The Clique Girlz: Colorful Scarves Sweet

The Clique Girlz: Colorful Scarves Sweet

The Clique Girlz get wrapped up in colorful scarves and rock out for a photo shoot in New York City on Monday afternoon (February 23).

The girl group — made of sisters Paris and Destinee Monroe and new member Sara Diamond — made it through the cool weather just fine.

The Clique Girlz are getting set to release their new album, Incredible, this summer.

10+ pics inside of The Clique Girlz in colorful scarves…

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Credit: Hector Vallenilla; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Kelly

    brown hair?

  • ariel

    thats paris. not ariel
    ariels the one who left

  • b chick

    jj who are these kids?
    they are not famous!

  • jo

    So theyre releasing the album that Ariel sings on, right?

    I think Destinee and Paris both have great voice, and the group is doing pretty well… what I’m thinking is, what happened that caused Ariel to leave a group that was just gaining fame. Must have been bad?

  • Melaniee

    The middle ones name is Paris not Ariel.

  • Rachel

    never heard of them.

  • Jenn

    Jared, the sisters are Destinee and Paris. x] Ariel is the one who left. Destinee’s hair is looking more natural. I think I like the blonde better; but oh well. I don’t like Sara though. It just doesn’t look right without Ariel >: |

    Ariel left for her well being. I’m glad.

  • hu

    what kind of name is CLIQUE GIRLZ?

    what a stupid and shallow name

  • Whatever

    The brunette girl just doesn’t fit it.

  • Melissa

    hm i wonder if they’ll dye her hair (Sarah Diamond – the newbie). she seems a bit akward… but i guess she’ll blend in with them eventually. I still can’t call the the Clique Girlz without picturing Ariel.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    …uhm…who are they ? ..I’ve never even heard of…The Clique Girls…are you serious ? …They sorta look like Barbies…no offense…

  • Just Jill

    Thank you for the correction. We’ll fix

  • http://justjaredjr lilliz

    who the hell are those guy ohhhh i know there nobodys those girlz think they can sing ummmm yeah right!!!! haha ha

  • brittany

    wait.. what happened to the other girl?? ariel?

  • ihateu

    who the heck are these kids???


    honestly do you think they are gonna be big………nope


  • o_o

    Who are these girl’s?

  • Peyton


    listen to these girls i was suprised the youngest one Paris has one hell of a voice major talent there

  • jules

    I worked with them when it was the three blonde girls not the new brunette. And I was completely shocked at their talent. The youngest one Paris is an AMAZING singer, seriously. I think they will be huge in no time.

  • britt

    who are they?
    and seriously.. girls with a Z?

  • Katrina

    Where’s Ariel?! >:|

  • Julia Brown

    are they eating baby food? lmfao

  • tanii


  • zee


  • lexi

    why did ariel leave?? she was my fave…. :(

  • taylor



    I dont like them anymore

  • doug waters

    Destinee is quite the prettiest, and she can play guitar well enough to do so onstage.

    Ariel is the sweetest, the most mature in appearance (she looks like an adult), and has the best voice per se.

    But Paris, although the youngest, is by far the most talented singer, the most outgoing, the smartest, the best talker and the most poised and charming.

    All three are very good singers. (Paris is great.) I’ve heard a couple girls their age who can sing better, but their material is terrible. The Clique Girlz’ material is actually very good in its genre, thanks to Interscope, their record label.

    Sara has talent and is attractive, and I don’t doubt she could have a successful career as a solo act, but in the Clique Girlz, she’s in way over her head. She’s not Ariel’s equal in any way. Also, in voice and appearance, she doesn’t fit in. (Same with her style, although maybe she could fix that.)

    The word on the street is that Ariel left the group because Lenore Monroe, the group’s manager and mother of Paris and Destinee, shunted her aside as little more than a backup singer, and couldn’t be persuaded to do otherwise despite protracted entreaties from Ariel’s camp. If so, I think she hurt the careers of not only Ariel, but also her own daughters.

    (I’ve also heard a few rumors that the Monroe sisters sometimes treated Ariel badly. I certainly hope this isn’t true, as Ariel has been their best friend for half their lives.)

    I know they’re young girls who sing youthful Pop songs, but I think they should be taken very seriously. They’re that good, and so is Interscope, who developed them.

    I’m surprised though, that Interscope didn’t lay down the law to Lenore and insist that Ariel get the equal role she deserved. With the apparent vast sum of money and effort they put into developing the girls over two years, and by virtue of the contract they have with the girls and Lenore, they should have had enough clout to do so.

    Is it possible Interscope didn’t value Ariel? I can’t see how that could be. Anyway, Ariel’s website implies she’s still signed with Interscope, but I have to wonder if that’s so, because she’s clearly got no budget at the moment.

    Well, the best of luck to everyone.

    If I might make an aside here: Ariel, I really think your little sister Alexandria should do what you did, and dump the R&B / Hiphop thing in favor of Pop. And she needs to train hard with a vocal coach. No offense intended; she’s very young and could go far yet.

  • jonaslover


  • jenna

    Yeah I’m not a huge fan of their band name, but you all are crazy if you think they can’t sing. They have amazing voices!

  • caroline

    i talked to ariel today, shes working on her own music (:


  • jen

    why are they eating baby food in the third picture? I’d love for someone to enlighten me…

  • beth

    Ariel’s working on her own material? That’s so cool. When she was still in CG she practically gets like, what, only a minute or two solo? Hope things go well for her, she was my favorite :) I wonder if the Sara will dye her hair too.. Oh well.

