Zac Efron is Ready For Rove

Zac Efron is Ready For Rove

Zac Efron hides his hair behind his fave gray beanie as he stops to gas up his Audi at a local gas station in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (March 3).

The 21-year-old Hairspray hunk was seen sipping on POM Wonderful‘s mango juice and also had lunch with a friend at a West Hollywood deli.

Zac will be appearing on popular Australian talk show Rove along with comedian Russell Brand on March 15th. The Sydney premiere for Zac‘s flick, 17 Again, will be held at Hoyts in the Entertainment Quarter on March 11th.

25+ pics inside of Zac Efron getting gas…

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  • zanessa4everr

    awww he’s so cute!

  • Alla aroustamian


  • Noelle

    Hmm….look at his sexy ass.

  • Karen

    You’re such a sweetheart!

  • Lyca

    am i 1 omg i think im first, aint that awwwwsome
    he looks hot hottttt
    although i dont get y he would wear a beanie when it’s prob like so hot outside
    who’s the friend?? i donno they look almost gay
    i heart him though :) and zanessa of course

  • Katty

    Damn he is hott. It should be illegal for someone to be that hott. I hope Vanessa joins him for a couple premieres. I hope under that hat is shorter hair that he had last night. I mean, not totally short, just Zac Efron short. He is F I N E when he has it that way.
    When does the have to go on the publicity tour?

  • witchygirl

    very sexy today

  • http://ZacEfron Kelly

    Zac looks amazing.

  • zacullen

    who’s the guy at #23 photo?

  • eLLa

    luv him

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Ehe, I love his gray beanie :D And him of course :D He can make ANY plain t-shirt look super hott..*drools*

  • rockstar

    He’s super sexy, as always. <3
    I want to steal that beanie from him though.
    He’s needs to cut his hair a bit; cut it to the perfect Zac Efron length, like on his Rolling Stone cover. That length is PER-FECT.

  • Gabriela Aroca

    Zac,you’re my life !
    You’re soooo perfect !

    Gabriela, your 1# fan from Brazil ♥

  • miss zanessa


  • hititquitit

    hottie hot hottie

  • pop86

    I love Zac with long hair(picture #6), but I hate the beanie as much as Zac hate the paps.

  • miss zanessa

    zαα¢ efяoɴ тнe sexy вoy
    zαα¢ efяoɴ тнe sexy вoy
    zαα¢ efяoɴ тнe sexy вoy
    zαα¢ efяoɴ тнe sexy вoy

  • http://loveyvanessa jojo
  • Ella

    Zac is so SEXY!!

  • LIzz

    The melb premier is on the 12th and at the Jam Factory (just lyk the HSM3 one!!)

    He is soooo hott!


  • Jeanny

    yay rove :)
    should be good!

  • Zoe.

    Yay Rove!!!!!!! That interview will be soo funny

  • zane

    Cant wait to see 17 Again. Hopefully V will go with Zac at Australia.

  • zane

    Vote for Vanessa and HSM3 at KCA!!!!!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    melbourne is on the 16th i asked village. rove is like my fav show lol and zac is going to be on iut so it is going to b twice as good yay!! cant wait to c him in Melbourne!

  • marie

    he’s hot

  • zanessafan86

    Oh soooooo HOT!!!!

  • nicolle

    ooommmggg zac efrooonnnn is ssoo hott<33<33 omgomgomggg

  • kathy

    yay rove :)

  • nikki

    WOW HE IS HOT<3 so hot

  • caitlin

    yayaya rove!!!!
    zac = love

  • zanessa fan

    hes seeeeeeeexy <333.
    and im defs watching rove on march 15th :)
    best show ever <3
    i love rove ;D and ZACCCC <3

  • Athenais

    Zac is so cute , but not smiling ….

    I hope Vanessa come with him to Australia for ” 17 again” premiere

  • Peyton

    ok calm down
    vanessa doesn’t need to be attached with him every second of the day

    shesesh whats going to happen when they break up wwhat will you obsessive little girls do.

    Zac Efron you are one sexy man :3

  • wowzaa

    HE IS LOOKING FFIINNEEEE!!!<333 wow :D!!

  • zac is a rat

    First pictures of Zac out with someone other than Vanessa and by the look of the bloke behind he looks ready to jump on Zac and smother him in kisses, mind don’t supposeZac would mind.

    And then picturs of him at a game again without Vanessa and full of smiles, so that other meeting with a mystery male must have gone well and put Zac in a good mood. Wonder if the mysetery male is going to Ausse with him

  • Jessie

    OMG he is sooooooo hot!
    oh and where’s vanessa LOL

  • lissy

    Oh my god, you got me in heaven Efron. So hooooootttttt.

  • me

    Can’t wait to watch, I love rove haha :)

  • Lilly

    Ahh rat face, here again. Seriously, you are pathetic.

    Zac was with his manager, Jason, at the game. Jason must hold a season ticket as Zac was with him when he met Leo, and Zac used it for when he and V went together. Jason is a friend also as him and V went to Jason’s wedding in Hawaii in October. Get your facts straight before you post. And yes, I would imagine that his MANAGER, will be going to Austrailia with him, to promote HIS new movie.

    As for the friend. They are just walking from a store. A store that V was seen at a few weeks ago no less. They are having a snack or something, a common thing for most normal people. Oh, but you are not normal.

    Zac and V are happy together, and it is so obvious from the pics from the premiere that he is so whipped. He was the one who held onto her with a death grip, who took her hand, who called her over to him. He loves her, she him. Get over it.

    He looks amazing by the way.

  • Kelly

    He looks good, if a little annoyed, but who can blame him.

    He looked so good with V at the Watchmen premiere. They are so cute and in love, it’s beautiful to see. Love them!!

  • maria

    Great to see Zac just hanging, and getting stuff done before he leaves. It’s all good.

  • baby m

    reall cute!

  • V-fan-forever

    I love him!
    But he looks pretty pissed…I’d wish the paps wouldn’t chase him!
    I mean, I’m happy whenever I see new pix of this super hot guy but on the other side it must be really hard for him…

  • chocolate amber

    Zac is having lunch with a friend which is something Zac is a Rat knows nothing about since Rat has no friends.

  • kelly

    i love him !!!hotiie hotiie!!!

  • kelly

    zac is so cute!!!i love him

  • susan

    i dont know why the paps took them photo even they put petrol in there car that’s not wright gave them space sometimes.
    anyway zac is good guy thats why i love him.

  • TiTanicGirl

    the beanie…ugh i h8 that thing. But i love the dude!

  • Ann

    Can’t wait to see him on Rove. Too bad Nikki won’t be there to cover for him on the questions she saved him from last time.