Kristen Stewart Takes Doggy To The Doctors

Kristen Stewart Takes Doggy To The Doctors

Kristen Stewart looks tired as she picks up one of her three dogs from the Westlake Village Animal Hospital in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (February 3).

The 18-year-old actress was accompanied by boyfriend Michael Angarano for the short trip but kept comfy in her TOMS shoes.

Kristen‘s new flick, Adventureland, will be released on March 27 — the same day as Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson‘s Little Ashes does.

10+ pics of Kristen Stewart taking her dog to the doctors…

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Credit: Breeden, Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • mrsefron.


  • mrsefron.

    yaayy first. lol

    & i like her, but why does she always look so tired.

    maybe it’s because it’s all the camera flashes.

    <33 cant wait til new moon <33 team taycob ;]

  • Breanna says YOUR MOM!

    oKAY, is it just me or does she always look tired. She must have one hell of a schedule to look like she hasn’t slept in weeks. Get better soon, Kristen.

  • karla

    woww she looks drugged up

  • bellamor

    Poor KStew looks exhausted. She’s so beautiful, though.

  • Daniyah

    i like her so much! shes an awesome actor!! but eew her boyfriend, sorry but eew. How could she still date him and find him attractive after kissing ROBERT PATTINSON! like c’mon! lol well if she likes him, i guess its her choice. i wonder how that micheal guy feels watching her make out with so many guys in movies haha. well i love her! :)
    and i cant wait till’ New Moon!!! :)

  • Nicky Jonas

    She needs some rest.

  • Alexandra

    she looks awfully tired!!!

  • cc27

    :O its her boyfriend lol XD she looks tired :O but she was totally awsome in twilight :)

  • MAPI

    i love kristen!!!!!.. she rox!!!!…

  • michelle Yankay

    she is ripped of some good bud

  • taylor

    she’s probably high.

  • Miley

    She looks horrible!

    I don’t think she should have been bella I mean last time I checked bella dosen’t do drugs.

    Plus she’s not even pretty or a good actress. Couldn’t they pick some one who was actually attractive?

  • carrie

    but bella doesn’t have to be attractive…

  • annavanessa

    she loooks high always
    maybe she was smoking pot again at her stairs haha

  • ….

    Read the details. she IS tired. i dont wanna see New Moon though. the Twilight i saw last year i fell asleep in the cinema. :))

  • joss

    yay! she looks tired, but still amazingly beautiful!
    i definitely want to see new moon and adventureland!!

    kristen <3

  • Nadia

    omg miley#12 i TOTALLY agree with you
    i GUESSSSSSSS kristen is a good actress but shes just not bella!
    shes has a manly persona and rebelious look to her
    i mean i know shes an actress she should be able to do different roles but she does not pull off bella. not at all.

  • b chick

    she is drop dead gorgeous!
    even looking like that
    if she had her hair down she would look better.

  • BEBE

    that is michael angarano ?? well, he is totally good and more better in these pictures. they would be low profile couple. anyway, their also best friends, we never knew the truth are they’re dating or not, so, let’s we hope she will doing great job on new moon. that’s what i care for.

  • pinkipod

    SHE JUST TOOK HER PET TO THE HOSPITAL!!! Would any of you be bubbly and smiley after that.

    And to the drug comments GROW UP! It’s not funny, you just make yourselves look like naive immature 12 yr olds.

  • i love edward more than you

    I feel bad for her, she looks sooo pooped. I have a real nice friend who is buying me “New Moon” tonight. I’m sooo excited. Anways, I didn’t know she had a boyfriend! Does she know Edward has a small In real life crush on her? It’s in A LOT of articles. Well, anways, you look great Kristen. Keep on acting and being my favorite female actor! Luv ya! (:

  • francesca

    she does not look drop dead gorgeous here at i don’t know what you guys are talking about.
    she is prettier with make up though.
    she def. needs some sleep asap.

  • ana

    she is gorgeous! i know that she doesn’t look even pretty here, but she is freaking beautiful

  • anna

    i love love love love herr!
    shes amazingg!

  • Sarai

    She looks tired. It’s probably because of all the drugs she does. She’s FUGLY!

  • Duey

    shes a horrible actress. the only good movie she plays in is Speak- because she never really speaks! haha

  • katie

    she’s gorgeous!!! sure, she looks super tired! but come on! you would be too if you were always traveling to promote movies!! it’s gotta be exhausting!!!
    and for those of you who keep making drug comments, WHO F*CKING CARES!?!?!?!? no one’s actually sure what she was smoking!!! you all really need to grow up!!! you’re just acting like a bunch of immature brats!
    kristen is amazing!! haters need to shut the f*ck up and find something better to do with their time!

  • Diana

    grow up people! i don’t care that she does drugs, most of my favorites friends do so i can’t judge. love you kristen!

  • danielle


  • Cindy

    Wow…….Kristen looks tired and depressed….For that I have two theoriies either she heard bad news about her pet or she is already prepping for New Moon……….idk if you guys have noticed but her way of being while doing a movie always reflects the character or the scene she will be in….maybe she had to prepare to look like a zombie for the break up scene….idk…….But regardless give her a break…

  • camila

    Oh cmon, Why everybody is just so superficial? They are the best couple. I mean. Kristen dont see in a man if he is cute or not. She only see if he is good for her or not. And i think Michael is perfect for her.

