John Mayer Catches Jonas Brothers' Love Bug

John Mayer Catches Jonas Brothers' Love Bug

While millions of fans get starstruck by The Jonas Brothers, they get starstruck too!

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — admit to In Touch that they’ve gotten starstuck over fellow artist, John Mayer before.

Kevin shared, “I had a moment about five years ago when we were at a meeting and John Mayer walked in. He was one of the reasons I started to learn to play guitar. When he walked into the room, I was too stunned to go up and meet him. After that, I thought to myself, ‘I’m never going to let that happen again.’ We got to meet him later and he complimented us. He sang [our song] ‘Love Bug’ to us, which was a dream come true. It was really cool!”

TELL JJJ: have you ever been starstruck by a celebrity before?

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  • Elise

    Yay 1st, i love the jo bros, problem is im Aussie, and we don’t get the film until June 4th here…so angry :( PS: marry me joe

  • vanessajonas

    mayeer whateveer..

  • izzie

    i absolutely loooove john mayer
    and the jonas brothers :] haha

  • marissa

    i was starstruck when i met my idol vanessa hudgens on august 17th :)

    i love the jonas brothers! :)

    and i was starstruck when i met kevin jonass girlfriend danielle! the picture is on just jared junior!

  • ashleee

    seriously i hate to be mean or anything but i am tired of them. yeah you can say im a witch and i am jealous of them and everything, but im not. dont hate me cuz i am saying that im tired of what you girls think of….the cutest guys. seriously. if you look over what you doooo, youlll see a million songs of the jobros, posters on your wall, cds cluttered in your room. yeah. i bet that there are gonna be a million other comments about how im being mean. but you know what i am saying what i want. i dont really care what you guys say. what do you wanna do slap me through the computer???? lol!

  • cc27

    :( NO!! i have never been starstruck i have never met a celebrity i truly rlly love :( i wish i could

    LOVE U JB!

  • Karina

    No, I’ve never met a celebrity … why ? shuauhsh

    I’m brasilian, so I can’t meet the singers I love most !

    I’m so excited for the movie … Love jonas brothers so muchh !!

    Joee, you’re so perfect, the best person ever ! Come to Brazil !

  • megan

    ok uhmm not to be rude or anything because i love the jonas brothers to death, but im not sure how accurate this quote is…kevin says this moment with john mayer happened like 5 years ago n john mayer started singing love bug to them….love bug wasnt even out five years ago, so how could john mayer have been singing it….

    im not hating, im just saying.

    i love JB with all my heart, so trust me im not a hater…..that was just weird….unless im misunderstanding the quote….anybody help?

  • [other] sam

    i think he meant that he didnt go up to meet him 5 years ago but more recently he met john mayer and got sung to.
    john mayers hardly a wonderful influence anymore, bless him.

    britney spears walked past me at cduk and i was totally awestruck for hours.

  • Carolline

    Yes, when I met McFLY. :)

  • Olivia

    ok uhmm not to be rude or anything because i love the jonas brothers to death, but im not sure how accurate this quote is…kevin says this moment with john mayer happened like 5 years ago n john mayer started singing love bug to them….love bug wasnt even out five years ago, so how could john mayer have been singing it….
    he ment that he met him five years ago and then he was embarassed cause he freaked out but then his later they met him again and thats when he sang love bug.

  • alexa

    I got starstruck when i met jesse mccartney!:)

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Ew John Mayer?
    I’m not a fan
    but I do love his
    song “Say”. Aw the Jonas
    Brothers thats sooo cute they get
    star struck. I love them sooo much!

  • nicklovesemily:]

    best day ever..they are so genuinly sweet in person:)
    its not an act.

  • lalalalaa

    i think they need to stay low for a while bc a lot of ppl are starting to get sick of them and then they might lose some of their fans well obviously not the overly obssesive stalkerish type ones but maybe some others .. who knows it might not happen but just sayin???

  • rachel

    YES!! i met Ryne Sanborne (Jason from the High School Musical movies) and i was so flippin’ nervous that i couldnt stop apologizing- for what? i have no idea and smiling. My face is bright red in all the pictures, even after we met him. He was soo sweet though and really cute : ) .
    but it wasn’t til after that i realized that i didnt even tell him my name! UGH if only i could time travel…

  • Alyssa

    Yea, I got Starstruck when I met Taylor Swift!

