Zac Efron Shops Big -- Costco Big

Zac Efron Shops Big -- Costco Big

Zac Efron poses with a cute young fan as he shops at the Costco wholesale store in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 3).

The 21-year-old actor, who continued to rock out his Diesel “Thanaz 8LP” jeans and CPO Jacket, is said to return for the Hairspray sequel. His costar Nikki Blonsky said earlier this week, “Zac has said he’d love to do it again, and I know Brittany Snow is down for sure. I don’t know about Amanda [Bynes]. I hope she will. I want to put on my Tracy Turnblad wig again and dance my little heart out.”

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • Alexia

    Did he cut his hair or maybe trimmed it?

  • liz

    zac is so hott!

  • Cherry-Jean

    earth to zac?xD

  • Bre

    Awesome! What a fan lover!

  • haley

    I love him. He is soo Hot! But i hope he does not do HS2

  • ally

    aww hes so cute he shops at costco.
    its nice he took a picture with a fan.
    i love him soooo much!!

  • kiki

    he looks so big!
    lol, cute photo!

  • VFactory

    so cute =)

  • joeil4u

    sweet ^_^

  • alex

    looking hot as always zac!! :)

    Hoping for new ZANESSA news soon :)

    love you zaccyy :)


  • meeeee

    ooooomg. she is SO adorable! lucky little cutie.

  • shantelle

    dang boy when dont you look hot N sexyy???? :)


    i dont think john travlotas gonna do it either now after such
    big loss of his son .R.I.P JET TRAVOLTA



  • http://JustJared AMANDa’s in love with zac!!!

    Awww! soo cute!
    Hes sooo good with kids.
    I can’t wait till he has a child.

  • shantelle

    ZANESSA PIC ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  • Cherry-Jean

    NOOOO!! He’s not going to cut his hair again!T__T BUT i would love it if he spiked his hair.*-* GO for it Zac!

  • zanessa4-life

    #12:That was the exact thing I planned to write ,too!!!
    That he’d be such a good father ,hes always so cute with kiddies!
    In one video on youtube,it’s on the set of HSM3 hhe carries a 3 or 4 year old girl and coddles her and…it was soooo cute.Damn it,I cant find it.But its one of the cutest things Ive ever seen.
    Live your ♥ zanessa

  • queen

    lol nice more ZANESSA!

  • kiarita´sKiss

    i loooove zac!!!…. but i hope he dosnt film HS2…… he needs to move on musicals…..

    kisses.. xD

  • stacey

    zachary you look fine!!!!! man he is sooo hot!!!!!

    :D hoping for new zanessa news soon! :)

    love yah zaccy!

  • http://ijusloverher zanessa_love

    damn he’s so hot!! and this little girl is soo cute!!
    awww this was so nice from zac to make a picture with this sweety!


    i wanna see new zanessa pics:( i hope we got them soon!!!
    i love seeing pictures of them!! they make me so happy^^


  • bettybaby

    awwwwwwww, he looks so adorable with that little girl!

    and yea, manages to look while doing it too!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Aww he looks so cute with the little girl ♥
    Hope he DOESNT dp HS2 with Nikki :p

    GO ZAC!

  • Maria-Chiara

    He’s so sweet! *-*
    And I love his shirt! (L)

  • http://aye Mary

    awww too cute. What a sweet little girl. And Zac at Costco, that makes me smile and I don’t know why!

    I gotta laugh at the Nikki quote, it’s so obvious that she hasn’t talked to him at all, Zac has said…she’s only going by what she’s seen when he’s been asked in that one interview, he said he knew nothing about it but said he possibly would, but as if he could say anything else on camera. John isn’t doing it(rip Jett) and the plot sounds hideous. I for one hope he doesn’t do it, Footloose and HS2 would be too much. I think he should do Footloos and more movies like 17again, which looks amazing!

  • hannah029

    He looks good! And he is always good to his fans :)

  • heather

    Mary- I noticed that too!

    She saw him get interviewed ONCE about HS2, he said he had not been approached about it, gave a very canned answer, and she is quoting that!

  • Zanessalover4ever

    aww it look so cut it looks like if he was his and vanessa daughter lol he loks graet as a dad

  • http://Zacefron Zac efron’s #1 Fan

    Zac looks so hot.

  • HsM_GiU

    He is so cuuuuuute!!!
    and he’s So HOOOOOOOOOOOT!

    Zac :Q_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Carrie

    “Nikki “I Speak For Everyone” Blonsky needs to stop telling any media outlet that will listen who is or isn’t attached to a movie that doesnt even have a completed script or start date! If she wants to speak for someone else then she should work in PR!

