Adrienne Bailon is Bar Deluxe Lucky

Adrienne Bailon is Bar Deluxe Lucky

Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon snuggles up to fiance Rob Kardashian as they exit Bar DeLuxe in Los Angeles on Thursday evening.

Adrienne even matched her pink Balenciaga bag to her lipstick!

The 24-year-old performer recently dished to the East Valley Tribune about the future of The Cheetah Girls.

When asked about the message that the group brings, Adrienne said, “Celebrate who you are, celebrate what makes you special. The great message of the Cheetah Girls is that we’re a multicultural group and that we’re not clones of one another. We’re totally different from one another, yet we can still be best friends and learn from each other. That goes along with the One World message.”

Also pictured below is fellow Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan. She was out and about on Wednesday night, hitting up Crown Bar.

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Photos: PRJ/VAH/Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • saudia

    she looks good here

  • saudia

    .. talking about Adrienne

  • Ms. Marple

    OK, I have a question here.

    This young woman, also part of Disney, TOOK MORE THAN ONE NUDE PICTURE of herself and SHE POSTED THEM ON THE INTERNET FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE.

    How long ago was this? Six months at the most? Why does no one mention it?

    Yet, someone STOLE ONE pictures of Vanessa Hudgens and posted it on the Internet and JJ mentioned that ONE photo “scandal” over and over on threads he did on Vanessa. And most other tabloids and magazines STILL mention that ONE stolen photo as if Vanessa were a demon from hell.

    So, my question is, why is this Adrienne Bailon, who POSTED HER OWN NUDE PICTURES on the Internet so quickly forgiven and her NUDE PHOTOS NEVER MENTIONED?

    And why is Vanessa Hudgens still being rebuked and castigated for ONE picture someone stole and put on the Internet?

    I don’t have an answer. Maybe someone else does.

  • ashlee

    how come no one ever mentions this chick’s n-a-k-e-d pic that she herself put on the internet? how come?

  • Trina

    Maybe Disney paid everyone off not to mention this girl’s N-U-D-E pic. Obviously, Disney loves her.

    It’s pretty clear that Disney doesn’t give a s-h-i-t about Vanessa Hudgens. But you know, one day she will show them.

    I’m with Megan Fox–F-U-C-K Disney!!!!

  • tina

    Ms. Marple, I think some people want to hate on Vanessa just because, no real reason. They hate that after the picture was leaked that she did not become some drunk celebrity falling out of clubs or just doing silly things. The most Vanessa does is do her work, go shopping or hang out with friends and family. So really all these haters use to bash Vanessa is the pictures. I think Vanessa handled the picture scandal with grace and she did not let it stop her from living her life.

  • Alfredo


  • Mandy

    I totally agree with Ms Marple. But the cheetah girls weren’t and still aren’t as famous as the stars of the HSM franchise. Which is why Vanessa is still being criticized for a simple mistake. Vanessa is looked up to by hundreds and millions of young girls which is why it was disappointing to Disney. If Adrienne had the same amount of popularity and fans as Vanessa, she would probably be sacked by now. That’s what Hollywood’s like nowadays. It all counts on popularity.

  • monica

    OMGISH!! Love Sabrina Bryan too bad she only got 2 pictures of her there and she has alot going on to with her solo projects. Hope there is more to come from her she’s the best. . Love her green eyes. Your rock Sabrina Bryan!!!!! Thanks for at least mentioning Sabrina Bryan beening there Just Jared. Next time, I hope there is more of Sabrina Bryan:)

  • vanessajonas

    yes she doesnt get a lot of bashing but vanessa is =(… too sad
    anyways, i love this couple! i didnt know they were engaged
    why everyone have that bag?

  • liz

    To Comment #3—-
    Because Vanessa’s pics where thought of to be worse then Adrienne’s… Adrienne’s were only of her butt where as Vanessa’s were of her front. Showing off her goodies, plus V was only like 17 where as A is over 18… Plus I think teen girls look up to V more then A since HSM was so much bigger then Cheeta Girls ever was.

    Since when is Adrienne and Rob engaged? I had no idea…

  • teli

    #11 your so right!

  • Jackie

    Hate her hair like that.

  • l.l.l.

    That’s true # 3! But i guess these other people have a point Vanessa was younger! And I had no idea these two were engaged! That’s cool!They make a cute couple!

  • penny

    vanessa’s pictures were a big deal because she is more famous and a bigger star than any of the cheetah girls.

  • skye

    i do not really agree i mean vannessa’s were more revealing than adrienne’s plus adrienne is alot older than vanessa. also adrienne is starting to break away from disney well not really but she does solo things aswell where as vanessa doesn’t really and because hsm was on the fore front of the disnay channel at that time alot more people would have been tuning in than when adrienne’s pictures came out.

  • Jaqui

    Sabrina looks gorgeous as usual!!!!SABRINA ROCKS!!! T4P!!!

  • polvopaw

    LOVE to see Sabrina out and about, Wish you had more pictures of her, but she looks AMAZING on the two that you posted!!! LOVE SABRINA!!!

  • enigma

    maybe because adrienne is still wearing a bra on her pics?

  • hellomoto

    She’s wearing Pencey here. Looks Fab.

  • lizz

    its because adrienne isnt that big of a star for anyone to care as much with the scandal as they did vanessa.
    im pretty sure more ppl recongize vanessa than adrienne any day!

  • sAM

    @Ms. Marple: There is a reason for this Vanessa was underage and was under parental protection at the time Vanessa had her taken. Its also common knowledge in the world of teenagers sometimes when things get to the computer you never know who will look up the pics.

  • emma

    aww they looked soo cute together :) shame they split as they would have been amazone together. I want to know why Disney cut The Cheetah Girls but keeped Vanessa on? Vanessa’s pics were worse than Adriennes must be fave but remember Cheetah Girls came first and made Disney Channel movie madness as they sold more than any movie untill HSM 2 came in. CHEETAH GIRLS ALL THE WAY.