Demi Lovato - 'Lo Que Soy' Music Video

Demi Lovato - 'Lo Que Soy' Music Video

Demi Lovato sits at a baby grand piano on the set of her upcoming music video in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (January 18).

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet channels her inner Lady in Red to perform “Lo Que Soy”, the Spanish version of Camp Rock‘s “This is Me”. This is Demi‘s first Spanish speaking song.

Demi arrived in Washington D.C. yesterday afternoon for the Kids’ Inaugural: We Are The Future celebration, airing TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Be sure to tune in!

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Photos: Albert Michael/Startraksphoto
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    b;ah! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS./
    she’s amazing, & i love her.

    this was on her saynow, i can’t wait.
    i love her so much it hurts.

  • Phi


  • Marylynn

    OMG WHAT HAPPEND TO HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks goth!!!!!! What is wrong with girls why do they want to look so hard!!! its pathetic.

  • Emy

    Woah she does look like Vanessa Hudgens. It is because she dyed her hair darker. lol That is so awesome she is singing in Spanish! I really want to hear it! :)

  • joeil4u

    she actually looks like vanessa!!! but shes cute:)

  • Zanessalover4ever

    she looks exactly like me and Vanessa Hudgens

  • wow…

    yea lmfao!!!

  • lucy

    she looks sooo weird on the first and second pic!!!

  • amande jonas


  • B!

    OMG, she’s so diferent! you know, at first i didn’t recognize her o_o

  • Alice

    Why her and selena are always copying Vanessa !!! Just stop !
    Anyway She looks sweet . MISS ZANESSAAA !!!!

  • rocksii

    omgsh! i didn’t recognized her!
    she looks gorgeous!
    i love her hair..
    and i love that song
    although the lyrics in spanish don’t have the same
    meaning that the english one has but it still rocks.

  • Carol

    OMG ! She looks like Vanessa in this pics !
    LOVED !

  • jasmine

    whoah. she looks like vanessa hudgens. love her hair

  • Aly

    i thought it was vanessa!omg she looks sooo different

    she’s awesome!

  • camila

    wowww she looks like vanessa hudgens…. but a bit prettier because she looks different too

  • Lover :B

    She’s so beautiful .she lookes like a prettyer version of Vanessa. Can’t wait to hear the song in spanish. wow. i love her :)

  • day 0412

    look at her eyes in the last photo they look like a cats

  • joss

    woah, she looks like vanessa hudgens, and thats not a good thing

  • ariana

    ok thats weird that doesnt look like her sitting at the piano at all … it looks like vanessa weridddddd

  • patricia20

    waaiiittt her skin looks waaaayyyy darker!
    she looks like a real latina ! not just some girl with pale skin..
    hmmm i wonder what she did cuz her skin def doesnt look as white as it used too

  • patricia20

    she loooks JUSt liek vanessa!

  • L

    she looks like a mini vanessa hudgens

  • kara

    she does look like vanessa, poor thing

  • patricia20

    sheeee looks like vanesssa!!!!

  • patricia20

    seriously though if you look at other pics of her she looks so white! and now shes tan like vanessa.. i think its soo weird. it doesnt look like her at all!

  • Angelica

    she looks different.

  • ally

    wow i didnt recongnize her. she looks amazing but more spanish. i like it alot.

  • patricia20

    i just looked at pics of her arriving in washington and her skin is light again…i think they put dark makeup on her for this shoot.

  • lala :)

    HOLY CRAP!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tia

    wow photoshop much?! she looks like vanessa hudgens. which isint that good of a thing. since demi has her own individual beauty.

  • bizzy

    awwh! she looks a lot like vanessa hudgens, but she looks so tired! the girl needs a break!

  • Chloe

    You know who she looks like? The new Bond girl. Especially in the first and fourth pictures when she’s on the piano.

  • liz

    OMYGOSH. I love Demi =] She looks gorgeous here!!! And she could totally pass as Vanessa Hudgens’s sister ♥

  • Stefanie

    she looks like vanessa freaking hudgens

  • chelsea

    i dont like her hair dark… she looks too mexican.

  • Krissy


    DEMI LOOKS freaking gorgeous with black hair!
    i love her new look, even tho, she had it like it before, in the old days <3
    SHE still looks beautiful any style she has …
    perfect role model :)
    THIS IS ME in Spanish?
    her voice is so amazing, she can sing the same song in 5 different versions..! ( and Spanish is the most beautiful creation into music)
    I can’t wait to hear it :P

    OK would all you stop comparing demi and selena with vanessa hudgens? it’s getting annoying.
    you point out the flaws on how these girls, look alike..and might have something in common, instead of coping one another.
    ( talent. personality. culture on being mixed.looks.)

    you know V is not the ONLY celeb with black hair!
    and just cuz, demi changed it, doesn’t mean she’s copying her!
    she had black hair before
    so did selena
    look at the old pics of them and you would know!
    nothing’s wrong with change…
    every girl does it, with hair, style ( etc)
    I personally think, demi suits black hair more than brown:)
    she’s more gorgeous and herself this way (L)

    Another thing, is that, there’s like 50% or more of girls with brunette hair types..
    does it mean, that the whole world is copying vanessa?
    hahah i don’t think so!

    love demi<3
    keep doing what your doing
    it’s all so amazing seeing you everyday with a smile and continuing something so original and creative!

  • cc27

    in the pic where hse has the bang and black hair is like vanessa hudgens lol

  • E

    i love her
    but she looks alot like me, ive never noticed, but she does haha

  • hey

    whoa, she looks so different!!!! i swear i couldn’t tell that was Demi!

  • Jessica

    She looks so Spanish now! :) Wow! Props to hair and makeup! Demi’s MV is gonna be awesome!

  • mrsefron.



  • mrsefron.

    agree with #24.

  • http://popstaronline dallaslovato123

    shes looks sooo wonderful omg if i were a guy i would date her so cute great pretty smart she rocks my socks

  • ew.

    thats not demi,


    She Looks Mad Mexican.


  • angie

    that doesnt look like her at all.. i dont think it is lol

  • aw

    It’s too bad that Vanessa is infinitely more naturally gorgeous than her. They should have tried to giver her, her own look for this instead of having her look like a poor ripoff.

  • lala :)

    woah the girl with the amazing color changing skin!!! lol jk i loooovvvvveeeeee demiii <333

  • katie

    ewwww! what the heck did she do?

  • gloriaaaa[:

    looks more like vanessa hudgens lol<3

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