Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Panthera Pair

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Panthera Pair

Camilla Belle is so dedicated to her new job as celebrity spokesperson for H.E.L.P., an organization dedicated to bettering children’s lives in Malawi, that she gave boyfriend Joe Jonas a necklace to benefit the organization, E! Online reports.

The dashing duo sport a matching necklace (Joe) and ring (Camilla) from the Panthera collection.

Camilla is the new celebrity spokesperson for H.E.L.P. All sales of Joe‘s necklace and Camilla‘s ring will benefit the organization.

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Credit: RADCLIFFE/MATEI/GABO; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Valerie

    So sweet!!!!!!!!
    It’s awesome that the celebrities use thier publicity
    to help benefit organizations!!!
    GO JOMILLA!!!!!!!

  • watever

    FIRST! woot.

  • watever


  • Just Jono

    How cute <3

  • Jennifer


  • savannah

    This couple is growing on me…

    I actually think they look adorable together.

  • jacqueline

    holy crap those rings are like $600
    and the necklace is like $1000

  • joanne

    who cares.. thats no news

  • ella

    i dont know, there is something i dont like about her. and i have always felt that way. its not cuz she is dating him…im not even realyl a jonas brothers fan. but i dunno, shes kinda like vanessa hudgens, pretty, but seems very very self absorbed and slightly cocky. taylor swift seems alot more genuine and down to earth. plus this chick looks like shes 30.

  • Gabriellelovesjoseph

    i love camilla and joe..
    there my favourite couple ever!
    I didn’t like Taylor and Joe at all…


  • Emerson

    Yeah I would love to support it too, but we all can’t afford to pay $1,000 for a the ring and necklaces depending on which one you choose the price goes up! Don’t get me wrong I support the cause…just can’t afford it.

  • lalaine

    and he says he didn’t cheat on taylor with camilla tsktsk

  • Elise

    i want joe for myself…hand him ova!

  • Elise


  • Sara

    they are just a lovely couple
    I love it when Camilla smiles,she’s a darling!!

  • Mrs. JOE~NAS

    she’s a bitch and he’s a hottie?! so not a good couple!!!!!!!

  • lola


  • Kristin

    so joe lied when he blogged that there was no other girl.

    camilla belle is lucky, she’s got joe jonas AND robert pattison.

  • sami

    I do not like nothing like they are together
    joe would have to be something better

  • emily

    I do not like nothing like they are together
    joe would have to be something better

  • emily

    agggrrr I do not like it

  • AG.

    So, it doesn’t even look like he’s happy.
    I miss that Joe that’d smile all the time.
    I swear, Camilla has turned him into someone different.

  • pat

    they are so cute togetherrr <333
    go jomilla, go!

  • mee.

    i freaking hate them together.
    seriously. she looks like shes
    30 or 40 years old, and joe looks
    hot as always. i’ve never liked her,
    but i liked joe&taylor together, but
    not camilla&joe. she is so annoying..

  • ASH!!!

    THEY LOOK LIKE TWINS!!!!!!! creepy much?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?

  • Mere

    #7, the ring and necklaces are a little cheaper than that lol.
    The neck lace and ring are 400$.



  • sophie

    I Love them !!!
    They look so adorable together!!

  • juliet

    jeez Joe looks creepy!

  • kate

    Camilla looks like his mother in that pic and Joe looks pedo

  • Emmaxx

    #22 couldnt agree with you more!

  • njfenner

    –>joe’s twin.
    they look exactly the same

    They kinda look good together

  • lexi

    i really don’t think they should be so expensive. i love supporting a good cause, but how much is actually going towards helping Malawi? and did they or did they not use child labour? most of this stuff only puts towards 3 cents to a good cause. and the actual product only costs 3 bucks to make!!! with the economy where it is now, people cant really afford to spend 600 dollars on a simple necklace. right now, malawi does have a lot of it’s issues, but i’d rather help out w/ the tragedies in the Congo and Darfur. but it nice that a celeb is helping to promote this. although if i was Camilla, i wouldn’t just wear it I’d educate people about it at premieres and events and i haven’t heard her doing any of that (the least she could do is say something to a reporter! especially something besides “i know what i’m doing”).

