Zac Efron's Fedora Flight

Zac Efron's Fedora Flight

Zac Efron keeps it cool in his signature straw fedora as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (February 3).

The 21-year-old actor just returned from Tokyo where he was promoting his final HSM movie with on-and-off-screen girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens.

Zac seems to love this particular fedora. He was seen with it back in 2007 while promoting Hairspray in New York City and this past summer while on vacation in Turks and Caicos.

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Credit: Matei; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Daniyah

    i love zac efron. so why was he at LAX again? and why was V?
    Anyways Zanessa forever!!! :)

  • gabi

    is he gonna meet up with nessa???


  • haydee

    Hes so HOT!!!
    love the hat zac :)

  • lu


  • Anoymnous

    meeting up with V perhaps?
    Lets hope so :) nd hopefully somewhere where there isnt alot of paps! so they can have some peace
    He said eh was going to take vanessa away somewhere after all the HSM3 promotions were done :D

  • zanessafen4e

    ouuu he is so cutee !!! zanessa is love =]

  • jordan

    gosh I love him!

    Ok I’m so getting one of those hats!!!


  • becci

    aww i hope hes meeting up with V!!!
    maybe a vacation? hehe that would be AMAZING:)

  • -Chloe-

    I love Zac, but I have to admit Im not a fan of the hat look! But nevertheless he’s still HOT!

    Yh mabye he’s meeting up with V?!
    And #5 when did he say that he was gonna take V on a vacay? Is there a video or something?

  • Megan

    vanessa was at lax yesterday too, where are they headed for?

  • -Chloe-

    Why didn’t my last comment appear?

  • lilly

    maybe meeting up with v?? hope soo
    maybe a vacation or something?
    vanessa went on 2nd feb && zac went 3rd (today)..???
    god knows where there going :)

  • lilly

    zachary hawtess efron..RAWR
    wub u =] lookin sexyy!!


  • AL

    hot ! x) love them but were is he going?? meeting v? :D:D:D:D
    #5 is there an interview when he says that? plz if u got it let me know!!

  • -Chloe-

    Sorry it did appear! lol

  • Joanne

    i think vanessa went for something work related. her manager was with her yesterday. i’m surprise the paparazzi didn’t catch her where she landed.

  • marie

    He is looking very cute in the gray polo shirt! :D

  • Chocolate amber

    Zac looks cute in his vacation hat.

  • mo

    hahahaha that hat looks ridiculous

  • Katty

    Where is he going now? Meeting up with V perhaps? Why hasn’t Jared posted where V went? He has been a little lagging lately. Maybe they went on separate flights to throw off the paps?

  • annavanessa

    hot hot hot…
    maybe meeting vanessa:)

  • sophiiaa

    zanessa sucks
    zac rocks..

  • oh zanessa lover

    sophiiaa @ 02/03/2009 at 4:18 pm
    zanessa sucks
    zac rocks..


    nooo zanessa rox and u sux and can u gooooooooooooo and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

    and f u c k ur best .f boy .f plz

  • Zanesa4ever

    love him!

  • maria

    Must be going somewhere warm, with the hat and polo! He looks so cool……….

  • no-name

    maybe they are going on vacation, but if they were would they have suitcases? mhmmm

  • vancrazed

    If he is meeting Vanessa, that would be strange, seeing that Vanessa was seen traveling with her agent. And three is definitly a crowd. We’ll see though. I have a feeling this is promo for his new movie.

  • annieeee

    no-name # 26,

    there are rarely any pictures of them (or pretty much any celbrity) going into or coming out of LAX with their own suitcases. they have other people check them and they don’t take them through the airport or anything themselves. one of the perks of being a celebrity. haha.

  • marisela

    lookin’ good kid :]

  • sabrinaa

    i like the hat though! hes ight now. 21. wow!!!!! disney stars are gettin old. ow their like 16. but wow. they grow up. seriously!!!

  • nicoleee

    ooohhh he is meeting vanessa!! haha!! how cute!. he looks soo hot in that hat! ohh baby! i am in love with him! i cant wait for hsm3 dvd.!! so i can see him showering!!! HE IS SOOOOO FREAKIN HOT AND GORGOUS AND SEXY AND CUTE!<3333!

  • Peggy

    THere is a man walking in front of Vanessa but at no time does anyone even JJ say it’s her manager. The person in front of her seems to have scared hands and I don’t remember ever seeing Evans hands look like that.

    Anyway maybe what she has to do is very quick or only one day and they are meeting up somewhere. There seems to be no business personell (agent, assistant) with him.

    Besides Vanessa looked bibbly and VERY happy at the airport – more than I’ve seen her in awhile. Like she had a secret maybe. LOL

  • istar

    hmmm? maybe he’s meeting up with vanessa… since she went to LAX yesterday….. gosh, don’t they just love the airport!
    i love zacs hat :D
    zanessa <3

  • http://o Martha

    praying for a GQ photoshoot for 17 again!!

  • justjaredreader

    where were they or he going

  • http://o Lucy

    Evan was with Van yesterday, there are clear pics of him with her at security!

    Zac looks awesome. Love the hat!

  • kami

    i heard vanessa had a photo shoot in brazil. zac looks like he’s going some place where the weather is warm, too. :)

  • Carol
  • nicoleee

    wait who is evan.. wait zanessa brokeup.. and vanessa is with this even guy?? what?? I HOPE THEY DIDNT BREAK UP!!! :( :(!! i would be heart broke!

  • Carol
  • zaccylover

    carol….. #37

    WHO IS EVANS????

  • Peggy

    Evan is Vanessa’s MANAGER!!!!!

    Anyway he could still be meeting her for a vaca but who knows.

    If she went to do a shoot they only take a day or two and then maybe a vacation.

    But there is clearly no business people with Zac so I doubt it’s business

  • Carol

    Evan is Vanessa´s manager

  • http://o Rachel

    he looks hot!!! Thanks for posting JJ!!

  • vancrazed

    You know…Zac missed Valentines Day last year, it would be just like him to plan on meeting her and flying down later than her so they could have a week to themselves for vaca.

  • Carol

    You can find more Vanessa´s pictures from yesterday here

  • zaccylover

    thanks!!! so thats good.. zacs hott

  • zanessa4everr

    aww i LOVE that hat!! :D
    i wonder where him and vanessa are going..?

  • Krist

    haha, i got hat like that ;P

  • rockstar

    Whoa, him and Vanessa get back from Tokyo and now they both left again? Where is he headed?