Ashley Tisdale is Yankee Yummy

Ashley Tisdale is Yankee Yummy

Ashley Tisdale tries to hide under a New York Yankees baseball cap as she leaves a gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (February 11).

The 23-year-old HSM actress looked comfy in her Free City hoodie and Tolani Orange scarf as she toted around her big Louis Vuitton “Odeon GM” Monogram Canvas City bag.

Ashley was spotted out yesterday going out to grab a bite to eat with her producer gal pal.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale leaving the gym…

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ashley tisdale studio city gym 01
ashley tisdale studio city gym 02
ashley tisdale studio city gym 03
ashley tisdale studio city gym 04
ashley tisdale studio city gym 05
ashley tisdale studio city gym 06
ashley tisdale studio city gym 07
ashley tisdale studio city gym 08
ashley tisdale studio city gym 09
ashley tisdale studio city gym 10
ashley tisdale studio city gym 11
ashley tisdale studio city gym 12

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  • love ashley tisdale

    go ash!! x3

  • Brian

    You look nice, hunny.

  • Mary

    Yeahhhh I lovee Ashleyy Tisdalee
    and i’m with the NY yankees
    GOO Ashley she’s the best =D


    ugly ;x

  • David

    so perfect, ASHLEY FOREVER :]

  • serena

    #4 needs to shut the fukk up :) Your name “Vanessa Lover” and then calling Ashley ugly just proves how biased and immature you are, sweetie.

    Ashley looks great! GO YANKEES!

    (did Jashley break up/get in a fight or something?)

  • Just Askin’

    Team Tizzy, but eh…who takes a designer bag like that to the GYM?

  • Jo

    her and her LV’s lol

  • ashley

    shes wearing an imagine the love tank top!!!!!

    i love that tank i have 2!!

  • becky

    shes wearing sam droke’s imagine the love shirt! OMG!

    i love sam <3




    hate hate hate


    dont like her ;x

  • ashley out


  • vanessajonas

    just because someone thinks ashley is ugly doesnt mean that person is inamture.. more inmature is not to accept someone elses opinion(like you)…besides vanessa lover is saying the truth=)

  • Gabriela

    I love you Ash ! ♥

  • Darren

    shes so pretty, but she needs to just accept the paps will always be there in her line of work.

  • xx-Ash-rules-xx

    stfu lol vanessa fans and ashley haters.
    love u ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!

  • hahaha


    If you hate her so much why are you wasting your time posting comments about it? Go do something else with your time. Or do you not have anything better to do?

  • ashley out

    no ¬¬

  • mykamicks

    I am a Big Fan of Vanessa, but then, I learned to like & love Ashley too becuase both were dearly good friends to each other . Though lately we havent seen both of them hanging around ( which is that we miss most from both of them). Accept the fact that both were been busy doing there own personal & professional commitments.. For sure, without our knowings they do keep in touch with each other..

    Bags are my weaknesses… I truly love the bags that ASHLEY wearing most of the time… Both of them have different style.. Vanessa is more edgy & stylish.. While Ashley is a bit fancy / classy..

    ASHLEY & VANESSA FANS instead of criticizing each other, better wish both of them BEST always…

  • ¿……?

    She’s looking good! as always….!
    and about the haters, stop please! I mean, u don’t even know her and u are talking bad about her?!?!?!?!?!
    #15 -> if #6 is saying that #4 is inmature, u have to accept her opinion too, follow your own advices!

  • ZanessaLovaa101

    Haters need to stop commenting on Ashley. This post is obviously for people that are her fans, not haters!
    Ashley rocks! Hope to see some Ashnessa, my fav. girls from HSM :]

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    she rules.

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    I love her so muuuuch go ashley! ♥

  • V

    Vanessa rocks, but so does Ashley! She likes the Yankees! That makes two of us!

  • Karla ^^!

    To haters:

    -> before you criticize someone, surmount her/him!!!!

    I don’t know if sumount means waht I want to mean, according to the diccionary it does! but just in case, in spanish is…

    -> antes de criticar a alguien, superalo (a)!!!!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    ..I could have sworn that I saw that Yankee hat on Jared before…I swear !!

    Anywho, I love her shirt. And her sweater. :D Jeez, I LOVE all her clothes !! And her hats of course :D She looks comfy too. So that’s good, at least she doesn’t dress up for the paps. And Ashley looks great. Haters just leave, you can’t see true beauty within Ashley and Vanessa.

    ……Still waiting on those Ashnessa pics !!


    i say this alot .. you criticize her because you think vanessa;s better? they’re freaking best friends & vanessa would hate you for talking sh*t about her best friend.. so grow up!

  • 13girl

    Ashley!:) I hope there’s an interview or something. Need to see her smile. :P

  • super fan ashley

    I love pic #10!!she is so cute

    Please people, haters are making fun of us, because they don’t have anything to do!

    Ashley’s fans know that she is really pretty and honest with us, the fans!!!

    Stop comparing Ash and Vanessa, they are friends, but they are TOTALLY differents, each one has something good, please!!!!!

    People who say that Ash is ugly, i want to see their photos!! probably they don’t a mirror to see their faces!!!!


  • hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    she better have liked the Yankees, she is from NJ…

    We need Vashley/Ashnessa sightings..

  • zanessa

    she is effin BEAUTIFUL and had
    the shirt/tank is so
    ASHLEYs Team <3

  • zanessa

    amazing Girl :)
    wanna be my BFF
    Ashley?! lol :)

  • Solange

    love her

  • mykamicks

    i really like her bags…. All her bags are absolutely damn branded… I like it!

  • Stevani

    Ashley,you look great!so nice with that outfit.
    Love your smile

  • nol

    LOVE ashley tisdale like A LOT!
    well, if you’re INSECURE and JELOUS of mizz tizz
    then, GET LOST! haha. :]]

  • teteu


  • su

    dont study vanessa!!!
    i like real u ASHLEY!!!
    plzzzzzz come back!!!!

  • Ashley fan

    Ashley rocks!!

  • dany

    she is amazing !!!
    i hate vanessa!!

  • Wine

    ash rulezz =x

  • ash rockz

    She looks sporty ;D
    Love the Outfit.
    Cute as always Miss Tisdale <33

    Love her so much!

    #4: Shut up. YOU are Ugly

  • Hannah


    i luv what ur wearing ur so stylish :)

  • Hannah


    i luv wat ur wearing ur so sporty and stylish :)

  • Jewele

    she looks really cute
    yankees baby! i want her hat <333
    will she smile more?

  • Lizzy

    I love ashley she always has the cutest clothes and purses im not a fan of this pursee my fav is the gold one or the chanel classic one she has

  • Custom T

    EWW she looks horrible! Love the Yankees hat though =)

  • LoveASHLEY

    I love Ashley <3