Robert Pattinson -- Oscars 2009

Robert Pattinson -- Oscars 2009

Robert Pattinson suits up to attend the 2009 Oscars held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night (February 22).

The 22-year-old Twilight hunk presented a montage of what love looked like in 2008 with Mamma Mia! starlet Amanda Seyfreid.

Hugh Jackman is hosting the 2009 Oscars. Performers for the night also include: Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Seyfried & Dominic Cooper.

Robert Pattinson & Amanda Seyfreid – What Love Looked Like in 2008

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Photos: John Shearer/WireImage
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  • =))))

    God… he is gorgeous. Robert is <3333

  • Lorraine

    he is gorgeous.

  • Lorraine


  • Rachel


  • trish.

    i need to become rich so i can pay him 5 million dollars to sleep with me.

  • tchrezhee

    he looked gud.

  • tinkhabhel

    he looked gud

  • Diana

    I looove him! Thank goodness her shaved off that huge beard from yesterday!

  • m

    Got to admit he looks good here.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    OK !! Here he is. He is just looking FINE. I didn’t like his hair long, but his hair is just perfect…YAY !!

    ..It looked like he kinda glared when he was presenting though…lol.
    But he is just so hot now.

  • Laura

    he was just nervous when he was presenting.

    totally stunning <3 robert!!!

  • lili

    OMG!!!…I love him….

    when they were announcing Mickey Rourke as a nominee…i couldnt stop staring at Rob sitting behind him!!!

  • jaime

    sexy! <3

  • iloverobpattinsonmorethanyoudo

    he is so fantastic! i love him all cleaned up :)) but he does seem very uncomfortalble. i doubt this is his style. haha

  • Kris

    I had 5 highlights of the Oscars.
    1. Heath ledgar winning
    2. Slumdog Millionaire Winning all there awards.
    3. The LOVE montage of 2008 that he introduced.
    4. Kate Winslet Winning
    5. MILK winning it’s awards

    i have to say the oscars the past years have been boring .. this year was AMAZING! i enjoyed every second of it.

  • listen to mayday parade

    SEXY BB was half a sleep ehind Mickey Rourke!!

    I heart him

    Go get wasted Rob, you have earned it!

  • Victoria

    wow he is flawless!

  • Coii

    he was so cute!!!! i luv him!!

  • ashley

    gosh he is so mysterious.. its so sexy.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    OMG I cant believe I thought he was ugly. I just watched Twilight now I absolutely love him hes sooooooooooo cute well to me hes cute in a weird way.

  • Today

    I’m dazzled :D.

  • dorothy

    *drools* i died a little inside when i saw him up on stage. he is drop dead gorgeoussss :)

  • jilli

    #15 I so totally agree! I said the same to my sister!

  • jilli

    #10 me either!!!

  • Russian girl

    #10 I’m with you )))
    Robert looks STUNNING!
    And he was sooo nervous and shy))) Ohhh it’s so cute)))

  • zenster

    O Rob, Rob! Only you can get me glued on the Oscar show for three hours, only you! It hurt that despite the whole promotion of him being there he was on it for less than 5mins =( But it was still worth seeing him! Better than nothing!

  • Ella

    Damn he is soooo SEXY!! :D

  • lovelovelove

    SOOO CUTE!!!
    totally in love!!!!!

  • Kiss

    Aww, he’s so Sexy and Hottt….
    Love Him….

  • Leah

    i love him in a tux!!!!!!

  • syerah

    gosh ! hasnt seen his pic for awhile n now
    BOOM !!
    smoking hot :)

  • Brett


  • melissa

    he is amazingly beautiful.
    can’t get enough of him jared!!!!!

  • Miss Lautner

    Love Him !!!!!

  • zanessaholic

    he’s hot!!!
    everytime i look at him,
    he always looks like a vampire for me..
    a very hot vampire..
    bite me robert!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keenerkids

    Wow – he is so unprofessional. He needs more confidence and self-esteem.

  • vintagelove

    he looks gorgeous as always
    so freaking cute!

    his hair is looking good!

  • gaby

    te amo robert! you are the perfect boy

  • b chick

    omg. i think i just had a stroke.
    he is sooooo freaking gorgeous!
    he is perfect

    i absolutely love him!

    i cant wait to see him in new moon!

  • Diana.sun

    omg he is so Handsome & Gorgeous
    :D i love his hair like this, its mediumish :)

    man!..i want him :’(

  • Martiiina

    Oh my Goood…
    how can a man be that hooot??
    he’s sooo cool, funny at awesome
    loved his appereace @ the oscars
    he was very funny =)
    ROB I LOVE YA !!!

  • vanessa


  • heather hughes

    you can see that he tried his best to make his hair the way it was before he got it cut

  • Sar

    My word, how amazing does he look? Wow.

  • elgi

    I simply cannot get enough of that smile…

  • Emily

    I love Rob! I think he dazzled everyone there!

  • Kelly

    i think that rob pattinson is the most beautiful, gorgeous and perfect man i ever seen in my life! i would do anything in the world to just be even five feet from him! i want to have his babies. not only is he incredibly gorgous but an amazing actor and i have so much support for him as an actor. i would do incredible things to that man!! thinking about him right now drives me insane.

    rob & kelly forever <33333

  • Anahita

    trish. get a life

  • Nikki

    Damn he’s HOTT! I LOVE him!

    He’s the main reason I watched the Oscars!!

  • cassandra

    I love him so much! I think I would die if I saw him in person.
    If anyone has somthing to say bad about my baby then please keep it to your self. Rob I love youuuuuu! *-*