  • jessie santos

    i think sara diamond is gorgeous !!! and i think shell fit right in..and she defintly not awkward!!

    i love her voice also ! i wish i was her:)


  • jessie santos

    i think that the three of the look good together

    sara i think fits in

  • Monica

    hey JONASLOVER shut the hell up u don’t know wat ur talkin about for all everyone knows u could suck at singing. IT MIGHT BE UR OPINION BUT KEEP IT TO URSELF

  • Carisha

    wut the hell happend 2 ariel i dont like the new girl she doesnt fit it
    the music wont b the same without her i miss ariel already n u ppl r all crazy if u think they suck the r amazing but even more amazing with ariel iz she ever gonna come back?

  • alisha

    i cant believe they had an audition i hate thaty girl SARA .ARIEL is so much better it feels as if my heart was broken i cant call it clique girlz anymore without ariel shes so much prettier than sara i mean seriously wat type of name is sara diamond im so furoius i just known today im never putting that pic with sara on my page ever i was such ahuge fan and this happen its like if tokio hotel kicked out bill

  • Aubrey

    I love the love the clique girlz. They are amazing ive met them before this all happend, i dont think this new girl works with there image AT ALLL they dont all have blonde hair anymore

  • Saleisha

    I don’t think Sara Diamond could replace Ariel, Ariel and Monroes are so clique. I love Ariel more than anyone in the world who’ll replace Ariel.

  • Ringlord

    Well jonaslover ( Gee we can’t tell who YOU are a fan of now can we ) They know how to make fantastic music and they have opened for the stupid Jonas Brothers before.

    Jen they are shooting a commercial for Baby Bottle Pop the candy where those pictures were taken so that is why it looks like they have baby food jars.

    As to why Ariel left all you need to do is go to youtube and look for her first solo song and listen to the lyrics and you will hear why she left. Basically she got a shot at a solo career and took it. Her new song is great and sounds like she wrote it herself.

    As to Sara, her voice blends in perfectly with Destinee and Paris and she fits into the group just fine.

    The Clique Girlz album will be delayed until summer so they can go back to the studio and record Sara in over Ariel. Makes no sense to release it with Ariel’s voice on there. Best time for her to have left is before the group actually had an album out so it does not take any longer than necessary for fans to get used to Sara being in the group.

    I do know from statements made by Ariel herself she is still friends with and loves Destinee and Paris so no the rumor of them treating her badly is not true. Did they always get along 100% of the time? Not likely since nobody does. Did Destinee and Paris mother treat her badly and try to make her a glorified back-up singer? Maybe, but until Ariel actually comes out and says so I will reserve judgement.

    What I think happened above and beyond Ariel getting a solo deal working is the fact that her parents could not be out on the road with her all the time like Destinee and Paris’s parents could be with them so she was bound to feel a little homesick and down and no matter how close she is to Destinee and Paris and their parents it is not the same as having your own family there. Add to that some people said her dad became ill and you have very valid and personal reasons for her leaving.

    Granted Ariel’s goodbye video on youtube can be interpreted to imply some kind of internal struggle went on and she did not want to make Destinee and Paris seem bad, but you could also say she kept quiet to keep people from thinking bad of her for leaving the group. I think she played it perfectly and I hope all 4 girls go on to big success.

  • Lynnzie t.

    They said a “new member” is added. Not “replaced” the role of Arial. What has happened to her? She’s my 2nd favorite. *First is Destinee*. I haven’t seen any pictures of her with Destinee and Paris anymore. What happened?

  • Jenna

    Come on! they all need blownd hair NOT brown, blownd and brown!!!!!!!

  • nay

    wat happend to ariel???

  • courtney624

    o.m.g i love the clique girlz they rock i listen to all of there songs i was going to do there audition but my mom said it was to far away from were we live well i wish you lots of luck in the future oh and i love sara dimond you go girl well got to jet love ya oh and i cant belive i even found out who u r im so happy well by by oh 1 more thing i have a band and we got a record deal its called the connect 3 girlz well i would have never found out who u r and if i didnt i would never have a band or a record deal love you lots paris love you oh and desstine oh i would never forget sara well good luck bye bye love.courtney***

  • not ur biggest fan

    HONESTLY, WHO DO THEY THINK THEY R?!?!?!?!? and srry 2 tell u this but destinee ur new hair color haz 2 go. watevr ur problem waz wit ariel u need 2 fix it rite NOWWWWWWw. she waz da best singer & u kno it. Paris U SUK!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. my friend mari thinks u ok but i think u r just HORRIBLE. i will never listed 2 ur songz again. only until ariel comez back. the newbie wit da brown hair doeznt fit at all i hate u so much!!!!!!!!1

  • http://WWW.GMAIL.COM ihateu


  • Cliquegirlzfan

    this new girl doesn’t fit in. i mean brown hair? NO!!! it looked soo cute and awesome when they all had blone hair. her name is boring too. you have DESTINEE then PARIS then sara. i think she totally ruined the clique girlz!!!!!

  • cliquefoever

    y did they kick out ariel. i love her wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better then this sara person. she is even prettyer then her. whats ariels website?

  • frombrazil

    I love Ariel!! The Tree girls form perfect: Paris, Destinee and ARIEL!!!!

  • Clique girlz luver

    I love the Clique Girlz!!!! You all who said that they can’t sing are stupid!!! They all have amazing voices!!! Probably better than all of you guys who disagree. Same thing goes with all of you who said bad things about them. They rock my socks off and you all who dont like them should GET A LIFE and a hearing aid.

  • katie

    I love Ariel i think that she is better off without them you can get farther on your own anyway. I’m gonna buy her CD as soon as it comes out. I <3 Ariel!!!!