KayCee Stroh: Pretty in Park City

KayCee Stroh: Pretty in Park City

KayCee Stroh flashes her diamond wedding band as she walks along Main Street at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Saturday afternoon (January 16).

The 24-year-old High School Musical actress had fun with new husband Ben Higginson at The Green Lodge and good friend Danielle Fishel at Sephora Beauty Lounge.

KayCee, a native of Salt Lake City, is no stranger to Sundance. She visited the film festival with co-star and BFF Ryne Sanborn last year.

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Credit: Disciullo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • bigcitydreams


  • Karen

    Hope you and your new hubby Ben are having a really good time at the festival. Always love seeing your pretty face and smile. You always seem to positive and happy.

  • http://www.angiecakes_1990.bebo.com angela

    she is looking pretty love the ring Kaycee hope your happy with ya hubby.

  • vanessajonas

    the flashing ring is getting annoying

  • akdfjka

    i dislike her very much. :/

  • http://rantsthoughtsmerde.blogspot.com NativeNYker

    She needs to have a salad! & w/out croutons!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Emily

    Kaycee is pretty. Everytime I hear of her, she always has a smile on her face

  • Krissy

    kaycee looks really pretty & happy!
    i’m so excited for her, showing off her new man and a ring to match :P
    there such a cute couple!
    wish them all the best <3

    get a life!
    if you don’t like her, why are you even commenting about her?
    can u be so mean?
    a salad with out crutons? who are you, to judge about girls weight!
    it doesn’t take more than looks, just to love somebody and get married you know? learn to realize that, before making fun of people!
    weight or no weight, she still looks beauitful in her own ways!
    and it shows from HSM’ & the fact, BEN choosed her, out of all people to be with ;)

    so what if she shows off the ring so many times:S
    she just got married and is sharing it with everyone.
    There’s no problem or legal right against that O.O
    it’s a happy moment into her life..cut her some slack would ya? =/
    I’m sure tons of people will DO that, and be like” i just got married, look at my ring, isn’t it gorgeous!”

    i’m very proud of her :)

    go kaycee
    you be who the real person you are
    and don’t let haters get in the way of that!

  • mia

    I don’t get why she thinks she a star. She’s not.

  • ali

    she reallly needs to stop publicizing her wedding, all that is gonna end at some point

    honestly i dont think anyone cares that she got married

  • ladygaga

    sad that she had to make her wedding so publicized. people are gonna hate her for it and its not gonna get her anywhere. put your hand down KayCee, your making more enemies than fans.

  • liz

    omg shes so pretty i love her!!

    stop the kaycee hate!!

  • isabella

    seriously no one cares about this chick. she wasn’t even THAT important in HSM.

  • Karen


    More people care about KayCee than they do you so give the insolence a rest. And all of you who are making snide remarks about her showing off her ring, that just goes to show how immature you really are. You think it is cool to act like it doesn’t matter but if it was your ring, your wedding, and people taking a picture of you, you would have the ring stuck up anyone’s nose that would look, be showing tons of pictures whether anyone wanted to see them or not, and be all ga-ga over your new husband so you’d have a smile from ear to ear and you’d want everyone to know it and be letting everyone take a picture of how happy you were. But since you obviously don’t have that at this time you people want to be cynical. Grow up.

  • alice

    hey sweetie sorry but no one cares about you !!! ur not vanessa… btw i miss ZANESSAAAA !!!

  • Nattie

    yay! shes cute!
    agree with Karen.
    stop to calumniate Kaycee

  • Lily

    she looks amazing !
    god bless her =D

  • Mandy


  • ladygaga

    maybe more people would like her once she does something more than flashing her wedding all over the place

  • athena

    Awesome, Zac was there last year to promote Me and Orson Welles….I wonder if Kaycee and Ryne had the chance to meet up with Zac then?

  • Karen


    Zac was not at the Sundance Film Festival last year to promote MAOW. He was at the Toronto Film Festival when he did that.