Miley Cyrus Has 'Miles To Go'

Miley Cyrus Has 'Miles To Go'

Miley Cyrus holds up a copy of her new autobiography, “Miles To Go,” at the Barnes and Noble bookstore on 5th Avenue in New York City on Thursday (March 5).

The 16-year-old starlet tells all in the book and opens up about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, mean girls and her family. She tells People, “My family is a huge part of this book. They were involved in the process and we talked a lot about what I was going to write about.”

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus promoting her new book…

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  • layla

    hahah who is that random man reading the book? lol

  • dundies

  • samantha

    seriously? do we really need to hear about her and nick? get over it! the rest of us are!

  • Annelisee loverss milezz

    ugh i wanted to go to this! >_<

  • Cc27

    I WANT THAT BOOK BADLY! :D I got the JB’s Burning up book :) and Now i want this!! haha.


    woooooow she is soooo pretty and her book MUST be grat like MILEY ! ! i really want this :( ! ! !

    keeep rocking MILEY ! !


    Her hair looks nice.

  • Megan

    does anyone know when this comes out in the uk?


    Megan: I am sure it is out in the UK already? Saw it in WH Smith yesterday?

  • vanessajonas

    aw miley sometimes you are cool but sometimes you are annoying!
    get over niiiiiiiiiiiiick!

  • vanessajonas

    it looks like a breast augmentation likea li lohan, lindsay lohan, etc when they were young

  • jenna

    i think its SOOO ridiculous that shes pimping out a book that anyone with a brain knows SHE didnt write. she had a ghost writer. its like lauren conrads new book–it disgust me that its so obvious and clear that someone else writes it and all they have to do is show up to press events, smile, and go home with millions of dollars. What about all the real writers out there who work their butts off to get even one thing published?! i just find is so freakin stupid that she has this book, especially with its insanely cheeseball name. barf.

  • katie

    Vanessa, she mentions him on THREE PAGES. The book is nearly 300 pages long. Please stop acting like he was her entire life, it’s annoying.

  • Rochel

    People need to take a chill pill.
    Its only a book.
    Dont read it if your not a miley fan.
    Its not like she is telling all her fans go buy the book.
    She is only doing the book signing for the fans who
    have the book.
    I think that is sweet.

  • tia

    riiiggghhhhhttttt. like she REALLY wrote this book.

    *cough*ghost writer*cough*

  • katie

    oh, you haters. let me continue.
    vanessaj, it’s called PUBERTY. obviously you have yet to go through it.
    jenna, the book is co-authored by a professional writer. it’s not ghost-written.
    and it’s for her fans, not her haters, anyway.

  • madison

    co authored, ghost writer, whatever the case may be, miley cyrus did NOT write this book and i think anyone over the ages of like, 14 is smart enough to realise that.



  • katie

    oh, and about the actual post. miley looks beautiful and i got her book yesterday, it’s great. feels like reading her diary or something.

    btw, guys, make sure you vote for her at once a day. and “the climb” is on itunes… at #3 right now. :D

  • aleeyah

    17# shut the hell up! how would you know she didnt write the book! i bet she is wayy smarter then you’ll ever be! your HATER why hell would you care???

  • Victoria

    aww i love her and she looks super pretty!

  • anna

    I WAS THERE :]

  • Cals

    ugh i had no idea she was gonna be in NYC! I go to school there and would have loved to of seen her! :( how did yall know she was gonna be there??



  • d

    Haters are so lame. Hahaha.

    If you don’t like her, or the use of a book- DON’T READ IT!
    Just ignore it! And let it gooo. She likes to write. Was offered a book deal, why on earth would she turn it down?

    Anyway, she looks GREAT.

  • Amanda

    Whether it was written by her or not, it stands that both an autobiography and a biography are a written account of ones life. So why wouldn’t she write about Nick? He was a part of her life and if you have ever had a boyfriend you would know that being hurt by someone you put your trust into and believing in a relationship and being let down is not something you can “just get over”. It takes time to find closure. So be a little sympathetic here and stop making yourself look like an inconsiderate jerk.

  • matilda

    she looks pretty:))

  • rii

    actually, to the people who say miley didnt write the book, have u read it? if this was ghost written, the writer must have studied a lot how miley thinks/writes/talks. because this is a memoir/autobiography but its sorta written like a diary. honestly, because you can tell its not like some essay you write for ap english but written like a diary, im pretty sure miley wrote it. the coauthor was probably there to edit and clean up some stuff. hater or not, with the level of writing in the book, it could have easily been written by a teenager. it seems like to me miley wrote it like a diary to make it more personal and be able to relate to her fans. i think the reading level of this book was pretty young, so really, miley could and prolly did write it.

  • xoxogossipgirl

    omg some of you diehard fans are PATHETIC! dont attack ppl just because they are smart enough to realise that she DID NOT write this book! geeeeez. tell me, when does a 16 year old who is constantly on tour, filming tv shows and movies, recording music, atending photoshoots, always seemingly going to yoga or hanging out with that loser boyfriend, doing numerouus interviews and such, when would one have time to write a 300 page book?!?! i mean come on! its called common sense!

