Miley Cyrus Gets Advice from Margaret Cho

Miley Cyrus Gets Advice from Margaret Cho
  • Margaret Cho writes a song for Miley Cyrus
  • Zac Efron loves his fedora
  • Check out Kelly Blatz
  • Taylor Swift is sexy and single
  • Kristin Kreuk goes to Japan
  • Demi Lovato will release a deluxe edition of her debut album, Don’t Forget, on March 31st
  • BHB members Derek Hough and Mark Ballas are returning to Dancing. Derek is partnered up with rapper Lil’ Kim and Mark will tango with Olympian Shawn Johnson.
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    ooh i cant wait for demi’s deluxe edition!!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    zac looks sooo hot with that hat!

  • :)

    wow, that Margaret Cho has no freaking life. WTF is wrong with people this days?. What about the comedians who make fun of asians?, write them a song.


  • listen To mayday parade

    mn miley is 16 years old, she is growing up in the public eye she is going ot make mistakes! get over it.

    this drives me insane. just leave her alone, the asian in the picture didnt have a problem with it so no one else should either

  • sophie cyrus

    Miley is a good christian talented young lady! God will keep her safe:>)
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  • assyhole

    Eww… Derek with Lil Kim? LMAO

  • http://http/ daniel

    i hate demi lavato
    hey we need news of VANESSA H she is the real diva ever

  • http://http/ daniel

    vanessa hudgens please
    you are the only one

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Zachary loves his feodora, I LOVE him !!! :D

  • Dan350

    I’m sure Margaret Cho has never made fun of any other nationality being a comedian and all. What a joke that supposed comedian is. She’s such a hipocrit and a failure of a comedian. I bet she’s laughed at plenty of racial jokes, who hasn’t.

    And this unreal $4 BILLION dollar lawsuit against Miley, I would expect the judge to throw it out soon.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? People need to lay off Miley. It was just a silly picture. How many times does she need to apoligize? BILLIONS of people make fun of asian eyes, not just Miley. Heck, I’m asian and I make fun of myself. I’m also pretty sure that Margaret Cho has made fun of other nationalities/races many times.

  • amanda

    awwww !
    poor derek :(
    i was hoping he would get shawn [johnson].
    but at least someone i like did [mark].
    poor derek !

    ill still vote for you :)

  • ^@#$%^&*

    Honestly, Miley has made too many “mistakes.” It seems as if these are on purpose, and Disney is most likely saying the same thing. Demi is going to be the next Miley-saying that, I mean that she’ll be as famous as Miley-and Demi will be grateful of it. Miley isn’t. She says she is, but she’s not. She cares about nobody but herself.

    How would I know that?
    Because I used to be Miley’s best friend.
    Well, one of them. You can call me a liar, but Miley has changed.
    She only cares about her famous friends, that’s a fact.

    ;) So, Miley- I will ruin your life. Thanks for being an awesome friend!

  • jackie

    just cause their was an asian in the picture means nothing! so what he speaks for hte rest of us? hes stupidddd. i love miley but she really needs to think. its not okay… its just that you guys are miley fans so youll never get it.

  • kenzie

    That margaret lady is freaking ugly.
    Im glad Miley made fun of her.

  • mcc

    It sounds like Margaret Cho just wants to be associated with someone as successful as Miley. I mean really, Margaret Cho?!? I’ve never even heard of her before this! She just wants some attention because she is a wannabe. Asians are mostly thought of as being smart but Cho probably doesn’t have an IQ above 1, maybe 2. And the woman seeking $4 billion just wants her name in the paper. Losers. Just be yourself Miley, you can’t make everyone happy no matter how hard you try.

  • jimmy

    Poor Miley! Does she have to bear this alone? Where is her handler? Where is all her friends in that stupid picture?

    If this Lucie Kim win, she will be known as the lady that destroy Miley for the rest of her miserable life.
    And all millions of Miley fan will grow up hating Asian even more. Ironic..

  • tia

    vanessa hudgens has no talent

  • Custom T

    Miley sucked it out at the Grammy’s and I think she’s putting on a fake act saying that her and Taylor Swift are “best friends.”

  • HughJazz

    I don’t think asking for 4 billion dollars from Miley was a good move. That just comes off as greedy and I don’t think that makes Asians look any better. She definitely just did that so it would be publicized and she’d get her name out. I’m Asian but I think the eyes thing may be beyond my time so can anyone explain to me why it’s racist? I mean some of my friends’ eyes do look like that…. it just seems more like stereotyping. How sensitive do you have to be that you’d get offended when people generalize on how your eyes look?

  • Vote For Miley

    Okay and saying “chinky eyes” isn’t racist? Stupid!

    #19 – “Miley sucked it out at the Grammy’s and I think she’s putting on a fake act saying that her and Taylor Swift are “best friends.” ”

    Miley and Taylor ARE friends. They have said it on various occasions and I doubt BOTH girls would lie. They are friends, so deal with it.

  • cm

    Miley ROCKS

    i will love her whatever they say

  • blabla

    I’m asian …but I think everybody makes mistake. This Margeret Cho judt want to get attention.

  • Annabel

    I like Taylor Swift, but I think she needs to invest in some longer dresses. Mind you, not down to her ankles or anything, but maybe just above the knee. The one she’s wearing in that picture isn’t even mid-thigh length. She’s very tall, so I suppose it really isn’t her fault, but seriously, everyone standing below in the audience could probably see up her skirt.

  • Ami

    Click on the Taylor Swift one and go to page 12 of 13…
    Is Nick Jonas really single now?

  • Lora

    Margaret Cho is a comedian, guys. As in her song is probably a parody and meant to be funny. Relax.

    You people who think the picture was okay… would you be okay with it if Miley and her friends were in blackface in that picture? I think the black population in the US would react even worse than Asians have. I think they’re pretty chill about racial stuff compared to other races.