Demi Lovato: I'm Allergic to Egg Salad!

Demi Lovato: I'm Allergic to Egg Salad! is back with more Demi Lovato! The 16-year-old has a lot to say about lil sis Madison De la Garza, chocolate chip cookies and body issues. Check it:

JJJ: In one of the opening scenes of Sonny, you’re at “Fasties.” Do you have a favorite fast food place?

DL: I don’t really like fast food, actually. The closet thing to fast food that I like is KFC and I don’t even like chicken! I like their mashed potatoes and their rolls, just because it’s Southern.

JJJ: What is your diet like? What kind of foods do you eat?

DL: I’m a really healthy eater! I should probably eat more because when you’re on the go, you just forget to eat. Every morning, I make sure I get my fruit in and I have a protein bar.
For lunch, I’ll eat a salad but sometimes I forget to eat dinner. (JJJ Note: Eat your dinner, kiddies!!!) Oh, and I eat lots of sweets!

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JJJ: Which kind of cookies?

DL: Chocolate chip, only chocolate chip.

JJJ: There’s a lot of physical comedy on the show, like ketchup being thrown at you. Do you like that kind of comedy? When stuff is being thrown at you like those chicken nuggets or mustard?

DL: It’s funny, because you don’t really have to be that funny. So as long as something is being thrown at you, you don’t really have to try hard. So I guess I do like it! But what sucks is when they say ‘Cut!’ and you walk off set and you’re like, covered in egg salad, which was one of the first things I had thrown on me. I actually had an allergic reaction the day we shot that! I had to go home early because they couldn’t just cover me up with makeup since I was red and itchy! I guess I was allergic to something in egg salad! But it was actually really funny and amusing

JJJ: Grady’s [Doug Brochu] butt winds up on the Internet in one ep of Sonny, which is “bad buttlicity.” What would you do if you found pictures of your butt on the Internet?

DL: Well, that would suck! Of course, I’ve never been in that position so I guess I would apologize. Many people have been through it, so…yeah. I don’t know!

JJJ: What happens when you see your friends in that situation? Do you sympathize? Do you get mad?

DL:Well, one of the questions earlier (with other media outlets) was about how I’m a role model, and how I feel about that. I feel that the best role models are the people who have been through so much. I don’t think people give other people, who go through things like that, enough credit, because you don’t learn anything from someone who doesn’t make mistakes. And also, young girls don’t have anyone to look up to right now. Like, what, someone who’s perfect? Someone who’s not real? That just makes them feel bad about themselves. I think that when girls can relate to someone who has been through a lot and has thick skin, they can look up to that person and become a stronger person because of them.

JJJ: Tell JJJ readers about your upcoming tour.

DL: Of course! I’ll be headlining an arena tour this summer… or maybe a theater tour, that’d be awesome too. It’s a lot of pressure to sell out arenas, I don’t know if i can do it. That’d be awesome, though. I’m actually re-releasing my album, the deluxe edition! There’s new songs on there, which I’m excited about. But I’m actually changing my sound of music. This is something I really want to get out there. My life has changed for the better and I’ve become such a happy person! People might think that my style has changed because I’m falling into the whole Hollywood trap, but my style has become girlier, because I’ve become so girly and happy! It’s weird! I have more confidence now. I like to dress up, so my style has changed. It’s become more soulful rather than… rock and angry and mad. I’ve been listening to a lot of James Morrison, Jon McLaughlin and John Mayer. Those three have really influenced me. I want to go the more Duffy route…

JJJ: Who would you want as the opening act on your tour?

DL: It’d be a dream to have The Academy Is… but they’re not even in the same realm! But I think it’d be really cool to have The Veronicas. I toured with them this last summer and they opened up for me and the boys. They are really really sweet girls, so I think that’d be cool.

JJJ: Do you ever watch your sister on Desperate Housewives? Have you watched her on set?

DL: DUH! Every Sunday! No, I haven’t been to the set. It’s funny, I’ve never been to her set because I’m always doing my show. One day, I invited her (Madison De La Garza) to my set, and she said that she couldn’t make it that day. And when I asked her why, she was really hesitant. I was like, ‘What!’ and she said, ‘…I’m shooting my show.’ And I’m like ‘OH MY GOSH, it’s okay, do your thing!’ It’s funny.

JJJ: On Madison’s show, she plays a bit of an overweight girl. How do you think she’ll deal with body issues growing up in Hollywood?