  • krystal

    i like her but shes only 16 how much of life could you have gone through to penn an autobiography? i think its really stupid. lets hope its well written and atleast intresting

  • katie

    actually, to the people who say miley didnt write the book, have u read it? if this was ghost written, the writer must have studied a lot how miley thinks/writes/talks. because this is a memoir/autobiography but its sorta written like a diary


    thats a ghost writers job. they are their to provide the voice of the ‘author’. very very VERY few celebrities actually write their own books. when would they have the time? usually what happens is the ghost writer will conduct an intense interview with them, which usually last over the period of 2 days, and from there, they take all of the information and use it to write the book. It really kind of shocks me at how gulible some of you are being….maybe she provided certain parts, but the final draft would have been writen by someone else

  • Miley

    I agree with amanda! And she did write it!!

  • N’keeyah

    Why do all of you haters take the time to post here if you don’t like her? You must like something or you wouldn’t post here or anywhere. Miley did write this book with help. She even said she did. So shut up and get a life.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I agree #14.
    I think she looks
    ruggedly cute ecept
    she could of comb
    her hair a little
    bit. And the sequin vest
    dont look all that great. But
    other than that she looks
    I’m so getting “Miles To Go.”

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I meant

  • mileysupport

    EVERYONE WHO IS BUSTING ON HER ABOUT NICK: she cant help it! she wrote a story about her WHOLE LIFE. nick was a big part of her life. she cant just skip over it

  • Karen

    Ugly book cover! I doubt the book will be interesting …

  • Jess

    her outfit is amazing
    she has the best clothes.

  • Briana!

    I wonder how Nick J. feels bout this!??

  • mimi

    i bought her book and i could not put it down it was so inspirating! she definately a strong person with a sensitive heart for other human beings. i really love the way she let us into her world a little bit and if you read her book you will feel anything but admiration for her. i like the way she expressed herself on her books there are so many saying and quotes from her papi and the love she feels for her family is beautiful. the book made me cry and laught a lot of emotions involved on this book! Her mother sound amazing and her mammie have made such sacrifies for her. Her family sound very unified and close. she seems to have really beautiful memories now i know why miley is so positive and translate love because she was raise in a loving family. Her parents and grandparent even brother and sister wow they are so supportive of each other.

    i also like that nick was important enought to have made it on her book unlike his book. at least we know who meant to who the most. she spoke really nice about them too bad he couldnt returned the respect. i loved the way she expressed herself about them it was so deep and beautiful it made me cry! we definately need part two of these book!!

  • Lizzie, [:

    #12 agreed. poor authors, hardly get paid a cent!

    & I think that miley is trying too hard to show she is comfortable with not wearing make up, etc. and I respect her. but there’s a point where it reaches. no longer clean & her face looks very greasy lately,and she could do good, by thinning her hair out a little, like right after BOBW tour. Regardless, she still looks reasonable, and we’ll see how good the book is.

  • billythekid

    To Lizzie (#41)

    What on earth are you babbling about? Her face is clean, and the no make up looks fantastic on her. I wish MORE girls/ladies would go this route. You sound like the same type who would pile on scorn for her if she had on a lot of make up. Anyhow, there are lights shining in the room, see them? They do reflect the natural oils in your skin, for crying out loud. And the last thing she needs in the freaking winter time is to remove all the natural oils and walk around with dry skin.

  • Ivory


  • crystal

    i have her book and i luv it! i got it b4 it came out! i luv pre ordering stuff lol! now i cant wait 2 get the HM movie soundtrack! miley is so beautiful and i so wish she would come 2 NC for a book signing! i wanna meet her so bad!!!

  • Red Aaronator 1984 GTX

    Miley Cyrus is a lovely actress.

  • LIZbest

    i was there and she was amazing she is extremely nice. Her mom is awesome too and Noah is so cute (they were there too). The book is amazing as is she <3 Everyone is just jealous because she is probably 10000x’s better looking then you and is an amazing person..its not an act either she really is the shit!!!

  • Liane

    is this book out in the uk? :S

  • love u

    does any one no when this comes out in Australia?

  • lisa

    OMG! can you all quit it!

    You aren’t Miley, you don’t know Miley, so you don’t know how much free time she has, maybe she doesn’t or maybe she does and was able to write that book, most likely she had a proffesional writer to help her write and go through her ideas, how would someone else write about Nick Jonas, only Miley knows that stuff… some of you are saying how “she’s always going on tour, recording, etc. how would she be able to write a book?” Well writing a book is the same thing as going on tour or events because writing a book is also one of her priorities, its like business, just like touring, cd signings and concerts.

    (Chris Crocker voice) LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!!!

  • Makina

    This is so idiotic. What could be so super special about her life that it deserves to be put into a book? Ugh, this is disgusting. She didn’t even write it. Everyone knows it was a ghost writer.

    This completely makes me not want to go to any book stores any time soon.