Ashley Tisdale is Lady Marmalade Lovely

Ashley Tisdale is Lady Marmalade Lovely

Ashley Tisdale pulls up the hood of her jacket over her head as she heads to lunch at Marmalade Cafe on a rainy Monday afternoon (February 16) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 23-year-old starlet and mom Lisa matched as they went to lunch — each with their own Louis Vuitton bags and rain boots.

Ashley will premiere her new flick, They Came From Upstairs, on July 31st.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale running from the rain…

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ashley tisdale rain in la 01
ashley tisdale rain in la 02
ashley tisdale rain in la 03
ashley tisdale rain in la 04
ashley tisdale rain in la 05
ashley tisdale rain in la 06
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Credit: Nathanael Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • candace

    weclome to life on the d list, ashley tisdale.

  • tia

    shes really obsessed with hair extensions. just like vanessa, exept vanessa actually needs the extensions otherwise her hair looks super thin and fug, meanwhile actually looks way better with really short hair.

  • ella

    wasnt her hair shorter like, a week ago?

  • xoxogossipgirl

    what is her job exactly? does she just got out to lunch and get coffee??? seriously?

  • vanessajonas

    yeah pretty much.. and you can see the consecuences in her fat face

  • bailey

    i about had a heart attack when i saw she wasnt holding a drink from the coffee bean and tea leaf. wow. thats a first.

  • angeline

    I think she looks pretty. And I like her body. Hahha. No les, promise.

  • Blondie❤

    Pretty much!!!! :D

  • :D

    lmfao #4

  • Carrie

    Wow everyone here is so harsh. If you dont like her then why take the time to comment. If you would all pay attention you would know she is working on her second album and has a movie coming out in July!

  • mykamicks

    Fine, I like ashley…. Especially her branded bags….

  • serena

    She looks so pretty here :) I love her outfit. Totally laidback and cute. She’s poppin’ that hood! lol.

    Go ash :)

  • ashfan

    to vanessajonas, same question goes apply to vanessa…or maybe you…

  • haha

    wow why are you guys making suge a huge deal out of EXTENTIONS?! TONS of people wear them! and vanessajonas, don’t go and be giving me crap like “yeah but the only difference is that fugface here looks bad in them but everyone else looks good in them and blahblahblah” your comments are soo predictable.

  • serena

    I agree with #11, vanessa isn’t doing anything with her life. all she’s got is Bandslam and then what? oh thats right, NOTHING. and at least ashley works out, while vanessa just sits around and does god knows what all day.

  • nichole

    isnt that when nessa’s movie comes out???? ooooooooo rivalry! hahah jkjkjkjk

  • arica

    i loveeeeeeeeeee her!!!!!!!!!! shes so pretty

  • i love zanessa

    Aww she looks so pretty. i love her hair better long..(cute)
    Team Ashley
    and love the Bag <3

  • i love zanessa

    Natural BEAUTY :)

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Ashley looks so beautiful. she looks amazing.

  • riana

    yea- nessa’s movie comes out on da same day! ha- i really wanna she ashley’s even tho i lyk vanessa more than her! I think her face is kinda chubby but her legs r mean skinny! She is soooo boring dis chick!

  • i love zanessa

    riana your boring? stfu
    her face is beautiful!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    #16, yes. Yes BOTH movies come out on the SAME day !! ..Are they insane !? OMG, I have no clue which one I want to watch first. I guarantee that I am going to watch BOTH movies on the SAME day :D July 31st :D

    …What exactly IS the big deal with hair extensions ? ..You should come to my school and see how many people have hair extensions. One day it’s short, the next is long. It doesn’t really matter. At least Ashley’s hair actually looks good short or long. She looks fabulous here, btw. One of the pictures make her look sexy.

  • aw

    serena-obviously you need to do something more with your life besides sitting on your ass.

    Tacky bags.

  • Alli

    Her MOM wears Uggs?!!!!!?!?!?! :P

  • mishyB

    yeah #16 i agree…i can’t believe their movies are coming out on the same day…but Vanessa’ s is hitting theatres… Ashley’s on the other hand probably is NOT!

  • i love zanessa

    OMG Im going watch both Movies cant wait!!
    (again love the bag) and AW same goes for you!!!!

  • i love zanessa

    misyb- ashleys Too

  • vanessa

    love her!

