David Archuleta: I Met Marc Anthony!

David Archuleta: I Met Marc Anthony!

David Archuleta suits up to attend the Celebrando El Cambio — Renewing America’s Promise Inauguration gala in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night (January 18).

The 18-year-old performer had a great time over the weekend and updated his MySpace to tell his fans all about it. He writes, “So last week was pretty crazy! Monday was way fun with the Hard Rock Cafe performance! For those of you who went, I hope you had fun. I also accompanied myself on ‘A Little Too Not Over You’ for the first time in New York for WPLJ.

“After New York, I went to LA to do some stuff for Build-A-Bear, and there were 2 other talented girls. One of them was named Meaghan [Jette Martin], who I believe was in Camp Rock. The other girl was named Jamia, and she was the little girl in August Rush! I remember watching Jamia actually on Showtime at the Apollo and Jay Leno when she was 7, so it was so cool! haha. I was blown away by her then, and I am blown away by her now. She was full of energy, and was hilarious too.

“On Friday I did Radio Disney. I got to visit all the lovely cheerful staff at the Radio Disney station again, and I always love to go there. I performed there again, and got to talk to Ernie D and answer some phone calls on the air. Access Hollywood was there too, and they filmed me singing and doing my interviews there. I also had a little photo shoot for Radio Disney too, just for a few things. Saturday, I performed at one of the events at Sundance, and that was really special because it was the first time I sang a song with my brother accompanying me on guitar. He accompanied me on ‘You Can’, and he did great haha. My friends and family got to come along, and we partied and just jammed out to music. We all had a really good time.

“I then flew out to DC to sing the National Anthem at a Latino Gala event on Sunday, one of the events going on for the week of the inauguration. Some of the performers were War, Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Sanz, and Marc Anthony, and I really enjoyed watching them. I got a chance to talk to Jennifer [Lopez] and Marc, and they were some of the coolest people I have ever met! It’s awesome because my mom is a huge fan of both of them, and they’re both incredibly talented. I love meeting people who are really well known and stuff, and you expect them to act all big and important, when they are some of the most down-to-earth cool people you’ve ever met haha. That’s how they were, and I really respected them for that. And I hope I can sing like Marc when I’m older.”

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kate @ 11:19 am on 01/21/2009


He bores me.

And he’s not even cute.

Aifan @ 11:54 am on 01/21/2009

Kate, why bother commenting if you are going to be rude?

David is very cute! I definitely enjoy reading his blogs.

stef @ 11:56 am on 01/21/2009

That’s cool, i’ve never met Marc but i did met Jennifer Lopez when my brother was working at the BMG studio and she’s so adorable she’s nothing like most people think she is like he said she ‘s really sweet and down to earth.

Laura @ 11:59 am on 01/21/2009

kate: Why would you bother to click on this article then? Go spam somewhere else.

P.S. David Archuleta is amazing.

Shereen @ 12:03 pm on 01/21/2009

His performance of the Star Spangled Banner was SO good… there really aren’t any singers his age that can sing so well. He just keeps impressing me. The acoustic version of A Little Too Not Over You from Radio Disney was amazing, too.

jj @ 12:17 pm on 01/21/2009

Gosh, I love him!! He really is amazing!! Plus his singing is amazing too!! One of the only singers who are good live.

Amy(ahecht25) @ 1:03 pm on 01/21/2009

I’m so happy that David was able to share in the inauguration festivities, and I love that he attended the Latino Ball and was able to meet JLo and Marc. He sounded outstanding when he sang the SSB! He’s such an amazing talent, and an amazing individual!

Keep the Archie stories coming, Jared!! :)

Gracie l. @ 1:15 pm on 01/21/2009

He is definitely the whole package. His cuteness doesn’t come just from his looks. His humble personalities are something people look up to. His voice is one of the best in the male scene now. He never thinks he is famous although the celebrity xRank (Live search xRank) shows he is #1 in both musician and celebrity categories these days.