  • maria

    Nikki Blonsky needs to go away. Yeah, she’s praying he does it, because it would be a TOTAL BOMB without Zac or John Travolta.

  • http://Zacefron Zac efron’s #1 Fan

    #26 I agree with you

  • pop86

    Nikki needs to stop speaking on behalf of other people(Zac, Brittney and Amanda). I hope their management tell her to shut-up.

  • kristy

    #22- you’re right. you can tell by that quote that they don’t talk anymore. I feel bad for her cause she’s a talented girl, but she needs to leave other peoples’ names out of her press. She’s practically obsessed with him.


  • Chase

    I was thinking about getting my hair cut like that. I was also going to buy Diesel jeans on sale but they were still expensive.

  • Katty

    The pic is cute

    I’m not sure if he should do Hairspray 2 or not. Sometimes they make sequels that are not needed, and sometimes said sequels bomb. If everyone else agrees to come back, maybe, but not if the whole cast doesn’t come back. I hate sequels that are made without the entire cast, and it ruins the movie. It all really depends on the cast and the script. Nikki Blonsky shouldn’t have said she really wanted to come back, because now they won’t offer her as much money. Zac is really good at not saying how much he would love to be in a movie, and he gets a lot of money out of it.

  • mafaldii

    OMG ! He’s such a stupid man who thinks he’s the best.

    Helloooo girls !!

    He needs fame to appear in the movies… OPEN YOUR EYES !!!

    He can be a cute guy (argh! – his smile is soo stupid) and that helps, okay…

    He acted in HSM and that was when the spotlights came !

    Oh, c’mon, you can do better girls! There are many actors that don’t like fame, but Zac… gosh, he loves it! He NEEDS fame…

    FAME is part of him… because his STUPID !!!

    And I hope you come here and see my coment, Mr. Zac “the world’s in my hand” Efron !!

  • zanessafen4e

    yes i agree with #26 and #29

  • zashley4ever

    Awwwwww! Soo cute :D

  • Emma

    i dont think he should do hairspray 2. John Travolta has already said he isnt doing it so it will totally suck without him since he was the star and the plot that has been mentioned sounds crap.

  • zanessa4everr

    aww he’s so hot!
    i love that jacket/sweater thing

  • Jeanette

    Zac is So Hot and the litle girl is adorable

  • http://aye Rachel

    #37 do you know how stupid you sound. Zac doesn’t crave nor need fame. He hates attention and never ever plays the media, he keeps his private life just that, he never talks about his relationship, he is professional and charming. He is a lot more sensible and sane than 99% of Hollywood, he is just a normal kid who is doing what he loves, he doesn’t need fame he would probably cope a lot better if he was just allowed to act. He has so much talent and charisma, when he’s on screen he just shines, not to mention he’s just so funny and dorky, he doesn’t need to do HS2 at all. You sound completely arrogant and your comment is unjustified and envious.

    He has a beautiful smile too.

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    omg zac is sooooo hott!!!! but also he is so good with kids lol! i love him! i wish that was me instead of that little girl! :( but oh well its still cute!

  • Ella

    Awww! Thats too cute!!

  • Kami

    NO HAIRSPRAY 2 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://aye Martha

    he is just too cute taking a pic with that little girl, especially considering the mom must have sold the pic, he is such a generous guy.

    As for HS2, Nikki just sounds somewhat deserate to do it again. With the plot as it is, as desribed by Adam himself, I can’t imagine that any of the big names would be interested. John’s out for a start. I know Brittney has said she would do it. I like how Nikki just presumes everything, kinds sad I guess as it is completley obvious she doesn’t talk to Zac, and Amanda for that matter. After the way she has handled herself in the wake of her ‘incident’, which was very poor indeed, who is she to presume she would be Tracey? I liked her in Hairspray but there is just something about her that makes me cringe, it’s as If she is always playing the victim. I feel sorry for her j guess. I do hope that Zac stays well clear of HS2 as the plot sounds beyond hideous, they are literally doing this just for money, they are going to ruin what was an amazing film.

  • EasternGlow

    I hope Zac doesn’t return to do Hairspray 2. If he does do Footloose, he has done enough musical to last him at least 5 lifetimes. He need a variety….he says he wants that too.

  • nikki

    zac and that girl are so cute and zac is also hot but how the heck does nikki know that zac wants to do it! also zac dont do it it sounds like a horrible plot

  • ..

    i believe v was there with him!! i saw him in that shirt when they were hiding from the paparazzi someone posted the story in a comment idr what site it was though