Jemma McKenzie-Brown is a Shopaholic

Jemma McKenzie-Brown is a Shopaholic

Jemma McKenzie-Brown is pretty in pink at the London premiere of Confessions of a Shopaholic in Leicester Square on Monday evening (February 16).

The 14-year-old HSM3 starlet recently dished to the London Mirror that she’s not used to her new-found fame yet. She shared, “Since doing the movie I’ve gone from getting auditions for radio plays to getting auditions for films. It’s like, ‘We’re considering Tom Cruise for the role of the father,’ and I’m thinking, ‘Oh God, this is crazy.”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year is out on DVD and Blu-ray TOMORROW!

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  • Michelle

    The new HSMers aren’t good at all. She looks pretty here but I’m not a fan. Can’t wait til the movie comes out tomorrow though!

  • gggggggggg

    Ugh can you say fashion TRAIN WRECK

  • zanessa luvr

    ^^^ agreed

  • fdsfd

    shes 14!?

  • jaime

    i thought she was at least like in her early 20′s wow, she looks nothing like a 14-year-old. and she is in dire need of a stylist, what is she wearing! it looks horrible!

  • duh?

    theres no way she’s only 14 years old.


  • anna

    wat is she wearing ?

  • brigitte loves joe jonas :]

    whaaaat, she’s my age? she looks like a 17 year old.
    that’s crazy :0 and sorry, but her outfit needs a lot of help.

  • b chick

    14 year old??
    wtf??!?! she looks more like 16 .

  • vanessajonas

    new teenagers are growing up so fast.. and aging faster

  • AMY

    Wow she is 14???? wow

  • angeline

    I don’t really like her all that much. Idk, she kinda bugged me as an unnecessary addition to the HSM movies. I guess it’s not her fault, though.

  • JESS

    agreed ^

  • Jenny

    Isn’t she like 19 or something?
    There’s no way she’s 14

  • http://yahoo Aissata

    are u sure she’s 14?
    cause she looks much older to me

  • carrie

    yeah, she’s only 14

  • vanessa

    on the night of nights

    i hate when she says that part hahaha

  • marie

    she’s only 14? wow!

  • tia

    14? guess her new best friend is gunna be miley cyrus

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    #17 that part bugs me lol.. it is always stuck it my head!

  • 13girl

    i thought she’s…i dunno 16?

  • sasha

    i thoght she was 26 or somethin. seriously!!!

  • Nicola

    i agree to the most of you she looks very much older than my age and her dress is just terrible!

  • Zanessaloveforever

    Only 14, she looks a bit older. I got the HSM3 DVD yesterday ( here it came out yesterday) and she is a really gd actress!! Shes really pretty and shes gonna be the next star.

  • sylviayoungsprincess

    some inside gossip for you here folks..
    i was at a friends 16th on saturday night & jemma was also there wearing that EXACT OUTFIT :O :O
    shes meant to be a star now…shame on you jem :/

  • Hollowood fan

    I though her acting and singing skills are terrible in HSM3.

  • Elle

    well, I love her!!
    the outfit would be cute without the tights!

  • lacey

    she lives like five minutes from me.. well, when she isnt at sylvia young she is!!
    she does look a lot older than she is!!
    really nice girl though :)

    HATE that outfit… :|

  • -Chloe-

    Yeah not to keen on the outfit.
    And yh I can’t believe she’s only 14, and when she did hsm3 she was 13 I was like wtf! She looks ages older like everyone is saying!

    And I completly agree with #17 that always gets stuck in my head.
    Im english but we don’t sing like that. I think Kenny told her to exaggerate her accent in this movie, but I dunno. lol Btw Love HSM3!

  • mary

    sylvia young princess your clearly upset that you wernt in the last caberet! x

  • mykamicks

    Everything start from a scratch.. Come on give her a chance… Later she couls develop her personality, in acting, singing and even have her onw sylish… just like other disney stars… Watch out she will hae her own time….. HSM 4 maybe…

  • Reannacalvert

    all you mofo’s up there seriously need to get a life!
    jemma’s one of my closest friends & she’s bloody gorgeous!
    love yaa jemmmmm xx

  • sylviayoungsprincess

    huhh? :s
    what are you on about?
    i love my jem dearly – you clearly dont have a sense of humor!

  • K

    ew i hate her. she absolutely cannot act

  • venom

    sylviayoungprincess WHO ARE YOU?
    tell us your TRUE identity…..

  • Englander

    JemJem you are what you are , stunning, have your own style and starting out in a fine way. Yer 14 and the world in front of you ,

    Go Girl x

  • Nerea

    I am a fan of Jemma, acts very well, but sometimes I do not like the dress. If you have 14 years old, at first I thought it was 16!

    Bye : )

  • Robert

    thanks for the great post. Best regards