Ashley Tisdale: Warner Brothers Woman

Ashley Tisdale: Warner Brothers Woman

Ashley Tisdale hides behind a New York Yankees baseball cap as she leaves the Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (March 9).

The 23-year-old actress, who covers the April issue of Cosmopolitan mag, recently dished to the mag about her upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure.

She shared, “My first album was a whole learning experience. It was about my fans getting to know me, as Ashley personally. So every song was something that I had been through: cheating, breakups, jealousy. This one, I just wanted to do more of a rock-out album.”

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  • Cami

    I LOVE HER!!
    she is so cute! I can’t wait for guilty pleasure!!!
    I hope we have the release date soon!

  • jessie

    2nd!!! love you ashley!!!

  • izzie

    love her!
    can’t wait for guilty pleasure, even though i think she’s a better actress than singer

  • Emma

    Ashley :D <3

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    YAY !! Ashley :D Oh, how I missed her. I like her shirt.. :D

    Yes, when DOES her album come out ? And when does her new single come out too !? So many questions…I want answers soon !! ..Guilty Pleasure..aha, the name sounds hot to me..

  • Andy


  • tizzfan

    well yeah I think she’s better actress than singer too but yeah if i like it , i’ll buy it…
    and cool hat !!!
    o/t but ashley and lots of you are so lucky to be able to drink coffees…
    I love coffee but recently I learned that I am allergic to it….so I have to cut back…. hikz hikz hikz…..

  • http://http/ daniel

    WHERE IS VANESSA ?????????????



    She looks so cute as always!!!!!!!!!


  • http://http/ daniel

    GUILTY PLEASURES is ok i guess
    but i don’t buy it

  • tizzfan

    daniel, this is ashley’s post..
    vanessa is probably in her home, or somewhere…… :-)

  • ivanka

    i wouldnt spend my moneey in this chick…
    she sings like the chipmunks with her silly voicee..
    i dont care if asshleys hardcores fans bash mee..

  • girlleader1

    gahh!!! i LOVE ashley!!!
    she looks gorgeous here! even if she isnt smiling!!
    the guy with her is kinda creepy looking!
    totally buying her album!!
    been wayyy to long!

  • may

    she sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manly

    hahaha is that a muffin top!? omg. she really is one of those fat-skinny girls. ew. thats horrible.

  • http://http/ daniel

    #7 i know
    but i wanna know about vanessa OK?

  • Hollowood fan

    Actually, I think Ashley is a very good singer. Her first CD has appeals to many 16 years old high school age and older. I think she is better singer than her acting.

  • N’keeyah

    I agree. Ashley is a better actress than singer.

  • tizzfan

    to daniel…. i believe I want to know about her as much as you do too..
    but that’s kinda the point why JJJ have different posts for different celebrities….
    at least be polite to the hostess of this post – ashley… :-)

    peace !!!

  • jenny

    I can’t belive she’s older than lauren conrad she looks like a kid but I like her she’s cute

  • teteu

    love her, she still amazing *–*

  • Alfredo


  • PaulinhoO

    Ooooh [:

    Ashley, you rocks
    You are awsome *—————-*

    Looove you so much <3

  • PaulinhoO

    I love³ Ashley Michelle Tisdale <3

    uashAUH :D

  • PaulinhoO

    … you always rocks *————–*

  • tamy

    she is ugly sorry but is the trueee

  • Alyssa

    I love Ashley!!!
    Can’t wait for Guilty Pleasure!!!

  • Brian

    I’ve been banned from Ashley

  • Brian

    I’m flattered by the way.

  • Brian

    I would’ve only had something nice to say.

  • serena

    Loves it <3

    i wish she would show her eyes more though, instead of hiding behind them big old bug eyed fly sunglasses all the time.

    she’s so pretty. but she always hides it.

    ah well, at least it prooves she’s not purposely trying to call attention to herself.

    to everyone who says she’s ugly: check out her cosmipolitan BTS videos. She’s beautimous there! haha.


  • serena

    oh and BTW, did vanessajonas die or something? that little kid hasn’t been around to b*tch at us and show her obsession for ashley by pretending that she hates her in ages.

  • JustGonnaSay

    awesome! Too all the haters that say u wont spend money, u do know using the internet has payment plus the bills right?

  • Solange

    Headstrong was sooo amazing and some haters *COUGH* who doesn’t have ears or brain *COUGH* are being such a jerk.

    Ashley’s singing career is so much better than your idol *COUGH*… you know who i mean…*COUGH*

  • tizzfan

    guys and girls …
    as ashley fan we should just stick to ashley


  • jen

    ahm.. i like her but i just dont?? haha complicated.. she’s okay.. but not so good.. OPINION :)) im free to say my opinion here. :)

  • Ashlye

    ashley is so pretty ;D
    she always is, haha.

    and to the HATERS,
    why do you even bother to come to this page when you don’t even like her?!?!


  • whoop

    wwooopp she look awsome
    how can people say shes ugly??!!!
    shes bloody gawjus!

    #32 i reported her to jared so maybe he blocked her or somthing?
    cause i told her twice about “vanessajonas” so yeah?
    or maybe shes been having sme bad luck at hme or summin?!

    i hope she dosent come back look how almost peaceful it is without her apart from thoes other haters on page one! :|

    lovee youuu ashleeyy xxx

  • Lily

    she looks awesome !

  • Peyton

    haters whats the point in hating its stupid many ashley lovers will report you

    and whoever said shes ugly are you blind? seriously that made me laugh out loud

  • nina

    her clothes here is not her best
    but SHE IS, cant wait for the new album

  • Rosa

    serena .. i bet u r sick or sth ..
    coz u always wish ppl to die ..
    this is really bad ..
    u’ve got a serious problem sweety
    i just wish vanessajonas is fine ..
    and so is everyone else ..


  • ash rockz

    She looks cute as always <3
    I can’t wait for her album!
    GO ASHLEY!!!

  • ashleyxoxotisdale

    omg ilove her sooooooo much lol
    i wish her
    the best
    shes so cute!!!!
    amazing actress/singer
    ashley tisdale forever

  • lauraa

    i love so much ash
    her style is perfect and so cute!

  • Kami

    Ashley,hun, you should trade that hat in for a white sox hat hehe

  • Tizzfan

    She looks so pretty. Completely beautiful. And I can’t wait for her 2nd album. I’m so syched!!!