Miley Cyrus Has Oscar Dreams

Miley Cyrus Has Oscar Dreams
  • Miley Cyrus wants an Oscar
  • Cody Linley sings with The Ballas Hough Band
  • Hilary Duff goes to the pet store
  • Leighton Meester has a new gig
  • Daren Kagasoff and Shailene Woodley go to the mall
  • Sabrina Bryan will be on the Tyra Banks Show THIS Wednesday, February 25. Check your local listings @ to tune in!
  • Jesse McCartney‘s next concert date is TONIGHT @ 7PM in Columbus, Ohio at the LC Pavillion
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  • billythekid

    Miley wants an Oscar? Hehe, good luck with that. Not going to happen with Hannah Montana the movie. it will sell well, make many millions but be poorly rated by those who matter in the Oscar world. sorry, just the way it is.

  • billythekid

    Oh wait I forgot about the original song category which Miley could possibly be nominated for IF she actually wrote the song The Climb, which is a very good song. I know its Hannah Montana and those older people sneer at such trival, but this song really does deserve serious consideration for whoever wrote it.

  • Michelle

    Haha Cody is so cute :)

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    haha what a shame miley will NEVER win an oscar, they dont give an oscar out for biggest disney sk*nk.

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    she may win haters are soo funny she has a better shot at getting one then any of you commenting…


  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    but i agree with Billythekid the Hm movie won’t win one she needs to take on more serious movie roles outside of Disney and yeah the climb is an amazing song if she gets more serious roles she may have a chance at an oscar someday!

  • jaime

    miley wants an oscar? i don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, or anytime at all. she’s going to be using that hannah montana deal to launch her own career, which isn’t even very good. nothing she’s done so far or anything she will do in the future deserves an oscar

  • joss

    she doesn’t write half her songs, not that other artists do, but she makes it seem like she has this excellent song writing skills. taylor swift has good song writing and is even better at sing live that miley…witihout hannah montana, her career is down the drain, which it is already on its way…

  • Kari

    #1 and #4, couldn’t agree more

  • sonia

    This is great that Sabrina Bryan will be on Trya. I will be watching!! Thanks JJR for the info :)

  • Ashely

    Sabrina <3333 and Tyra AWESOME!!

  • Anonymous

    she will not win a oscar anytime soon. she is not a good actress if she keep praticing maybe she will be but she not a good actress and she not win a oscar every time soon sorry but just say. i think miley cool but it will not happen anytime soon.

  • ashley

    Sabrina on Tyra sweet!!!

  • emmy

    She has to get good at one thing first. I think it’s reasonable to say that she’s not even the best actress or singer on Disney Channel, so she has to work on her skills first before even dreaming about an Oscar. There are so many other young actresses and singers better than her right now, so any talk about her winning an Oscar are way too soon.

  • JustGonnaSay

    miley’s picture looked very pretty. i dont like her smile too much. my mom liked her when she was young. now she’s ok. a little troubled but she’s still bubbly and not cold. u should be thankful to dat.

  • brenda

    This is great news to know that Sabrina Bryan my idol will be on Tyra. I can’t wait to hear more about her solo porjects!! I lvoe Byou 2 Sabrina !!

  • miley

    Miley looks cute in that picture and great to know about Sabrina Bryan being on Tyra :) :)

  • Miley

    Do u guys feel big and strong to pick on a 16 year old girl?
    It’s sad that this generation thinks if they critizize someone eles they’ll feel better. And to the people saying hannah montana will never end this is their last season. She choose to end it! Every single one of u are cruel bitter witches. Just because she has more money thnan your sorry asses dosen’t give you the right to diss her every second. Ur so pathetic.

    U have a problem with me then click on my name an comment on my youtube page.

  • Kelly

    Cool about Sabrina on Tyra. It would be cool that Sabrina and Jesse hook up they would look cute together!!

  • ann

    Sabrina rox <3

  • Hollowood fan

    Miley probably more likely to win a Grammy for her singing. Miley is a horrible/terrible actress, but she is a very good singer. Miley should stick to singing. Miley is not anywhere near winning any type of awards for her acting. The only acting awards she will be able to get are from Teen Choice Awards and Nick’s Awards, which are voted by tweens and teens. Stick to singing Miley.

  • billythekid

    Someone here commented that Miley wasn’t even the best singer on Disney. She actually is the best singer on Disney; certainly the most successful. She isn’t the best actress, but she isn’t anywhere near as horrible as Hollywood Fan would make her out to be. Nor is her show going down the tubes as Josh said. in fact, that show is exactly why her movie will make more money than any Disney movie has ever made outside of animation.

    Anyhow the user MILEY here complains of all the haters, which is their right if they want to. However, even if I sounded critical of her I actually like her as a personality and very much so as a singer. however, I am not a boot licker and I call them as i see them, and is why I say Miley’s acting is only average, which means no Oscar. But like i said previously, the song writing for the climb could garner some serious consideration if she wrote it. i wish someone could come up with some info on that.

  • jona

    jaja taht’s is a very good joke miley, wait are you spekin serious
    o wow are you smoke mmm… good look with taht

  • aleeyah

    i love miley! i think she will win sometime in the future! SO HATERS SHUT UP AND GO KILL YOURSELFS! NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE!

  • holly

    i think she is talking about bolt, her film that was NOMINATED for an oscar!

  • demi

    Fantasic will be tuning into Tyra on Wed to check out my girl Sabrina!!!!!!!

  • Danii

    tnx for the jesse update

  • Alexandra~Titanic.Historian~

    nope. she wont win an oscar. she is but another dinsey person. most disney people can’t really act that well… but I think the jonas brothers are ok but no.. miley..i like her but ..ya… not good as Kate Winslet:)

  • emily

    thanx for the Sabrina Bryan update :)

  • ugh

    in your dreams miley.