DL: You know what, I’m not a stick thin girl. I’m thin, but not stick thin, and I take unflattering pictures sometimes. I used to want to be super skinny. I used to wish I was one of the thin Hollywood girls, but I don’t find that attractive or pretty. If that’s not who you are, then you shouldn’t try to shape yourself into that. And my little sister has the type of body where she’s going to be really really tall. She’s going to stretch out when she gets to puberty, which is what I did. When I was on Barney, I was really heavy. Then I lost a lot of weight and I got taller. I hope that my little sister can see that. I mean, she’s gorgeous, and she knows she’s gorgeous, but I want her to know that when she’s my age, she doesn’t have to be stick thin. I think that a lot of girls actually respect me for not losing weight or anything like that. Even sometimes I accidentally lose weight on tour, just because I’m working out so much. My goal is to be healthy and to not make myself sick over it. I’m not trying to lose weight or anything like that. I just want to be myself!


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  • lisa :]

    aww like i said before i love demi, she seems so cool and real. i really want to meet her one day.

    can’t wait for her tour this summer! :]

  • Nicky Jonas

    Dang it that stuff is so good especially my ma’s. Bad for her she cant have it :( . Keep rockin Demi.

  • All Time Low

    well i guess that explains how she lost the weight and remains to stay thin… her mom should be keeping an eye on her she is only 16 she can ruin her body if she doesnt eat properly!!

  • mcftd8

    LOVE U DEMI :)

  • cc27

    KFC!! :) lol I love chicken o.o lol xD Demi Rocks :) she’s awsome :)

  • Angelita

    I love demi!!!

  • Mandyluv

    love demi she rocks!!!!!!!

  • brianna

    I love Demi:D she’s actually real, like she said!! I admire the fact that she isn’t skinnier than a toothpick. haha. And I understand what she means about chaning a lot. I’m obviously not in Hollywood or anything, but I’ve changed a lot and I think it’s just something that you go through as a teenager… okay, I’m two years younger than her, but either way, I’m sure everyone has dealed with/is dealing with/will deal with. It’s a part of growing up! Madison’s adorable! and I like what Demi said about her weight. She’s right:D and I don’t care if she doesn’t think that she won’t sell out arena’s, because If she doesn’t she’ll be really close!!! I know I’m going to one of her shows unless it’s not anywhere near me, but either way, I have faith in her and I’m sure a lot of her other fans do, too:D
    If I could only go to one concert this year, it would be to either Demi’s or Taylor’s:D they’re awesome and so down to earth:D

    plus, I think Demi has an absolutley incredible voice, especially compared to a lot of the other singers out there today (i’m not talking aoubt Miley, she’s awesome) and she writes her own music, like Miley and Taylor, unlike a lot of the mediocre artists.

    summary: Demi is amazing and she deserves to live out her dreams… but then again, amazing is an understatement:D


  • lala :)

    amazing. she doesn’t even have to try to be a good role model, she already is one and hopefully she’ll stay one. but i agree with demi EVERYONE makes mistakes and we just have to except that.

  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/k8lynisepic katelyn LOVATO.

    that’s all i can say/she leaves me honestly, speechless.

  • [other] sam

    good for her for bein honest
    no point in them all pretending theyre squeaky clean when theyre not

  • Jo

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  • Kaylee

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  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/k8lynisepic katelyn LOVATO.

    :D seriously, she leaves me speechless.

  • maggie

    she’s a great girl! really great!!

  • Joy

    can you say downtoearth?

    i love how shes sticking up for people who make mistakes,
    every one does thats what makes life interesting.

    and those who say she bullies, well HMM, thats middle school, i sure was a mean person back then , only because i wanted to be “popular” i’ve grown, and demi has too :)



  • hmmm

    Interesting.. in that song la la land (awesome song btw) she say about how she stayed the same and ate at ‘Ronalds’ and yet she doesn’t mention McD’s here??? hmm lol Nah Demi is great, she’s the only Disney kid I can put up with and she’s ALWAYS happy, good luck with your music hun I REALLY hope she can get past the Disney image when the time comes.



    You know, I actually liked Demi’s “rocker” attitude. I thought it was very refreshing and a lot different from the normal teeny-bopper Disney music. I wonder what she could mean by more ‘soulful?’ Rock doesn’t necessarily have to mean angry. Lol.


    hmmm who says DUH! n an interview hahaha like what the H*LL! like the interveiwer is supose to know! lmao! she said it yesterday n the 1st part 2! I would feel so uncomftable if I was interviewing her like I was stupid or something!lolz I kno she wasn’t TRYING 2 b rude but that’s kinda how it came off. I still gots luv 4 her tho

  • Jake

    Whoa! I THOUGHT THAT WAS A PICTURE OF A GUY IN A WIG UNTIL I READ THE ARTICLE LMFAO!!! My apologies to this girl :). Who is she? Is she really a Disney Channel star? She looks kinda old and average. Not trying to be rude, she just doesn’t have that hot “star” look like Selena or Hilary Duff. She kinda look like she’s 31. This is really…different…for Disney. :S

  • alicia

    amazing role model

  • Alyssa

    Demi is my role model :)
    love you Dems…

  • chelsea

    is demi a vegetarian?
    she said how she doesnt like chicken.
    and then said how she eats a protein bar for breakfast
    and salad for lunch?
    anyone know?