  • fdfmfdlfklfd

    #15 i totally agree

  • Avril

    She looks so cuteee!!!!!!!!
    I love her so much!!!!!!
    can’t wait for “They came from upstairs” and her second album!!!!!

    haters get a life!!!!!! if you really hated her, you wouldn’t spend your time
    on comment… that means that deep inside you can’t avoid loving her!!!!!

  • Avril

    Ash you’re great!!!!!!!
    and your movies are awesome!!!!!!!!
    luv ya!!!!!!!

    Go Argentina!!!!… and San Antonio Spurs (?) xD

  • Avril

    she’s the best!!!!!
    and Vanessa fans don’t spend your time bashing her because
    they’re BFF!!!!!!!

    Go Ash!!!!!!!! Ashley Rules!!!!!!!!

  • teteu

    My sweet, look soooo amazing! *-*
    love her!


    She looks so cute as always!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    I love her so much

  • Rosa

    #2 tia
    no idiot ..
    V looks beautiful both ways ..
    and her natural her is a million times better than ash ..
    need new glasses??

    #12 serena
    then what r u doin??
    suppose u live with nessa to know what she’s doin 24/7 .. ha ??
    get a life .. dumb one ..

  • amanda

    She is hot and sexy

  • lipsie glozz

    Both Ash and V are pretty and stylish..Their styles are quite same..Ash even got jared murillo who looks like zac..jared and zac’s hair and physique look kinda same 2 me..Well,maybe sometimes we tend to follow or ‘copy’ our bffs..or maybe it’s unintentional..

  • vancrazed

    Serena.. do you actually know what your talking about? Van is signing on to do two new movies, one with the producer of Transfomers. She has had 3 photoshoots in less than a month. She is still the face of Neutrogena and Mark Ecko. On top of that, she owns her own house, and pretty much sneaks around to work out so people don’t know where she is.
    They are best friends, and when you say stupid things like this you are actually insinuating that your idol can’t make a better choice in company. I feel sorry for your lack of knowledge and stupidity. Please go see a therapist and live in truth.
    Ashley looks great. We are proud of you Ashley…wish only the best for your. From a true Vanessa fan, that is what your friend would want.

  • Stevani

    Aww..Soo beautiful.
    Really,i love her smile :)
    and her mom looks pretty too.

    Can’t wait for her movie and album.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    love hairrrr !!!
    she is very very very very beautifulll !
    i like this pics very much <3
    ashhhh <3

  • iluu ashley tisdale

    amazing girl!
    she looks awsome
    the same old haters must really have a boring life to comment on somone youu hate :S
    i swear vanessajonas has crossed the line. im going to report her and certain people to jared because their comments are disgussting!
    anyway ashley i love youu keep rocking girl!

    ps: hair extentions everyone wears has anyone seen how much beyonce wears?? yeah i thought so!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    vanessa has projects too.serena you’re not right…
    she is the face of neutrogena and marc ecko
    and she has new movie and she has a new album..
    but her album is not as good as her first album.sneakernight ? this is not vanessa’s false but vanessa is better than that.she has a good voice and she sings really good.
    and ashley is amazing too.
    they are like twins.
    they’re bff.
    they are both stylish and pretty !
    i love vanessa and ashley .

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    andguys i want tol ask is there vanessa’s house ?
    ashley was at here on valentine’s day and i remember this is vanessa’s house

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    awww,yes there’s vanessa’s house

    ashley and vanessa were together at valentine’s day.
    why ?
    anyway,bff’s vashley forever <3

  • proud-ashley-fan

    Haters, why can’t you just leave Ashley alone? I mean your saying mean stuff about someone you don’t even know, sad much?

    Anyways, Ashley is AMAZING!!
    Love her with all my heart and soul and she looks like a natrual beauty here; like always. Can’t wait for ‘They came from upstairs’ and her second album. Keep doing what your doing Ashley, cause i’m so proud of you :) Love you soooo much x

  • vancrazed

    That is not Vanessa’s house.

  • Juan


  • 13girl

    she’s awesome. vanessajonas is a byotch. not vanessa. she’s ok but never interested in her life.

  • zac&ash4eva

    she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…cute,love her till death,she is almost with her mom,so what about jared?! lol
    seriously vanessajonas…its not of ur buisness if she is fat or thin or she is relax or…she loves 2
    LOVE HER <3

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