  • daphne

    what the fuck. why are people so damn ignorant? just because her eyes are droopy doesnt mean she’s high. most people’s eyes don’t even get droopy or look tired when they smoke. so shut up.

  • Cristina

    Kristen has flawless skin! I love that she goes out with no make-up, her hair undone, and in comfy clothes. Her and Michael are cute together. Leave him alone!

  • Rachel

    OMG she looks awful nd its not bcuz of lack of sleep

    she definetly was doing some drugs cuz i took junior health nd i kno wat im talkin bout… well i hope she quits for tha better


    LOL XD

  • riana

    stoned- man i hate her shes frickin ugly and i hate the ppl hu thinks shes beautiful r u frickin blind!

  • Rachel

    OMG she looks awful nd its not becuz of lack of sleep…

    she was definetly taking drugs or smokin pot nd i took junior health so i know wat im talkin bout… i hope she quits for tha better

  • Rebeca

    could’t she wear sunglasses?? lol.
    well, she looks gorgeous even when she’s tired.
    I LOVE HERR!! Gosh, oregano is so annoying.


  • trish

    First of all.

    whack@the stoned comments.

    you all are lame.

    2nd, kristen does look like crap. but she’s probably tired.

  • lover

    ugly as always…..

  • Kris

    it really bugs me how stupid and ignorant some people are these days.
    Have you never had eye bags ? have you never been tired? have you never been exhausted before? Well apperantly if you are tired it automatically means you’re on drugs and super high.
    jeez. she’s a freaking teenager okay! she’s 18 and she’s experimented with some things weed being one of them.. but can each person on here honestly say they don’t know anyone that smokes or has smoked weed before?? A lot of people do it ! Weed isn’t even as horrible of a drug as people make it seem to be.. Sure it’s not a responsible choice but it’s her life.. and you saw ONE picture of her smoking .. ONE! how the hell do you know if she still does drugs or not? && if she did who care! it’s her life not yours.

    && She’s not BELLA! she’s KRISTEN STEWART! she doesn’t need to be bella. She’s an actress that plays the character of Bella okay :) She’s not perfect and she’s never claimed to be a role model..

    && For those that say she is ugly . for those that say she is pretty. okay.
    it’s your opinion whatever. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. But IMO it takes courage to go out of your house with no make up on especially when you know all these papz are going to be taking pics of you. So Kristen obviously doesn’t care about being all hollywood and glammed up and putting on a ton of make up or having the cutest outfit ever.. She’s just her and she’s not going to change for anyone just because all of a sudden people are taking her pics or people are looking at her more than before. and she shouldn’t have to … her low key personality fits and i like the fact that she doesn’t care about being famous or constantly looking good just for the cameras.

    okay next. Michael and Kristen have been going out for a long time.. Stop being so judgmental.. Rob is a gorgeous guy who probably has a wonderful personality .. but Just because Michael isn’t this amazing looking guy *again depends on your opinion* doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a great personality .. If they’re relationship has lasted that long clearly it’s a strong one and they’re not basing it off all on just superficial crap that some of us here seem to basing it off on.

    LAST for those that say kristen is a horrible actress.. again it’s subjective you opinion… BUT before you judge her in her acting skills try watching more than just twilight .. She did good in twilight but it wasn’t her best performance.. If you really want to judge her acting try watching Into the wild. speak. panic room. i heard cake eaters was an amazing movie. undertow… there’s more than twilight. personally i thought her performance in ITW was amazing..

    okay i’m done.

  • bia

    She looks really tired… i hope she gets some rest. but iven like that, she still cute. And Michael! YeeeeeeY *o*

  • anna

    definately high.. it’s ok though I don’t blame her lol

  • Gabrielle

    she looks like she didn’t sleep at all, and cried a lot.
    an eye concealer wouldn’t be so bad…
    but still, you can see she’s pretty.

  • anna

    skimmed through #38 and I definately agree

    Also I’d like to add… not EDWARD…was never or never will be edward.. playing the part does not make him edward! I loved the books but people become so obsessed, that they need the characters to be real to them that’s why they think he’s edward…and kristen is bella.


  • [other] sam

    bless them for both looking rough as dogs
    makes them far more human

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    awww I love Kristen and Michael they’re so super amazing! both great actors and…look at that puppy!!!

  • bellamor

    She looks like a tired teenager. I like that she runs errands without feeling the need to put on make-up or dress up like some of the other fake Hollywood starlets. She looks like she just got up to take her dog to the vet.

    Good for Kristen for being a normal teenage girl. And she is beautiful, to all you haters. You just can’t stand that she was Bella Swan.

  • i love you

    HAHAHAHA all those comments are histerical!!! #42, you rock!! i agree with u!! and TEAM EDWARD!!!! <3
    ppl u need to take a chill pill , chilax!! y do u care about her life anyways?? as long as she does her job and does it well, do we need to know about her personal life?? NOOooooo :) byeee