    I was so nervous, I was about ready to cry! haha!

    I lub the Jonas Brothers!

  • Krissy

    # 15
    your wrong.
    FANS would still love them, even if they DO AND MORE each and every day :)
    it’s the life of being famous- no one can stop to what they do :D
    and if people leave them, just cuz they seem annoying
    then there stupid to begin with & not loyal to trust to be fans
    cuz honestly, the jonas brothers stuck around to do this for US
    not anything else.
    AND as for haters- yeah, they can get a life or find one, if they don’t know the meaning of ” HAVE AN OPINION, KEEP IT TO URSELF” or ” I DON’T GET WHY YOU STILL COME BACK, TRYING TO PROVE A POINT, WHEN IT’S GONNA BE USELESS”

    # 5
    WHOA. calm down at least… >.>
    like i said, if your getting tired of them, then your weren’t a true fan to begin with or hater.. or whatever..
    well welcome to the real world of the JONAS’
    OF COURSE there’s many girls who would have posters, cd’s and stuff in their room—— that’s what anyone that SMART WOULD DO.
    AND we don’t love them cuz of their looks
    but for who they are, how they give back to people who matter the most, and still create great music :D
    Actually, i could care less to what haters say about the jonas’
    cuz they have nothing to do in their spare time, than to find something to hate them on, and pass it on towards people.
    BUT seeing hate comments everywhere- i swear, your more annoying than ever!

    what do you wanna do slap me through the computer????
    hahaha i wish ;)

    that’s so great, they got there inspiration in music to sing there song love bug ^-^
    I’m not a fan of John Mayer, but to see the jonas’s starstruck…pretty awesome!
    proves to show, there still the same guys as always- living their dream & going starstruck on their fav people <3

    GO JONAS <3

  • Katie

    yess, I was studying in Starbucks when Mitchel Musso walked in-four feet away from me! I’ve always thought he was adorable and was too afraid to go say hi so I just kept looking at him from the corner of my eye. After he left, I felt like kicking myself for just gawking at him and not at least smiling and saying hi to him…

    Plus he was on the phone most of the time so that’s part of the reason why i was afraid.

  • Katie

    Oh yeah and I’ve seen Ashley Tisdale at the mall a couple of times :) She’s so pretty in person and was really nice when some of the little kids shouted out “Hii Sharpay!!” haha

  • Kat

    Yeah! I was starstruck two days ago when I met Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, and Rachel Lefevre!

  • megan

    I was totally starstruck when I met the JONAS BROTHERS in Nashville. Me and my best friend made nice with their security so they let us meet them! After they went into the auditorium, Lauren started crying and I fell on the a puddle. ha. Their mom Denise came over to check on us. It was the best day! They were so nice!

  • Caro

    Ohh please too all haters we don’t like the jonas brothers just because there hot but because there very inspirational boys who have worked VERY hard to get to where they are and to top it all of there very respectful and they love everyone even the haters… & they haven’t changed at all there still the same good kids that they’ve always been zoo before all you haters talk about them and make up rumors get your facts straight!
    Well I adore you jonas brothers(:
    You inspire me each & every day!

  • Ari

    I got starstruck when i met them. :]
    sweetest guys ever, though.

  • Laura

    I met a lot of Brazilian celebrities (cause I’


    omg!!! that is the best article i have ever read!!! John Mayer is my most favorite celebrity EVER!!!! I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH! And now the Jonas Brothers love him too?!?! MY 2 FAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAA!!!

  • NMN

    I actually got starstruck when I met Michael Copon two years ago at a concert at my local fair… and also when I met the Jonas Brothers on August 9, 2007… okay I was more starstruck by Kevin and Joe because they actually talked to me unlike Nick.

  • Caro

    I got starstruck when thee JONAS BROTHERS were at the movie theater where I was watching the jonas brothers 3D movie ( best movie everrrr!) with my friends for my birthdaay and I took a picture with the jonas brothers and theey are so gourgeous especially nick!(:<3

  • Franchesca[:

    I love John Mayer.
    And the Jonas Brothers. [:
    Lol, just sharing.

    M, idk. :)

  • Angela

    Yesss. When I Met The Jonas Brothers TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)