The Jonas Brothers 'Burn Up' 2008

The Jonas Brothers 'Burn Up' 2008

The Jonas Brothers band together as they rock out on the last night of 2008 in New York City’s Times Square on Wednesday night.

The musical trio – Nick, Joe, and Kevin — performed their hit songs, “Burnin’ Up” and “Tonight.” Bodyguard Big Rob even came out on stage for his rap.

The JoBros rang in the new year with BFF Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and music legend Lionel Richie!

Check out all the TV spots below and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Jonas Brothers – “Burnin’ Up” & “Tonight”, 12/31

10+ pics inside of the JoBros ringing in the New Year…

Jonas Brothers with Ryan Seacrest, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift – The Ball Dropping

The Jonas Brothers making small talk with Ryan Seacrest
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Credit: Krieger/Anderson/Vila/baue; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, Steve Mack/
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  • http://JustJared AMANDA IS IN LOVE WITH JB

    First off, they did AMAZING when they performed!
    And OMGOSH! i can’t believe that they would put Taylor and Joe on the same stage. Did you see her glaring at him? And they should have hugged, to get their problems solved!
    She is so immature.

  • W

    This is really weird… I didn’t even watch this yet?
    It’s supposed to be on in 30 minutes…

  • Anonymous

    the gayest New Years EVER!

  • Anonymous

    #3 Yeah, Thanx to the Jonas Brother…

  • sarah

    aw joe and demi were pretty cute.
    joe and taylor awkwarddd

  • zashley4ever

    I love the JB they are soooo cute!
    my fave is Joe Jonas though oh and #5 I agree.
    Joe & Taylor.. wow awkward :P

  • Unknown

    I will quote Joe now. (And this is my opionion of Taylor & him being at New Year’s together.) “…AWKWARD”

    But still, JB did an awesome job considering it was 19 degrees outside. (:

  • ovarated.

    Kevin looks SO hawt..omgee..I love him :D

  • anonymous


    - Just so you know. joe is the one looking at taylor.
    he sucks. and so is his brothers.

    the jonas brothers did horrible performance

  • lamo

    they ruined the whole show. and joe looks like a fag. but nick and kevin look fine. i think nick can do better by himself though

  • 2009 I like the JB but im sorry they sound HORRIBLE live, it sounds like their just going into puberty. again. At least Kevin doesn’t get to embarrass himself up on stage.

  • http://JustJared AMANDA IS IN LOVE WITH JB

    Anonymous –

    Beg to differ.
    When Joe would start cheering or getting loud. She’d look at him and her smile would turn into a glare. I mean sure it was an ass move for him to hurt her like that, but its been over 3 months. Its new years and shes got to let it go. She should have let him hug her and put there differences aside. I know Joe would have.

  • Happy 2009

    They did a GREAT performance!!!No matter what haters say…*yawns*

  • jenny

    jonas brothers performance was awful…and i was there live

  • kevin

    i didnt see any glaring…she was just lonely up there. They should’ve put her bff Kellie pickler with her!! or she should’ve been down with kellie instead of those losers up there!!! she was awesome tonight

  • vhjnkgfv

    Y was demi there she didn’t even perform

  • teamdisney

    Oh!! i missed it i was out of town n i missed it!!
    Ughh i feel soo angry!!
    anyways thanks JB’s for a wonderful new years eve show!
    i saw u all on TV!!


    joe is soooo cute.
    i love him
    and his brothers ;
    that was diff. akward for joe and tay;

    but can you guys say deja vue? it was EXACT same way
    when miley and nick broke up !


  • brigitte LOVES joe

    that was so awesome :D
    i started at a picture of joe the second it turned midnight so he’s the first person i saw 2009! WOOOO! ahhahha, I LOVE HIM!

    but, i’m so curious to see if he hugged taylor swift! WHY DID IT HAVE TO CUT OFF & SHOW DICK CLARK MACK ON HIS WIFE!?

    they performed great but it was so awkward when taylor
    swift kept glaring at him. i agree, she needs to grow up and get over it.

  • X0xSpunkyx0x

    Yeah I agree with Amanda… Taylor should just get over it…

    HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!!

  • Ami

    I saw this on tv before I was so happy when I saw that Demi Lovato was there too, I love her and the jonas bros so much
    There was definitely a lot of tension between joe and taylor there like she wouldn’t even look at him but that was cute when they were all hugging each other aww i really think demi and joe would make a cute couple but i doubt that will ever happen
    I wish demi and the jobros performed together they’re all so awesome
    And I realized that joe and taylor are just like nick and miley at new years last year lol

  • Ami

    And wow joe looks extremely hot in that 1st pic

  • aw

    lol at the awkwardness when they were all standing together with ryan seacrest

  • Dasie

    I ust wanted to say Kevin, Joe and Nick are the only reason I live. They all have amazing voices and I would love to meet them andgo to another concert!!! They are amazing and your crazy if you dont love them.

