Selena Gomez is a XXI Forever Female

Selena Gomez is a XXI Forever Female

Returning from Christmas vacation in Texas, Selena Gomez chats away on her cell phone at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place starlet was seen donning a pair of chestnut Ugg “Suburb Crochet” boots and a huge black tote.

Selena also carried around a bright yellow XXI Forever shopping bag. XXI Forever is run by Forever 21 for style-conscious juniors. They sell higher-end apparel and accessories.

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  • mary

    Oh I looooove her!!!


  • mary


  • VanessaHudgens number 1 fan

    aww luv you selena…soo pretty and cute :)

  • hannah

    pretty girl but i prefered her when she looked like herself- now she just looks like another version of vanessa hudgens.
    not that i dislike either girls- just i liked ther when she was more original.

  • nathalia

    i really like her

  • Nicky

    she is so cute…

  • lilix


  • NIca

    She is without make up?? She’s cute.
    Best wishes from Poland ;)

  • heather

    is she on the phone to nick ?

    aww shes really pretty, but yer she has changed and gone more vanessa.
    she is a mini nessa ( apart from stella )

  • kristina FROST


    “higher end apparel and accessories”?

  • stephana

    i thought i was the only one that noticed that, no 4!!

  • Rosa

    She is NOT and NEVER gonna be like Vanessa ..
    even though she is trying so hard ..
    she’d rather be HERSELF ..
    because V is waaaaay more beautiful, talented, and stylish ..
    i think she should find her own way of being herself instead of “copying” someone else ..

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Awh i love selena she rocks!!!
    soo pretty :)

  • missy

    Jesus Christ not every dark haired girl is a Vanessa wannabee or look a like….and she is nothing like Vanessa they have two completely different styles

  • ashfan

    you guys are RIDICULOUS

    HOW in every possible way, you can accuse her copying (‘of all celebrities in Disney and Hollywood ‘) Vanessa ?

    Vanessa’s style is not original. She is just beautiful that she can pull off simple outwear that I, for once, own and wear.

    Ck, Ck, Ck…..

  • Krissy

    Selena is damn gorgeous, pretty, cute, beautiful + every WORD out there, to describe what a amazing person she is :D
    she’s the best..and i love her for being such a great role model (L)
    i love her style!
    it makes her unique apart from every one else
    and people who say she’s trying too hard
    your pathetic.
    the only thing, i see her DOING is being herself!
    so get a life if you can’t except people for who they are
    and what they do -.-

    i bet she’s calling nick
    or vice versa
    HE is ONE lucky boy!
    AND she’s one lucky girl :D

    # 14/15
    Thank you for expressing the truth!
    it’s about time
    people see the real thing
    & would stop making accusations
    towards everything they see.

  • riana

    not realy a fan of her an i totaly dont think she is a nessa look a like or wateva! Shes her own self and yea i hate selenas style (ew) vanessa is way prettier than she eva will be!!!!!!!!


    I don’t think she’s trying to be Vanessa.
    Of Course she’s gonna have a big bag because it’s hand luggage, she’s probably got books and other crap you would bring on a plane.
    And for the UGGS, well, you can’t wear heels on a plane, you’re gonna need to be as comfy as possible to avoid complications
    Jesus! You’d think you people have never flown a plane before.

  • Vynnie

    Wow, first you people compare Selena to Miley, now you’re comparing her to Vanessa Hudgens? Jeez, when will people stop?!

    Anyway, I think Selena looks great and her hair is adorable! She’s gonna do great things this year, so I’ll be wishing her the best! =]

  • Brenda

    yeah vynnies right stop !!!!!!!!!! i think selena has her own style she is selena not vanessa miley or anyone else
    btw selena looks really cute and does she have a blackberry ???

  • jbforlife

    Personally i don’t care who she copies, she doesn’t have talent anyways so what’s the point. She is just the sterotypical no-talent hollywood girl who is going to have some sort of break down.

    wowwww….. the people they let into the industry these days.

  • nicknaks

    shes awesome

  • vanessajonas

    vanessa is way cuter than her
    nelena broke up a long time ago , dudes !!!

  • mandy

    At least you stop talking about miley in selena’s post, but now the thing is with v, grow up people!

  • jackie

    she is wayyy too pretty. i want her hair. i want to be her best friend really badly. imagine that, my life would be so cool.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)


    Lv Nicky B :)

  • rockstar

    omg venessa does not own that kind of style so stop saying selena copied her because theirs alot more people that have that same style so back off!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i luv both selena and vanessa

  • Stephie


  • cola

    those boots are not uggs, they are from forever 21.

  • Kleon

    ah i support her
    she not rich what do you expect uggs in the industry
    its not all $$$ its pretty hard for cash cuz you already have to pay for other things for events and such for make up arts thats not just provided with fame she probally a llittle above middle class yea she goes on trips but most of the time paid for shee just acttt and she doing greatt !!

  • jobro lover

    omg i love uggs and forever 21! and selena gomez :}

  • Jay


    haha i know very mature right?

  • ally

    No, Forever XXI is not the “higher end Forever21″ it’s the flagship store of forever21, which means it carries all lines from Forever21 including men, and twelvebytwelve.

  • I love Demi and Jb their awsom

    I love that store I just call it forever 21 it’s the same thing just bigger I wonder what she bought I shop their constintley they have everything I love the acceseries room it’s awsome.

  • I love Demi and Jb their awsom

    I ment to right Selena, Demi and Jb lol

  • ???

    why does everyone love her so much?
    and why is everything about her face so puffy?
    I mean her face is mad round and her nose…. :(

  • Marcela

    me encanta su manera de vestir y su peinado y pienso que por eso nick la eligio

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  • cheap uggs

    And for the UGGS, well, you can’t wear heels on a plane, you’re gonna need to be as comfy as possible to avoid complications
    Jesus! You’d think you people have never flown a plane before.

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    She is just the sterotypical no-talent hollywood girl who is going to have some sort of break down

  • hII

    I don’t get it I thought Justin Bieber said he wouldn’t date a girl who wears uggs!