Robert Pattinson To Present At Oscars

Robert Pattinson To Present At Oscars

Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson has been confirmed to present this weekend at the 81st Academy Awards, HitFlix reports.

It’s unclear which award the 22-year-old actor will be present or if his Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart will be by his side. Kristen was also rumored to be presenting this coming Sunday.

Kristen, Robert and Taylor Lautner will be taking Twilight to Tokyo, Japan NEXT Friday, February 27th.

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  • indiesr

    Awe Rob, how I missed u! Definately watching the Ocars so I can see him. :)

  • Vicky

    oh yeah! i cant wait! omg! :D

  • McKenzie

    NOOOOOO. not attracted this guy what so ever.


  • Ash

    He’s so cute =*

  • carrie

    omg one more reason to watch the oscars!
    i’m so happy for him! can’t wait!

  • Fanpire92

    Great =).

  • Kata159

    yaaay i’m definetely gonna see the Oscar. sure thing :)

  • jaime

    well now i’m definitely watching the oscars =P
    hope kristen will be presenting with him!

  • HSMFan

    Woohoo! :D

  • AsH

    heey when was the oscars ?? who know?

  • maria


  • Maria

    Nooooooooooo Robert!!! Don’t do itttttttttttttttt!!!!! Stay in Londonnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  • stella

    it’s huuuuge! the oscar!
    yeaaaah!!! i will definitely watch it!!!
    i really love him!
    go rob and kristen!! (:

  • bellamor

    Well, I’ll actually watch the Oscars if Robert is presenting. Hopefully Kristen will be presenting as well.

  • jessica

    he is only presenting it because he is popular duhh

  • francesca


  • Sofia

    i hope kristen and robert can present an oscar
    that would great!
    can’t wait to the oscars


    Great! At last one reason to watch the ceremony.
    Looking forward to see him all dressed up in a tux, nice hair (already a bit grown back).

  • kiss

    Great see Rob at the OSCARS …

  • kiss
  • wiii

    cmon Kristen, just be there, in oscars with Rob..!!!

  • Obvious

    I guess the academy is so desperate for ratings that no talent rats are allowed. There is 1 every year.

  • Amber cullen

    Omg! beautiful Robert Thomas Pattinson (LL)

  • Meepzy

    What the hell LOL? Out of all the wonderful actors and actresses they can get, they get this loser. I guess they need good ratings and thousands of fans trying to break onto the read carpet or something.

    I really hope he doesn’t present the Best Supporting Male Actor award.

  • anna

    i fucking love himm!!

  • kath

    why does robert looks always drunk?>

  • shaun

    oh heck yeah i’ll be watching the oscar! can’t wait to the Rob on stage once again. the man is hot!

  • Katherine

    For the life of me i never understand why people get so pissy and all mad. If you dont like Robert, get off this thread and dont comment. Plain and simple. Go comment on threads of people you actually like….or if you’re a miserable human being at all times, then please go jump of a bridge or something but dont f*cking comment! lol.

    Every year, the Academy invites those that are nominated and it invites people who have had HIT MOVIE (uhm, hello! Twilight has made close to $400 mil so far worldwide) and it invites people that have upcoming movies….BOTH Rob and Kristen have movies coming out in March (Little Ashes and Adventureland) and critics and those in Hollywood regard these two YOUNG actors as someone who will only get better and better with each role they get. They have talent! Thats why they were invited to the show. They are trying to appeal to each demographic and they are also trying to appeal to the young folks as well.

    Understood?? … Good.

    I look forward to watching the show to see who are all the presenters. And i look forward to seeing Rob and seeing his two new movies.

    ANd to all the haters, and to all the people without a life who always feel they have to be negative…GET A LIFE!

  • toñaa

    (L)(L)I love Him!!!!!

  • RebecaLOVESROB

    I LOVE HIMM!(in case you haven’t noticed)

  • Sere

    Good! Glad to hear it. Now I have more reasons to watch.

  • gaby


  • ella cullen

    Rob Pattinson is Hot!! :)
    Love him!!

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