  • bethany

    you people are slow
    why comment on something that includes people you dislike
    get a life
    demi was gorgeous there<3

  • Samantha Jonas



    I thought they did a great performance :D
    nd yess the taylor thing was awkward, but what can u expect?

  • Emy

    They ROCKED IT ALL OUT IN 19 DEGREE WEATHER!!!!! The Jonas Brothers were amazing!!!! LOVE THEM!!

    Nick looks so cute in the 10th picture!!

  • Emy

    And Joe was NOT glaring at Taylor. All I saw from Joe was yelling singing dancing and enjoying his new year!!!!!

  • vanessa

    Ok taylor was not glaring at joe, she looked more cold then anything. I think you guys are just putting too much emphasis on something that isn’t there.

  • natnut

    Taylor’s album sold more than 2 million in less than a month. The over-rated Jonas Brothers can’t even crack 1 million AFTER 3 months of sales and despite the MASSIVE Disney publicity machine behind them.
    AND.. Taylor is still the number one album in the nation with a good chance of spending another week at the top(total 5 weeks at #1).

    She’s graduating towards superstardom while the JB’s will be relegated to an interesting footnote in history.

    A few years from now, people will be saying:” the Jonas bros? Didn’t they use to be popular for a short while, riding on Disney’s coattails and one of them dated Music Legend Taylor Swift for a while?”

  • team.jonas.x

    it was just awesome :) they did a great the jobros .. and demi looked georgeous <3

    i was wondering if joe was hugging taylor? i don’t think soo

  • witchygirl

    they were very good but they are good performers

  • Annie..!

    I was there dudes!! THEY WERE AMAZING!

  • cc27

    I love the jonas brothers ! [esp. joe] they did an awsome performance! still kinda weird of joe and taylor being at the same place xD but they should get over it and try becoming friendz =D

  • http://Zacefron Bradley

    the Jonas brothers rocked

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    @ #1, a hug, hugs dont solve anything, thats the most stupidiest thing ever.

    she is immature, so is joe since he wasnt mature enough to break up with her face to face.

  • beth

    joe looks gorgeous!!!!
    Taylor is very immature good have fun

  • Tammie

    OK, Joe and Taylor are both immature. Joe’s immature for breaking up with her over the phone. He should’ve been more manly and do it face to face. Taylor’s immature for publicly announcing it to the world and for insulting and teasing him (ex. the dolls). And as for the New Year’s thing, they were both put in an awkward position, so glaring is only natural.

  • qwerty

    I personally found it funny to see how much Taylor Swift avoided the Jonas Brothers when they were up on the stage. It was too funny to see the awkwardness between them, and how Taylor and Joe were on the exact opposites of the stage?

  • lacey

    haahhaaaa joe jonas cannot even look at her :)

    and you americans all complaining about 19degrees.. try living in england.. it was around 3-5degrees where i live yesterday and its probably the same now!!

    oh by the way.. LOVE NICK JONAS :)
    whatever he wears he always looks gorgeous!!x

  • Jo

    Awww the JEMI hug!! Demis hands around his neck holding on for dear life and Joes hand around demis waist holding on tight :D so cute. They are PERFECT together.

  • cc27

    i wish i was there haha…. joe and taylor wow super awkward hehe.. i likyy joe and demi haha.

  • JB2009

    I live for so many more reasons than Jonas, but they are what kept my life going for almost three years already.
    Anyone who makes fun of anyone for that is totaly tone-deff and insane.

    Happy New Years to my Brothers, and my family.
    Not only have you enjoyed your life so far, but you enjoyed mine.

    JOE SHAVED HIS BEARD!!! (but he also cut his hair, which is really annoying, because he was just getting it to look GORGEOUS!!!)

    I will do anything for Jonas. You name it, I’ll do it. But only if they say so.

    I love you guys so much, and happy 2009!!!!!!


  • tweenscreaminginmyear

    As far as the “sounded horrible live” thing……………it was super cold outside (yes, some places are colder), but all that cold air is not good for vocal chords or trying to hit certain notes.

    If you want to hear Nick and the other JoBros sing live and kick it, then try Youtube search for House of Blues.

    Not sure who was glarring at whom, or who was just cold, or if they both were trying to make the most of what had to be a very akward situation. Even if Joe did do the “20 sec. phone call” thing, I don’t think Taylor should have taken to her blogs to complain about it.

  • delia

    that was a good performance of them
    especially when big rob did his rap


  • rissa

    i agree with everyone saying their performance was awful. It’s all downhill from here. They were good before, then nick started trying too hard and now he sounds like he’s in pain, joe started trying too hard and he can’t even find the pitch to the melody, and kevin started trying too hard to sing and he can’t even harmonize for like 1 measure. That is horrible.

  • annie

    all i can say is…Joe & Taylor… wow awkward

  • Dot

    Demi ruined it.

  • L

    they all looked so good!!!! and they had a great performance too!!!

    joe’s hair looked REALLY good!! like better than usual!!!!!!!!