Selena Gomez is Beezus Quimby

Selena Gomez is Beezus Quimby

Selena Gomez is really excited today! The 16-year-old actress just updated her MySpace, officially announcing that she was cast in the upcoming movie, Ramona. Sel‘s set to play the role of Ramona’s big bossy sister, Beatrice/Beezus Quimby. Check out the full blog post:

“I wanted to share with you guys that as soon as I get done here in Puerto Rico, I will be heading off the my second favorite place in the world — Vancouver, Canada! I spent 3 months there last year [shooting Another Cinderella Story] and now I will be spending another couple of months there shooting Ramona! I can’t wait to go back! So, if you live in Canada, I can’t wait to see you guys!! Hope you’re all doing well! God Bless, Sel.”

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  • gerty

    good for her.
    im not really a fan of hers, but being on the cover of teen vogue is great.

  • gerty

    yay, i hate people saying that, but i was first! :D

  • jo

    her head looks huge in that pic

  • TiTanicGirl

    bad hair.

  • TiTanicGirl

    but she’s cool! just heard the Hat Song from the wizard disney story…

  • Michelle

    She was on the cover of Teen with Demi…that was technically her first cover…this is her first solo tho.

  • fds

    awuuhh she seems really happy :] that’s good, that means im gonna buy the magazine :] selena you really earned it. selena i love you, your amazing. &she is shooting Ramona she is just so great! ahh i cant wait!

  • dsa

    i like the fact she try her best to exclude herself from making rounds in Hollywood but rather be more personal and sincere and lovable to her true friends.

  • jk

    i like the fact she try her best to exclude herself from making rounds in Hollywood but rather be more personal and sincere and lovable to her true friends

  • andrelle

    what i like about sel is that she take risk and not be afraid of the outcome of it unlike other teen celebs who just put themselves out there for the fun of it and find excuses always to blame the media on their bad behavior ring a bell (miley).as a teen i really look up to this girl.she is so real and mature for her age

  • hlnd

    That hair cut makes her look a bit ugly. But i like her!

  • andrelle

    i like the fact that sel try her best to exclude herself from making rounds in Hollywood but rather be more personal and sincere and lovable to her true fans.
    by the way i remember when i was younger how i used to be so obsessed of reading Beezuz and ramona collection and now its being made into a movie i am so glad and cant wait to see how it will turn into.sel is definitely the best choice

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Cool! Can’t wait!
    She was great in Another Cinderella Story ♥

  • esai roman

    you have a great show but u’ r not being hot enough

  • dontreply

    i love selena
    i can honestly say im a fan i like how she tries to keep her fans updated and dont exclude them from anything also how she knows we are the reason shes where shes at now
    unlike most celebs they just let fame go to there head and forget about there fan!

    go vote for selena gomez as best tv actress for the kids choice awards


    aw cant waittt:)
    i love selena!!!!!

  • anon


  • Nandi

    the hairstyle makes her head look huge.


    first of all wut magazine and second of all, i love her she is truly a great model… im so gonna watch this movie, cant wait:) and btw im a gurl but lots of guys tell me that she’s hot so.. yeh … i love her and she’s gonna do great in wutever she does..

  • jas

    yay…she’s comin to canada…i should head to vancouver soon…

  • Maddy

    I live in toronto how bout you come there!

  • jenna

    cant she be ugly for once
    so i can call her ridiculous?/
    hate her :/

  • Jesse

    #22, you Miley defenders are impossible!!! You try to find decent reasons to hate Selena but you can’t. So it all comes down to she being TOO PRETTY?! Wtf?!! that’s hilariously pathetic

  • butterfly14

    whats ramona?

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Hopefully this
    movie isnt as obnoxious
    as “Another Cinderella Story”
    now that movie was straight
    up BORING and GROSS.

  • mz Sass

    Nick Jonas’ girlfriend @ 03/04/2009 at 7:27 pm Hopefully this
    movie isnt as obnoxious
    as “Another Cinderella Story”
    now that movie was straight
    up BORING and GROSS.

    YES! The acting was horrible. I couldn’t watch it.
    I was stunned when people were saying it was good.

  • lovlina


  • Charlene Huisman

    Oh my Goodness!!!!! I live only 1 1/2 hours or so from Vancouver!!!!!!!! I would so love to meet her!!!!! I actually go there quite a bit!!!! The drive isn’t really all that bad…actually consdering I have driven to Michigan with my mom and brother to drop him off at college it really is not big deal….plus I have gone there a lot lately because of doctors appointments…no worry though….I just had a benign rumor in my arm…actually my bone was basically as thin as an egg shell…I fell and broke it…went right through….but it is all healing now…I just have to BC Children’s hospital every once in a while to check on it again….I happened almost a year ago…once again don’t worry about it though because it shouldn’t come back because it is the odd thing that shows up in some children/teens and because I’m 15 turing 16 in June they don’t think it will come back…I actually have to go there in July for another one, but I actually can’t believe I got from Selena being in Ramona(which is awesome…I actually have one of the books and have read a few others when I was younger) to what I was just talking about, well anywase that is over 1 000 characters so I think I will leave you alone now…sorry for me blabbering on, but I just got really excited that she is coming to Vancouver and I actually know about it this time…haha. Congrats Selena for getting the role.

  • Austin

    OMG! I live on vancouver island which is about 1 hour away from vancouver! I am so going to see her film it! I cant wait! I love selena soooooo much!

  • Charlene Huisman

    Oh and sorry to bug you again, but I figured I should say the drive really doesn’t bother me cause I don’t have to cross the border, even though some times it can only take 5 minutes,,,,,,sorry for blabbering on again…I promise I won’t bother you again….haha…well not on this post anywase.

  • ADAM

    Congratulations Selena for being on the cover of Teen Vogue soon and for getting your role as Beezus. You are very beautiful and you totally deserve your success!

  • jennesy

    i think she is so pretty and shes fine just the way she is

  • eh

    She looks ugly with that hairstyle!
    No, I’m not a hater!

  • tara

    Hey, i live in canada. but nowhere near vancouver :( what do i do>>>
    how can i still meet u? come to toronto <<33

  • sabrina

    SELENA GOMEZ I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i love you selena gomez i think you are sooooo pretty i love you

  • megan

    Aww come to Toronto!!

  • Zaria

    Joey King is SO cute! i have seen in so man tv shows…I just adore her!!!