  • sarah

    i love demi <333

  • rocio

    Like a lot of people had said many times she doesn’t have to try to be a role model, she’s naturally a great role model. I can see how her and Selena are best friends.
    And Demi you are one of my role models! Awesome!

  • Virginia

    okay, i don’t get it.
    She says that she eats really healthy, but she always skips meals? And she eats a whole bunch of sweets? In what way is that healthy?

    And in “la la land” she says she eats at mcdonalds, when she doesn’t even really like it? What?

    I love demi, but sometimes, she just contradicts herself, and it gets confusing.

  • tia

    shes getting so skinny in comparison to how she was in camp rock

  • heyuvhj

    demi is a great role model.

    but she makes me self conscious…she has the TINIEST waist!


    I totally agree with “Virginia” & “tia” :-D

  • nessa

    do not come on here talking crap on demi lovato,
    thats really pathetic!
    if you don’t like her or her music get over it and visit some other site!

    she’s amazing from what i can tell!!
    and shes gorgeous!

    sure she is losing wait but thats only because shes always working out on stage… and you can tell she has curves, by the way shes shaped!
    she actually has a butt and thighs lol

    loveee herr.


    i LOVE this kid. she is so amazing and real. :)

  • nessa

    and so what if she contradicts herself… she gets frazzled with the all the interviews!
    you can’t always keep track of what you say in every interview.

    like crap cut her some slack, shes not perfect!

    demi keep doing your thing girl :]


    no hate toward demi! but she has lost a lot of weight! im not saying its bad. she looks healthy. but stop it with all this curves stuff!! if she’s got curves then miley and other stars must be fatt! haha she does not have curves. look up what curves r. just becoz som1 is not stick thin doesn’t mean they got curves LMFAO!

  • lala.

    this explains why she’s so skinny. ….

    she doesn’t even have a great body

  • andrea

    shes not a vegetarian but i don’t like
    chicken either but i’m not a vegetarian

  • fds

    see that’s the thing. You don’t need to keep track of your interviews, you just say what you think usually. You don’t need to say things and try to remember what you said so you can repeat it in other interviews. You say what is true, but demi gets really annoying when she is always saying a different thing after the next.

  • Bret

    Jared, can you please get more stories on Selena Gomez? I really like her. It would be so awesome if you get an interview with Selena too. Please consider this, otherwise my friends and I might have to stop coming to this site. Cuz lately all I’ve been seeing is news about this girl (Demi). I really don’t know who she is but her face kinda scares me.

  • chelsea

    i was just saying she was a Vegetarian because i am a vegeterian.
    I love KFC’s biscuts and mashed potatoes
    but like i eat protein bars for breakfast and eats salads for lunch.. thats why i thought she was

  • Ahhh!

    That pic of her looks extremely scary. She’s not cute at all S=

  • Gordon

    I agree. I like Selena WAY better than Demi. More Selena articles please. :)

  • ally

    mm… i love demi to death.. she is a great defenition on what a role model shud me and such.. but here i agree, she does contradicte her self..
    shes healthy..
    but she skips meals and eats a lot of sweets
    ‘i still eat at mcdonalds’
    she just said she dnt really like it
    mm… i donno
    wat.. her sister in desperate housewifes?
    i never knew tht..
    who does her sister play in the tv series?

  • lilix

    hey guys, demi’s voice n the girl from the band paramore sound so much alike! especially when she sings ‘I caught myself’ (Twilight)!!!!

  • All Time Low

    ok i just read the article, blah she is so disney controlled its so obvious in every answer… i hope she messes up or does something that makes the mdeia go “omg” over because if she doesnt then she is going to grow up regretting not having fun.

    and she dos looks like a 30 year old man with a wig on # 21 bahaha so jokes

    and before you girls go nuts and start bashing me or finding the need to defend demi dont waste your breath because i dont care. i am entitled to not like her. and how she said that the veronicas opened up for her and the boys last tour, BS the jobros made her. she opened up for them just the the veronicas did.

    oh and the line “everyone makes mistakes” that you are all phasing her for… hannah montana said it first LOL

  • Marta1428 – fan from Poland

    cool! ;D i love demi ;D

  • chichi

    girl better not come near me, coz i just farted and it smells like egg salad.

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    she’s so down to earth. gotta love her. i haven’t seen a selena post for a long time. GO TEAM DEMI AND SELENA

  • Kaitlin

    Demi is so amazing <3

  • sarah

    i hate her
    i use to love her but i think fame is going to get to her head.
    just like it happened to miley cyrus/
    someday she will do something disappointing.
    Just saying

  • jess

    i love her and if she oes something dissipointing well good for…like she said “everyone makes mistekes” you have to learn from them!