  • cc27

    Joe was so sweet to wear it :) , Their actually growin on me :O !
    But ..There is something I don’t Like about Camilla dating Joe, I wonder what, Hmm.. lol

  • http://jjj annony

    im all for a good cause and we as a nation should get together and help as much as we can but considering their fan base are so young CAN THEY AFFORD THESE PIECES..9/10 cant so hopefully there are other ways to help…personally i dont think much of camilla and not because of joe she seems so fake and comes across as a user..personally she is using joe to fund this cause because of the enormous fan base JB have becuz really WHO THE HELL IS CAMILLA BELLE WITHOUT JOE JONAS!!!!!!!!A NOBODY…..

  • brie

    Before they were even dating, I’ve thought that Camille could be his sister. They look too much a like to be a cute couple. They’re adorable people, BUT not an adorable couple. Him and taylor swift looked a lot better together.

  • Natalie

    Could it be more obvious that shes using him?? And now she gives him a necklace to help her promote her charity? Thats just sick.

  • dancing5diva

    Who is leaking this stuff to the press? It is keeping them in the limelight. Do her people call the paparrazzi to let them know where Joe and her are going to be and what they are doing? Did you know a lot of stars to that to keep themselves in the papers and magazines? Do we care about Camilla’s jewelery? The only reason this made some news is because Joe JOnas is wearing it. And who let that cat out of the bag?


    I think that Camilla tells her people to call the papz while shes anywhere with him because if you really think about one gets photographed THAT many times. Think of Danielle and Kevin, they barely get photographed and same with other celebs. Theres been pictures of Joe and Camilla out about 2 times a week for about a month. Celebrities do do that. Thats what T-Swift did with Perez. Every few days he would have a new spotting of her at one of their concerts. I think that Camilla’s pretty much doing the same but shes calling the Papz instead so people can have visual proof. She wanted publicity, and shes getting it.


    yeah and no one even knew camilla was doing charity for that and no one cares what necklaces he wears…i think her management just called and told them that..celebs do that

  • Charliee

    I am a fan of the Jonas Brothers and Joe. I find it really irratating that Camilla is in all these pictures with Joe and in all this Joe news. I don’t want to hear about her I want to hear and see Joe. Like she is hogging the limelight and its sickening. Go and shoot a movie or something and get out of their spotlight.

  • jonasluveerr

    Camilla “Knows What She’s Doing”.

  • tammyy

    Wow.. what is joe? a walking billboard? is it just me or does it make you sick how much shes using this poor 19 year old guy to help her advertise. she probably gave him to that in a cute way..i dont think he knew she was using him as her own personal billboard. the billboard(he) usually says “I AM DATING CAMILLA BELLE” on it. but now shes using him to promote a organization? thats just low. i feel so bad for him

  • UGHH!!!!

    Camilla does charity things like this to help her career. she just gave that to joe to help advertise it just like shes taking him to public places and sticking to him like a leach and smiling huge infront of paparazzi because she knows her pictures gonna be taken next to joe jonas. why arent you girls realizing that she does this to literally everyone?? she did this with Rob too and Tom

  • cris

    ok first of all they look like brother and sister
    he looks different when hes seen with her like hes not the same old fun having and joking around joe he used to be..i get it hes growing up but seriously dont be like an old man around your old(er) lady (haha) i gurantee they wont last much longer….i have a strong feeling they will break up and later on she will be with robert pattinson…”they are just friends” bull theres something else there too…

  • cris

    anyone else agree with me?

  • andrea

    they ,ake such a cute couple basically everyone saying they don’t make a cute couple are the jealous people

  • Imissjoejonas

    joe jonas :(

  • bertha

    Camilla Belle should be named CAMILLA BALLSUCKER I hate her so much she is such an attention hogger and I know if someone reads this comment they are gonna say if you hate her so much than why are you leaving a comment but ummmm fyi i DGAF!!!!!

  • camilla

    so joe lied when he blogged that there was no other girl.

    camilla belle is lucky, she’s got joe jonas AND robert pattison.

  • MARTA.

    oh no..
    i don’t like them together..
    i don’t like Camilla..
    Joe is too special for her!

  • lovevydovey

    camilla looks like joe’s mamma well she could be i like rob and camiilla but well joe’s happy