I love him @ 1:18 pm on 01/21/2009

Archuleta is the best singer ever..besides he is so cute too, ans you haters, are you jealous because Archie is not the typically runner up who fails in the music scene??
I love you David,,,take that haters!!

deka @ 1:39 pm on 01/21/2009

i agree with kate
boring not cute
and who cares about marc anthony?!


bds @ 2:15 pm on 01/21/2009

David Archuleta is the greatest!!! It is wonderful that he has been able to meet a lot of famous and talented people. I believe David has a very unique, beautiful, genuine talent. He doesn’t need to be compared to anybody; he doesn’t need to sing like anybody else. David is beyond amazing and gorgeous, as an artist and as a human being.

And to the haters: why bother to read or even click any link related to David Archuleta? I really don’t understand that. Go spend your time in the artists you like.

Back to what it is really important, thanks JJJ for always supporting David : ) I love David Archuleta!

keyly @ 3:18 pm on 01/21/2009

awwwwww i love him, he is amazing..singer and humble person


Mimi @ 3:39 pm on 01/21/2009

Is there any rule saying there is only positive comment allowed on the internet? Come on, Archie fans. Be civil and put up with people’s different opinions. I believe a lot of people like me read any posts and comment on them regardless liking it or not. I want to love Archie. But how can I hang out with people who attack every different voices on the free-of-speech internet world? I can’t. Sorry. Good luck to Archie anyway. I am done with this post, will read the next and comment whatever I want to kill time.

Kait @ 3:42 pm on 01/21/2009

I love David and think he’s adorable.

PASCALEE @ 3:56 pm on 01/21/2009

Angels, we really shouldn’t respond to haters. David is doing great and he is happy. That’s all we need to know. Anyway, I’m happy he got a chance to meet Marc Anthony. I’ve seen Marc in concert 4 times and he is phenomenal! Sounds as good, if not better, live! Just like our David. But nobody.. and I mean nobody changes up a song like David Archuleta He is pure genius!

Linsey @ 3:57 pm on 01/21/2009

My friends once told me the girls who are Archuleta’s fans are very narrow minded. Now I see why. I don’t want to be labeled like them. I don’t want to be his fan, although I kind of liked him a lot in American idol last year.

Evee @ 3:59 pm on 01/21/2009

Aww, he is so amazing :D
I love him so much !

pERCY @ 4:25 pm on 01/21/2009

Haters = people who dislike or attack without reason.

I think the description of Kate is accurate.

Gracie l. @ 4:30 pm on 01/21/2009

Thanks for your honesty. I think any fans of celebrities would try to defend their favorites. Especially in David’s case, there have been many bullies since Idol started last year because of his age and never-aggressive personalities. But just remember that David himself doesn’t know anything going on because he doesn’t read blogs. He is wise that he doesn’t want negativities to get into his head, and he hates no one. What you see is what you get. He is the most down to earth guy I have never seen on TV.

But I appreciate you saying that you want to love him. Please ignore fans, and try to focus on his music and him as an artist, and watch him how to grow.

MacKenzie @ 4:48 pm on 01/21/2009

Although his talent speaks for itself, it’s David’s personality that really endears him to people. How many people in this industry are *that* grounded and share his humility? Seriously. There are a lot of talented entertainers out there – that’s not hard to come by – but there are few that are as genuinely sweet and gracious as he is. That’s the part that is so rare. To him, it’s ALL about the fans. This is a kid who is the first out to sign autographs and the last to leave – ensuring every person has an autograph and often times a hug…be it in the sweltering heat or the freezing cold. It doesn’t matter. That, folks, speaks volumes to me about the kind of person he is. What a role model.

Debbie @ 4:58 pm on 01/21/2009

I love David and am proud to be his fan. I have never been so captivated by a performer before. David has the IT factor in all categories. His voice and his interpretation of a song just takes you there with him wherever it is that he goes to when he is singing. He is the VOICE of his generation. I am loving this journey we are on witnessing/supporting this rising star.

michelle @ 5:47 pm on 01/21/2009

love him<3 very mucho:]]]]]]

gloria @ 6:47 pm on 01/21/2009

i love him so much!! he always say the nicest thing!! i’m glad that he said jlo was nice because now i have change my opinion about i use to think that she was a DIVA blah..
david i adore u baby <3

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