  • lol

    lol #24 ur hilarious.
    grow up kiddo.

  • am I Weird???

    I actually really dig her dress!!! I guess I am the weird one :-)

  • vanessa


    that’s so ridiculous of her to even say
    she can’t act
    she can’t sing

    her career is going to be over faster than you could say ‘sweet nibblets’

  • nicole

    Alright, I rag on Miley a lot, and I’ll admit that. No, I’m not jealous of her money or her fame or her creepy incestuous father/daughter relationship or her scary boyfriend. If her money and fame come with the stalking of the paparazzi and whatnot, she can keep it. That argument is old and tired, and anyone who still claims that haters are haters because they’re jealous needs to snap out of it.

    But the point here is that she thinks she’s going to be getting an Oscar nod NEXT YEAR. Miley Cyrus is sixteen and currently owned by Disney. The only reason she was even associated with the Academy Awards this year was because of Bolt, and Bolt was a movie in which she provided merely voice – she had absolutely nothing to do with that movie getting nominated in the animation category. It was a Disney/Pixar film. I think it’s now common knowledge that Pixar very seldom produces a sub-par movie. So Pixar was nominated. She was merely present to “represent.”

    Secondly, if she thinks she’s going to be getting a nomination for acting, she’s got some balls. Look at the nominees for best actress this year: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Melissa Leo, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Winslet. They are are respected actresses – and are all out of their teens, I might add. Even take a look at the supporting actresses and the movies they were in: they were all serious flicks. There was nothing teeny-bopper about them. Even if I thought that Miley Cyrus was a great actress, she has yet to prove anything of herself outside of Disney Channel where canned laughter is a constant. She needs to grow WAY more before anyone would even consider her for an Oscar.

    She hasn’t done anything worthy of an Oscar. (I suppose, in order to be fair, I’d have to add the word ‘yet’ to the end of that sentence, seeing as she’s still young.) Whether she was speaking merely out of excitement or not, she needs to rein her steadily inflating ego before she begins offending every person who hears anything she says.

  • tiffany

    thanx JJJ for telling about Sabrina being on Tyra!

  • janna

    Kind of stupid that people are saying she has no chance to win when they haven’t actually seen the movie…but that doesn’t mean those posters are jealous idiots, does it…..?

  • Vote For Miley

    SHE’S TALKING ABOUT IN THE SONG CATEGORY, NOT ACTING. Her song “The Climb” is from the Hannah Montana movie, so it COULD have a chance. Like I said could, not for sure.

  • janna

    This is so funny. Most of you that are crapping on Miley can’t even spell simple words or construct a proper sentence. Good luck with that career flipping burgers! Miley, you rock!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I feel Miley
    will get an Oscar
    one day.
    Shes very talented at
    what she does
    including acting. But
    shes to young to win one right
    now plus she hasent even been
    in any movies yet.

  • kusumi

    I wish I lived in the states to watcha Sabrina there. I hope somedayi puts on youtube.

  • jimmy

    People, it is called a dream, don’t take it too serious. Everyone can have a dream. Who knows if someday Miley singing and acting really improved. As of now she is really a wonderful entertainer.

    I like comments given by billythekid…


    who would nominate HER for an OSCAR?

  • angi

    hi i’am hungary!
    én nem tudok angolul..csak ezt:D na mindegy csak azt akarom írni,hogy mért kell szídni Miley-t?ti talán ismeritek??hát nem szóval le lehetne szállni róla..én se ismerem de legalább én nem írok ilyeneket..nm is ismeritek szóval..:@szánalmas..pff-.-”

  • PepsimAX

    Disney channel actors/actresses are in a whole different league to people who win oscars. Dream on.

  • rawrambo

    yeah, so i watched a red-carpet interview with her, and she said ‘hannah montana: the movie is coming out April 10th, so hopefully i’ll be back here next year getting something for that’ …WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL!?!? Oh yeah, Miley, some cheesy Disney movie about a blonde wig and a farm is DEFINITELY going to win a friggen OSCAR. ughhh. i swear, that girl is WAYYYY too optimistic. just because she is the Princess of Disney at the moment does NOT mean she is going to get anything/any where in the big time, sorry chubby cheeks.

  • ayanna

    lisen to aleeyah she is right!

  • miley rocks u suck

    yeah she can win the oscars i mean shes a good singer and actor,cute and funny or r u guys jelous especially kid……

  • miley rocks u suck

    AND PLZ miles im telling u ur gonna win the ascars <3 u gilr + u really rock!!@#@!$%^^^

  • ayanda austin

    u know what billy the kid i disagree with u.
    Miley can win the oscars and H.M the movieis perfect so is miley i have a feeling that she can do it

  • Rachel

    I am jealous of Miley. Know why? Not because she’s “pretty” or because she’s “famous”, but because she makes so much money and if she works hard, could one day end up with an Oscar. I don’t think she deserves it at all. She takes her fame and her fans for granted. She’s extremely snobbish and annoying to everyone… I would hate to see her get anywhere with her career, because I like to see people who are truly appreciative of everything they have (like Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, Anne Hathaway, etc.) get Oscars. Miley is only 17. Although, I have to say she does look like she does a nice job in “The Last Song”.

    I personally don’t think she’s going to be getting an Oscar. There are far better actresses out there (ahem, Kristen Stewart of “Twilight”) that have done more things that put them in a better chance of getting an Oscar one day. Her performance in “Adventureland” was great.

    Miley, I suggest you actually ACT in your movies/films instead of just having fun with a blonde wig, and then think about Oscar.