinny she just has a big head she always has had a big head! and she looks fine besides her head size she isnt wearing a lot of make up so she looks like that why were a lot of make up to see your family?

  • nathalia

    i loove her so much!
    selena is so sweet.
    i hope everybody have an incredible year

  • love

    She looks so pretty and natural
    love u Selena 4 ever
    Happy New Year :)

  • Krissy

    selena looks pretty, gorgeous and is so damn talented with singing!
    aww her family is SO funny xD
    there resolutions are amazing!
    but hers- being a good friend? she’s already a good friend to demi & everyone else:)

    that’s not her real family.
    i bet their her step brothers/sisters
    mexican and italian?
    =] being mixed is hot!

    i can’t wait for her album <3
    ANYONE can sing and do everything
    and not just acting alone
    IF you can’t see it for yourselves
    SHE”S been doing this her whole life
    it’s called improvement..
    SEL can take the time, to IMPROVE herself
    and not make a fool outta herself.
    SHE has continued to do every aspect correctly..
    minus what haters have to say.
    YOU people don’t know her
    so why STILL bother commenting on her videos/pics.

    you guys are sooo jealous
    it’s not even funny!
    this girl has looks and style
    and you can’t except the fact
    she’s better than you @ being herself!
    stop with the” OMG she’s so skinny” ” DAMN! put some makeup on!”
    you know what? i hardly doubt anyone of you, can be naturally quit the smash talk!
    So what! you see miley cyrus being skinny..and you don’t say anything about that?
    Ever heard of ” a person can look as beautiful, than having make up on”
    and it’s the truth! selena doesn’t have to prove anything to you people..on how she looks, what she wears, (etc)
    and if you can’t except the fact..she’s different and take the time, to DO things for REAL FANS
    then haters
    i don’t get why you stick around and make complete idiots of yourselfs.
    BIG head?
    wtf! you say the same thing, about rihanna and everyone loves her?
    GOD! quit hating on people on LOOKS and see the real thing!

    I think it’s great she, made us see, a side to her
    that normally most people don’t get to see.SHE MADE THIS VIDEO ON NEW YEARS , so there for, she has every right, to share it, with others.
    get a life!

  • caroline

    she looks sick.
    cute but.. tiired andd so thin.

  • nik nak paddy wak

    okay I like her fashion and she’s sweet unlike

    Miley Cyrus [Hannah Montana] who cares?

    anywho she’s nice and way more talented than Miley-Hannah?
    [who has two names] haha
    She rocks!!
    Go Selena!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    O MY F—— GOD #36 you dont even know and you’re sayin im ugly and im jealous + an idiot what the hell i doubt you’re even half way pretty so just have one ? PATHETIC MUCH!?!?!?! and #41 “i hardly doubt anyone of you, can be naturally beautiful” GOD you act like you know us when you dont why cant you guys just settle for talking about the person that is posted above you know the celebrity thats pretty pathetic,rude & ignorant you guys are s*** talking retards GET A LIFE and do all of us a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP :> you’ll seem smarter OOPZ!!! to late

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR.COM team selena and demi

    i think nicky B spends to much tme on the computer she always comments then re comments each story she needs to get a life! she has no make up on youd look ugly with no make up and wanted to see ur family! she had no need for make up! like miley and her big giant teeth ! miley is fat! and so you just say sel is skinny cuz ur upset that ur idol miley is chunky! sel is not fat or skinny shes just fine and she has a big head! her head size makes her look skinny !leave her alone it is not her fault but mileys giant teeth were she cant close her mouth is her fault cuz she got fake teeth!GOOGLE IMAGES IT WILL SHOW YOU HER TEETH BEFORE AND NOW! NOT THE SAME!

    i agree with 36 and 41(except themiley being skinny cuz lately mileys been puting on some weight!)

  • ?

    # 45
    LMAO xD
    thank for posting that comment up!
    it was beautifully said and told to all them haters who can’t take a hint!
    you were right about NICKY B xD

    OF course we would know you Btz
    you come on here
    every day
    writing the same damn thing
    learn to have grammar
    and learn to know things before you start saying them!
    and also..learn not to put your name, after every post..
    we know it’s you, for god sake >.>
    What makes you think your all that?

    ALL you haters
    are just jealous
    selena is perfect
    and miley isn’t.
    SEL doesn’t try to look pretty and make all the guys fall for her.
    NATURAL is the inner look.
    AND of course you wouldn’t know that considering, your always defending someone who’s not :P ( aka miley)
    MAYBE it would easier if haters, wouldn’t write what they think is best
    and then start to get a life!
    it’s that simple..then staying on here, waiting for some one else’s comment just to respond :P

    shut the hell up
    and get lost!
    who wants you around anywhere… still come back?
    keep dreaming..for you, to be center of attention ..
    cuz it’s never gonna work :P

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!:)

    team selena and demi its like every time i say something about Selena you jump to her defence and like i care what you have to say i dont mess with hardly anybody on here only on some terms i will i didnt say anything to you or about you so layoff and FYI you just saying i dont have a life comes to show you have nothing better to do so YOU get a life and yet you people DO NOT KNOW ME so pleazzzzzzzze stop acting like you do saying stuff about people you dont know is very immature and sometimes i do that so yeah i am sometimes immature cuz i say bad things about people i dont know and yeah so what i may spend most of my time on the computer and you dont have to judge and if you dont like my comments you dont have to like my comments so pleazzzzzzze be quiet you’re getting anoying dog on somebody else besides me for once will ya!?! i’m only 11 yrs old so SHUT THE HELL UP B****

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!:)

    #46 blah blah blah like i care on what you have to say either you get a life
    Lv Nicky B :)

    ^ oh look its my name after my comment
    just to let ya’ll know its NICKY BITCHEZ
    OH YEAH SUCK ON THAT ? ehhehe!

  • http://V831227 nALL

    She looks great and wonderful .

  • thedancer

    hey people
    SHUT UP.
    Selena is gorgeous
    if you people have nothing better to do than talk trash about innocent celebs, you have some seriously MESSED UP lives.
    so stop.

    please and thank you :)